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(SPOT208) Managing the Pace of Innovation: Behind the Scenes at AWS | AWS re:Invent 2014


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AWS launched in 2006, and since then we have released more than 1,000 services, features, and major announcements. Every year, we outpace the previous year in launches and are continuously accelerating the pace of innovation across the organization. In this session, Charlie Bell, Sr. Vice President of Engineering, will share how his teams are able to formulate customer-centric ideas, turn them into features and services, and get them to market quickly. This session dives deep into how an idea becomes a service at AWS and how we continue to evolve the service after release through innovation at every level. We will then walk through some real-world examples of how we applied these concepts to launch a new AWS service. Come learn about the rapid pace of innovation at AWS, and the culture that formulates magic behind the scenes.

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(SPOT208) Managing the Pace of Innovation: Behind the Scenes at AWS | AWS re:Invent 2014

  1. 1. Introductions On Innovation Innovation, Applied Summary
  2. 2. “It’s All About the Long Term • We will continue to focus relentlessly on our customers. • We will continue to make investment decisions in light of long-term market leadership considerations rather than short-term profitability considerations or short-term Wall Street reactions.
  3. 3. • We will continue to measure our programs and the effectiveness of our investments analytically, to jettison those that do not provide acceptable returns, and to step up our investment in those that work best. We will continue to learn from both our successes and our failures. • We will make bold rather than timid investment decisions where we see a sufficient probability of gaining market leadership advantages. Some of these investments will pay off, others will not, and we will have learned another valuable lesson in either case.”.
  4. 4. Work backwards from the customer
  5. 5. Image courtesy of
  6. 6. Image courtesy of Image courtesy of
  7. 7. Narrative process
  8. 8. Primitives
  9. 9. mobile app developers identify end users securely synchronized across multiple devices Identity Synchronization Hi ! Push
  10. 10. Build upon existing services
  11. 11. Single-threaded teams
  12. 12. 2 PIZZA TEAMS
  13. 13. Release
  14. 14. Letter To Shareholders, 2014 “AWS is eight years old, and the team’s pace of innovation is actually accelerating. … The development teams work directly with customers and are empowered to design, build, and launch based on what they learn. We iterate continuously, and when a feature or enhancement is ready, we push it out and make it instantly available to all. This approach is fast, customer-centric, and efficient – it’s allowed us to reduce prices more than 40 times in the past 8 years – and the teams have no plans to slow down.” –Jeff Bezos
  15. 15. AWS Mobile Services Amazon DynamoDB IAM Amazon SNS Amazon Cognito 7/10/14 Amazon SNS Mobile Push 8/13/13 5/28/13 10/23/14 10/31/13 AWS Mobile SDK 7/10/14
  16. 16. Measure
  17. 17. Identities Time t1
  18. 18. Identities Time t1
  19. 19. Iterate
  20. 20. Work backwards from the customer Narrative process Primitives Build upon existing services Single-threaded teams Release Measure Iterate
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