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AWS Summit 2014 San Francisco Customer Keynote: Flipboard


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Joey Parsons, Head of Operations for Flipboard, presents how they use AWS Cloud services to grow their business.

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AWS Summit 2014 San Francisco Customer Keynote: Flipboard

  1. 1. AWS Summits 2014 2014 Head of Operations, Flipboard Joey Parsons
  2. 2. Your Personal Magazine
  3. 3. Curating the best of the web
  4. 4. Integrating Top Social Networks
  5. 5. Partnerships with Over 200 Premium Publishers Worldwide …and many more
  6. 6. Reader-curated Content
  7. 7. Over 7 Million Magazines Created by Readers
  8. 8. AWS from Day One
  9. 9. Global Presence with Amazon CloudFront Amazon CloudFront
  10. 10. CloudFront Elastic Load Balancer Data stores Memcache RDS HBase Flipboard interactive services Flipboard data importers SQS External services RSS Social networks Publisher content S3 How We Use AWS
  11. 11. Zero to Millions of Readers in a Matter of Minutes
  12. 12. Improving Cost and Performance on AWS
  13. 13. 0 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 Cost Per Monthly Active User In Cents Monthly Active Users Heavy 3-year reserved instance usage Horizontal scaling improvements Cost Savings with AWS Cents June 2010 February 2014
  14. 14. Optimizing Your Cloud Architecture Evaluate new instance types against your workload (disk vs. memory vs. CPU) Re-evaluate instance usage after price changes New SSD instances (C3s and M3s) are game changers
  15. 15. We’re Not Only Driving Cost Efficiency, but Ops Too 15 people 3 people
  16. 16. Our Future on AWS DynamoDB Kinesis