Powering a Hybrid Cloud with CommVault and Amazon Web Services - Session Sponsored by CommVault


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AWS Summit 2014 Perth - Breakout 4

IT organisations are increasingly challenged to protect, manage and access critical data. Struggling to keep pace with the rapid data growth means that storage teams are frequently juggling storage requirements. As IT departments worldwide are being forced to justify not only incremental spending but also their existing expenses and headcount they are being faced with more potential budget cuts.

CommVault is recognised as a leader in data and information management by industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester and together with Amazon Web Services deliver cost effective data management solutions to address these challenges.

During this session we will explore:
- How to lower your operational costs by leveraging Amazon Web Services.
- Inventive ways to free up your existing data centre space by extending to the Cloud.
- The benefits of a single data management platform that addresses backup (virtual and physical), archiving, snapshot management, secure data access, reporting, eDiscovery and data analytics for both on premise and cloud...not just virtualisation protection.
- Discuss real world use cases of how organisations are taking advantage of this approach
- Hear why CommVault Simpana is more than just a data protection solution, it is a strategic IT platform that can help transform your business.

Presenter: Michael Porfirio, Director of Systems Engineer, CommVault Australia and New Zealand

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Powering a Hybrid Cloud with CommVault and Amazon Web Services - Session Sponsored by CommVault

  1. 1. Powering a Hybrid Cloud with CommVault and AWS Michael"Porfirio,"Director"of"System"Engineering,"CommVault" " ©"2014"Amazon.com,"Inc."and"its"affiliates."All"rights"reserved."May"not"be"copied,"modified,"or"distributed"in"whole"or"in"part"without"the"express"consent"of"Amazon.com,"Inc."
  2. 2. Agenda' ! Who is CommVault? ! Why CommVault? ! Hybrid Cloud Use Cases
  3. 3. A'Brief'History'of'CommVault…' Founded"in"1988"for" Unix"Enterprise"Data" ProtecOon"inside"AT&T" 1988 CommVault"commences" support"for"AWS."StarOng" 1996 2004 Spun"off"as"part"of"the"Lucent" Group,"CommVault"Systems" became"a"separate"enOty" aUer"a"Management"Buy"Out" in"1996" with"S3." CommVault"is"ranked" amongst"the"leaders"for" Enterprise"Backup"&" Recovery" 2010 Simpana"10,"an" exponenOal"leap"forward" is"launched"in"2013"with" key"enhancements"in"the" areas"of"Edge"protecOon," VM"Management"and" Gen"IV"DeduplicaOon" 2013 Cloud"integraOon" with"Amazon"Glacier" for"private,"public"and" hybrid"clouds" 2014 CommVault"is"ranked"amongst"the"leaders" for"Enterprise"InformaOon"Archiving""and"for" the"third"year"in"a"row"in"Enterprise"Backup" and"Recovery"and"for"the"first"Ome"by" Forrester"in"Enterprise"Backup"and"Recovery"
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Meta" Data" Protect/Archive' Applica>on/'Content'' Awareness' OnePassI'Touch/'Index' Once' Snap'&'Rep' Orchestra>on' Lifecycle'Mgmt' Secure'Encrypt'Copy' Efficient'Storage' (dedupe)' Mobility' Secure'Access' Monitor'&'Analy>cs'' Review,'Hold,'Export' eDiscovery'Ready' Compliance'Reten>on' Lifecycle'Data' Tier'Data'
  6. 6. What'do'the'analysts'think?' 6 A'Leader:'2014"Gartner"Magic"Quadrant"for"Enterprise"Backup/Recovery"SoUware" A'Leader:"The"Forrester"Wave:"Enterprise"Backup"and"Recovery"SoUware,"Q2"2013' Source:"Magic"Quadrant"for"Enterprise"Backup"SoUware"and"Integrated"Appliances;"by" Dave"Russell,"Pushan"Rinnenn;"16"June"2014" ©"2013"Gartner,"Inc."and/or"its"affiliates."All"rights"reserved."Gartner"is"a"registered"trademark"of"Gartner,"Inc."or"its"affiliates." For"more"informaOon,"ecmail"info@gartner.com"or"visit"gartner.com."Used"with"permission." Source:"The"Forrester"WaveTM:"Enterprise"Backup"and"Recovery"SoUware,"Q2"2013,"by"Rachel" Dines"with"Stephanie"Balaouras,"Jessica"McKee" The Forrester Wave is copyrighted by Forrester Research, Inc. Forrester and Forrester Wave are trademarks of Forrester Research, Inc.
  7. 7. Simpana"SoUware"vs."Frankenstein"Approach" " CommVault' Symantec' HP' IBM' EMC" Backup & Recovery Archive, Email, Files, eDiscovery & Compliance Data Reduction Deduplication & Compression Enterprise Reporting Replication, Management, & CDP Desktop / Laptop Protection (NetBackup)" (PureDisk)" (Ops"Center,"Command"Central)" (ReplicaOon"Exec™")" (Data"Protector)" (TRIM)" (StoreOnce)" ZDB" (Data"Protector)" (HomeBase) Centera (Xtenders) (SourceOne) (Control Center) (DPA) (Replistor) (Recover Point) (Repl. Manager) (Networker) (Enterprise"Vault)" Integra>on' (TSM"for"SharePoint)" Princeton"SoUech"
  8. 8. Simpana'with'Amazon'Web'Services' AWS"S3"and"AWS"Glacier" Cloud"Storage" HTTPS"/"REST"Interface" Primary"Data"Storage" Remote"Office" Dedupe'–'Encrypt'I'Index' Dedupe'–'Encrypt'I'Index' Copies"for:"
  9. 9. LargeIScale'Human'Resources'Enterprise' Amazon"Glacier" " Amazon S3 AWS Direct Connect Dedupe" Archive" Customer Data center AWS Cloud ContentStore"
  10. 10. WorldIClass'Energy'&'Metals'Consultancy' AWS Direct Connect Dedupe" ContentStore" Customer Data center EU Dedupe" Customer Data center APAC EU AWS Cloud ContentStore" S3 Glacier" " APAC S3 Glacier" " ContentStore" Remote Office APAC/EU AWS Direct “Using&CommVault&Simpana&so1ware’s&na6ve&cCloonunedct& connec6vity&we&simply& pointed&the&des6na6on&to&the&cloud;&the&migra6on&was&painless.”" " Senior"Technology"Specialist"
  11. 11. Service Provider AWS Direct Connect S3 Bucket AWS Cloud Dedupe" ContentStore" Customer 1 Dedupe" ContentStore" Customer 2 Amazon EBS EC2 Instance Contents Auto scaling Group Auto scaling Group ContentStore" Customer 1 (Instances) InternetCustomer 2 (Instances )
  12. 12. Protecting AWS Workloads EC2"Instance" EC2"Instance" Amazon"EBS" Amazon"EBS" EC2"Instance" Amazon"EBS" EC2"Instance" Amazon"EBS" EC2"Instance" Amazon"EBS" Amazon S3 Amazon"Glacier" " EC2"Instances"
  13. 13. EC2"Instances" EC2"Instance" Amazon"S3" Amazon"EBS" Amazon"Glacier" Retaining'OnIPremise'Copies' Department / Agency Data Center
  14. 14. Edge Protection S3 Bucket ContentStore" EC2 Instance Contents AWS Cloud Internet Desktop and Laptop Data Protection Mobile'End''User'Self'Service'
  15. 15. In'Summary…' • One"data"and"informaOon"management"product"built"" """""from"the"ground"up" " • No"need"to"build"your"own"Frankenstein" " • Industry"leading"integraOon"with"Amazon"Web"Services"
  16. 16. Thank you www.commvault.com.au
  17. 17. © 2014 Amazon.com, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of Amazon.com, Inc.