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Northern & Shell


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Stop customer data slipping through your fingertips: how Northern & Shell revolutionised its ad model with AWS and a Single Customer View

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Northern & Shell

  1. 1. Building and leveraging a single customer view with AWS Denis Haman, CTO Northern and Shell
  2. 2. N&S BRANDS & SCALE Monthly digital reach: 14.5m Daily print reach: 1.5m // Monthly print reach: 8.8m 20.5m 39.5%Adults reached in the UK every month that’s of UK adults who interact with N&S every month. N&S / AUDIENCES AT SCALE
  3. 3. ACCURATE AND SCALABLE COMSCORE VERIFIED: 2X MORE EFFICIENT THAN STANDARD TARGETING Outer circle Specific audience generated from 3rd party data, delivered on other websites Inner circle 2nd party data – opportunity to combine your data with our existing profiles to create bespoke targets Extended Heartland Specific N&S audience generated from 1st party data delivered on other websites Heartland Specific N&S audience generated from 1st party data, delivered on our websites
  4. 4. AWS Stack NOW FUTURE Amazon Redshift AWS Data Pipeline Amazon Machine Learning Amazon Kinesis
  5. 5. Thank you Denis Haman