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Customer Presentation by Skifta, a division of Qualcomm, at the AWS Cloud for the Enterprise Event in LA on October 15, 2009

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  • Intro to ES and BJ and basic project
  • Skifta value proposition
  • Introduces the problem “let’s say we want to listen to this song…”
  • Introduces location and mobility challenges – “But my media is here, in Bournemouth, UK.”
  • More mobility and location – “Where you are now, here, in Hollywood with all of you.”
  • Skifta fixes this!
  • Login and ….
  • Shift media by….
  • Selecting a source and a target
  • Job done…
  • Here is where the killer track would come in….
  • How’d we do this – go to the skifta website
  • Sign up for an account
  • Start by creating places by….
  • So we have these places right? In bournemouth and here in seattle
  • And skifta has allowed us to shift media between the places so we can consume it on our consumer electronics
  • Make even more places and you can shift between them as well
  • But skifta also has people….
  • And those people have places
  • Where they can shift media too…
  • Connecting with the people, increases your network of places – their places become available for you to shift too…
  • On the backend we have created a network of places where media can be shifted to and from….
  • So if we are shifting mediasources – what can those be? Well basically anything that can be viewed or made to be viewed on a device
  • Facebook, twitter, friendfeed etc.
  • Pandora,
  • Flickr, etc.
  • Any feed, anything, bluetooth etc…
  • Website, mobile site, infastructure
  • geographical scaling,
  • geographical scaling,
  • Scaling, speed, cloud, all that stuff – key point is that it helps us grow
  • AWS Customer Presentation - Skifta

    1. 2. Introductions
    2. 3. Media – music, photos, podcasts. DLNA/UPnP media servers, players and renderers
    3. 4. What’s Skifta? Skifta is new service that lets you bring your media with you…
    4. 5. Let’s say we want to listen to this song…
    5. 6. but his media is here…in Bournemouth, UK.
    6. 7. And we are here, in Los Angeles, with you.
    7. 8. Skifta can solve this problem….Here’s how:
    8. 9. On a mobile/PC browser…
    9. 10. Shift some media by…
    10. 11. Selecting a source and a target
    11. 12. And voila… Bruce’s House Sofitel LA
    12. 13. Once the media is shifted… You can access it here, on your consumer electronics.
    13. 16. Create a place by… Downloading our software onto your networked PC.
    14. 24. And the whole thing ends up looking like this!
    15. 25. But wait there’s more… ?
    16. 26. But wait there’s more… social network feeds ?
    17. 27. But wait there’s more… social network feeds ? internet radio stations
    18. 28. But wait there’s more… social network feeds Content storage services ? internet radio stations
    19. 29. But wait there’s more… social network feeds RSS content storage services ? internet radio stations
    20. 30. Why am I using Skifta? “ So I can view to my media when I travel.” - Steve
    21. 31. Why am I using Skifta? “ I can easily show my grandparents my photos without having to upload anything…” - Katy
    22. 32. Why am I using Skifta? “ I want to listen to my music at work” - Mark
    23. 33. What runs on amazon?
    24. 34. How does Amazon help?
    25. 35. What do we really like about AWS? <ul><li>scale server instances depending on load </li></ul><ul><li>monitor failures and deploy new instances as needed </li></ul><ul><li>upgrade our software infrastructure in under 2 minutes globally </li></ul><ul><li>flexible test platform allows simulation of millions of user requests for short burst periods </li></ul>
    26. 36. Why does amazon work for us?
    27. 37. questions?