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Sydney summit-keynote


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Sydney summit-keynote

  1. 1. Mike Clayville VP, Worldwide Field Operations & Business Development Amazon Web Services
  2. 2. How Is The AWS Business Progressing?
  3. 3. 2012 2013 2014 Amazon S3 Usage 102% YoY increase in data transfer to and from S3 (Q4 2014 vs Q4 2013, not including Amazon use)
  4. 4. 2011 2012 2013 2014 Amazon EC2 Usage 93% YoY increase in EC2 instance usage (Q4 2014 vs Q4 2013, not including Amazon use)
  5. 5. 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Over 1 Million Active Customers “Active customer” is defined as a non-Amazon customer with AWS account usage activity in the past month, including the free tier
  6. 6. Startup Customers
  7. 7. Enterprise Customers
  8. 8. Public Sector Customers
  9. 9. 2015 APN Premier Consulting Partners
  10. 10. APN Technology Partners
  11. 11. The fastest growing multi-billion dollar enterprise IT company in the world Amazon Web Services > 40% Salesforce 26% VMware 15% Google 15% CDW 12% Microsoft 8% Cisco 7% SAP 7% EMC 6% Oracle 0% Teradata -1% CA -3% HP -5% CSC -9% IBM -12% Multi-billion dollar enterprise IT vendors Most recent YoY revenue growth rate
  12. 12. Cloud Has Become The New Normal
  13. 13. What Are The Patterns Of This New Normal?
  14. 14. Start-ups Build Businesses From Scratch In The Cloud 1
  15. 15. No legacy Lower cost structureNo dependencies S Move quickly Building All Applications In The Cloud
  16. 16. Disrupt Long Standing Industries, Quickly Hotels Storage Gaming Groceries Matchmaking
  17. 17. Luke Anear Founder & CEO
  18. 18. Super Powers for everyday workers The Best App I have ever downloaded! 
 This app saves a heap of time on site and then when I am at home, the task is already done; no more sitting at the computer writing out reports. Donald Kempf - Sunshine Cranes
  19. 19. Sydney
  20. 20. Speed Is Not Just For Start-ups: 
 Companies of All Sizes Will Move Faster Than Ever Before 2
  21. 21. Chris Taylor Chief Technology Officer
  22. 22. Page ‹#›
  23. 23. Page ‹#›
  24. 24. Page ‹#› • Platform for innovation • Simplification through advanced automation • Agility • Supports cultural transformation It’s completely different and transformational:
  25. 25. Page ‹#› • Rethink the future • Automate everything • Bring people on the journey • Create the demand • Keep it simple
  26. 26. Page ‹#› Flight planning to North America
  27. 27. Page ‹#›
  28. 28. Page ‹#› Adapting to our customers Understand bookings in real time Deliver personalised experiences
  29. 29. Page ‹#›
  30. 30. Page ‹#›
  31. 31. Sydney
  32. 32. 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 516 280 159 82 6148 24 AWS Rapid Pace Of Innovation 516 major new features and services launched in 2014
  33. 33. Old World Large upfront capital investment Basic compute and storage only Responsible for feature upgrades Slow to get new capabilities Low, variable cost Broad and deep platform New features arrive daily Ready to use
  34. 34. Enterprises Are Using The Cloud 
 For New Apps & Digital Transformation StatCast New Applications E-commerceDigital Personal Finance Web Digital contentHealthcare
  35. 35. Customers Want Access To The Whole Lot 3
  36. 36. Key Components Of Agility + = Quick to provision Don’t have to reinvent the wheel Vast infrastructure technology platform
  37. 37. Storage Auditing, Security & Compliance Relational Databases General Purpose (M3) Compute Optimized (C3) Memory Optimized (R3) GPU Optimized (G2) Storage Optimized (D2) IO Optimized (I2) Low cost, burst-able performance (T2) RDS for MySQL RDS for SQL Server RDS for Oracle RDS for PostgreSQL RDS for Amazon Aurora Configuration history Usage audit logs Change notifications Dedicated HSMs Customer controlled keys Block storage: Magnetic General Purpose SSD Provisioned IOPS SSD Multi-AZ synchronous replication Read replica support Object storage: Life cycle management Event triggers Data locality control Not Just The Expansive Services… Much Deeper Features Compute
  38. 38. “IT organizations cannot treat cloud IaaS providers like commodities” Lydia Leong
  39. 39. Customers Don’t Want To Settle 
 For A Fraction Of The Functionality Wide range of workloads with significant diversity of needs No need to standardize on the lowest common denominator
  40. 40. Customers Want To Use The Leading Platform Largest customer & partner community Most functionality Longest experience
  41. 41. More Functionality Than Any Other Infrastructure Provider Enterprise Applications Administration & Security Core Services Platform Services Infrastructure AWS Marketplace
  42. 42. A Wide Family Of Storage Workloads Run In The Cloud Today Internet-scale web and mobile applications Content distribution Backup, archival & disaster recovery Big data analytics Databases & business apps Objects Block Archive
  43. 43. Announcing The Amazon Elastic File System A managed service to easily set up and scale shared file storage
  44. 44. Introducing The Amazon Elastic File System A fully managed file system for EC2 Highly available and durable SSD-based Automatic data replication across AZs (like S3) Very high throughput and low latency Grows to petabyte scale, elastically
  45. 45. Amazon EFS Preview
 Winter 2015 Register for the preview today:
  46. 46. Companies Will Use Data More Expansively Than At Any Other Point In History 4
  47. 47. It’s never been easier and less expensive to 
 collect, store, analyze & share data
  48. 48. Sources of Truth Analysis PlatformsHigh Performance Databases Fully Loaded For Big Data Amazon S3 Amazon Glacier Amazon EFS Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Aurora Amazon Redshift Amazon Kinesis Amazon EMR
  49. 49. Broad Analytics Usage 
 In The AWS Cloud Discovery Development Delivery Risk Marketing Reporting Trade Sales
  50. 50. Julian Dell IT Director
  51. 51. About amaysim BYO     Mobile No   Contracts Fourth  Largest   Telco  In  Oz MVNO Disruptor   Brand
  52. 52. 57 “Data is the new oil”
  53. 53. Growing Pains 58
  54. 54. Hardware for Sale 59
  55. 55. Lift vs Transform 60
  56. 56. We use the time saved wisely 61
  57. 57. Operational Transformation is Paramount Code   InfrastructureConfiguration Mindset   Change No  Server   Logons AWS   Best   Practice Automation
  58. 58. What we’re doing now 63
  59. 59. Sydney
  60. 60. More And More Customers Are Adopting Machine Learning Email targeting Recommendations Social news Digital health Language processing Auto-scaling
  61. 61. A Legacy Of Machine Learning At Amazon “Customers who bought this also bought…” Natural language processing Search Vision systems in Fulfillment Centers
  62. 62. How do we provide all internal teams with access to machine learning?
  63. 63. The Spark For Hundreds Of New Machine Learning Applications Counterfeit goods detection Customer adoption models Item classification Sales lead ranking Search intent Demand estimation Customer support Display ads
  64. 64. Grouping Customers: An Experiment 45 days 2 Developers 92% accuracy
  65. 65. 20 minutes 1 Developer 92% accuracy 45 days 2 Developers 92% accuracy Grouping Customers: An Experiment
  66. 66. Announcing Amazon Machine Learning A Fully Managed Machine Learning Service for Developers
  67. 67. The Old Shackles Are Loosening 5
  68. 68. Old World Databases Lock inProprietary Punitive licensing with limited flexibility Contract Very expensive S
  69. 69. It’s Why Customers Have Been Moving To More Open, Customer Friendly, Less Expensive Database Engines
  70. 70. …But, to get comparable performance to proprietary databases is hard
  71. 71. MySQL compatible Available, durable, and fault tolerant 5X better performance of high-end MySQL database Highly scalable and secure Thousands of customers in the preview 1/10th the cost of the leading commercial database solutions Amazon Aurora
  72. 72. Similar Story For Desktops Physical Desktops Expensive Physically distributed Data spread across machines Hard to manage
  73. 73. Virtual Desktops Centrally managed Deploy software Patching & security updates Provision hardware Performance is poor Expensive Similar Story For Desktops Physical Desktops Expensive Physically distributed Data spread across machines Hard to manage Similar Story For Desktops
  74. 74. No hardware or software to install or maintain Monthly pricing - no long term commitments Desktop Virtualization The AWS Way With Amazon WorkSpaces Access via multiple devices Half the price of 
 on-premises VDI Integrates with existing directories
  75. 75. 2015 Is The Year for WorkSpaces At Johnson & Johnson Consultants & employees can use Amazon WorkSpaces as their primary desktop Deploy 25k+ desktops over the next year
  76. 76. Desktop Applications Multi-year software licensing Under Utilization Lack of visibility Deployment challenges Maintenance overhead 2015-2025
  77. 77. Two New Capabilities To Help
  78. 78. Available Now WorkSpaces Application Manager (WAM) AWS Marketplace for Desktop Applications
  79. 79. Reinvention Is Continuous 6
  80. 80. Amazon EC2 Container Service Launch and terminate 
 Docker containers Across a cluster 
 of EC2 instances Mount persistent 
 volumes at launch Private Docker 
  81. 81. A New Service Scheduler For Long-running Applications Scale containers
 up and down Distribute traffic
 via ELB Automatically
 recover unhealthy
 containers Deploy updated
 containers &
  82. 82. Shrinking Compute To Atomic Scale With AWS Lambda
  83. 83. AWS Lambda: An Event Driven Computing Service Events from AWS services Cloud Functions in Node.js Automatic execution with no servers to provision
  84. 84. How Are Customers Using AWS Lambda? Data triggers Stream processing Indexing & synchronization IoT Server-free back-end
  85. 85. Cloud functions in Java Call Cloud Functions Directly Integration with Amazon Cognito Amazon SNS triggers AWS Mobile SDK support New AWS Lambda Functionality For Mobile Developers Now Generally Available + New Features
  86. 86. Moving To The Cloud Is Not A Binary Decision 7
  87. 87. On-premises Cloud? What Role Does Hybrid IT Play?
  88. 88. Services For Hybrid IT On-premises AWS Virtual Private Cloud Direct Connect AWS Config Storage Gateway Integrated 
 networking Directory Service Identity Federation Integrated 
 identity Integrated 
 management AWS CloudTrail Backups OpsWorks Deployment CodeDeploy vCenter & System Center plugins
  89. 89. Hybrid IT Is Part Of The Journey, Not The Destination
  90. 90. Customers & Partners Are All-in On The Cloud And AWS 8
  91. 91. Bold Move In 2009
  92. 92. In 2014: “Friends don’t let friends build data centers” Charles Philips, CEO
  93. 93. In 2014: Now Announcing Global Availability of Splunk Cloud Through AWS Worldwide Regions Godfrey Sullivan, CEO “Cloud is the new data center.”
  94. 94. All-in With AWS: Now Common in 2015 Enterprise customers ISV partners
  95. 95. Fighting Gravity
  96. 96. Thank You
  97. 97. Sydney