Storage and Archiving Options on AWS


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AWS Summit 2014 Melbourne - Breakout 1

Businesses of all sizes are archiving their data to the AWS Cloud in order to reduce costs while taking advantage of highly secure, highly durable, and simple cloud based storage services. With AWS, you pay as you go and you can scale up and down as required. With your data stored in the AWS Cloud, it’s easy to use other Amazon Web Services to take advantage of additional cost savings and benefits. Amazon storage services remove the need for complex and time-consuming capacity planning, ongoing negotiations with multiple hardware and software vendors, specialized training, and maintenance of offsite facilities or transportation of storage media to third party offsite locations. Amazon Web Services now offers a robust set of hybrid storage solutions for customers that currently operate and maintain data centers. Our Next Generation Enterprise Storage strategy has at its heart Amazon S3. This highly scalable, extremely durable storage service combines with a diverse set of Cloud Storage Gateways to provide businesses with a new approach to Enterprise storage.

Presenter: Jeff Putt, Business Development Manager, APAC, Amazon Web Services

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Storage and Archiving Options on AWS

  1. 1. Storage and Archiving Options on AWS Jeff Putt, Business Development, Amazon Web Services, APAC © 2014, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc.
  2. 2. We are constantly producing more data
  3. 3. From all types of industries
  4. 4. Common Data Storage Challenges • Data growth spiraling out of control • Traditional technologies and processes don’t scale • Try to accurately predict storage needs • Offsite / Secondary data centers are expensive • SAN systems are very expensive • NAS systems are expensive • Not meeting user requirements • Archive HW + SW is expensive • Backup HW + SW is expensive • Tape is unreliable and cumbersome • Multi-site collaboration is often challenging • IT response times can hinder the pace of innovation
  5. 5. Primary Block Storage Primary File Storage Archival Storage Disk Based Backup Storage Tape Infrastructure & Management Replicated Storage for Disaster Recovery Offsite Locations Geo- Resilience Traditional: On-Premise Solutions
  6. 6. Functionality Challenges - File Problems • Want secure access to documents on the road, at home, on any device (multi-device, multi-platform) • Want simplified sharing • Growing workloads outside the enterprise Current solutions • Too much in email • Hard-to-use document / CMS Systems • Costly and unused network storage • Unsanctioned personal storage services • Lack of tracking & control
  7. 7. No Up-Front Capital Expense Pay Only for What You Use Self-Service Infrastructure Easily Scale Up and Down Improve Agility & Time-to-Market Low Cost Amazon Benefits Deploy
  8. 8. Simple Storage Service Highly scalable object storage 1 byte to 5TB in size 99.999999999% durability Elas1c Block Store High performance block storage device 1GB to 1TB in size Mount as drives to instances with snapshot/cloning functionalities Glacier Long term object archive Extremely low cost per gigabyte 99.999999999% durability AWS Storage Options Very fast ‘instance’ disks Slow, infrequent access Fast object storage
  9. 9. Next Generation File Share
  10. 10. How do you share documents today? What are your challenges, if any?
  11. 11. Amazon Zocalo is Secure Storage & Sharing… An access point to documents anywhere, anytime An easy way to share documents with your colleagues A place to review and markup any document A central place for organizational control and auditing … with a simple end-user experience.
  12. 12. Corporate Value: Fully Managed & Secure Regional Control Encryption At Rest and On Wire System and Document Redundancy Document & Folder Access Controls External Sharing Control Auditable Owner Contributors Viewers Admins Document Access Logins / AD
  13. 13. Zocalo Explained…
  14. 14. Zocalo Store • Upload files • In-browser viewer • Version control • Folder management • Capture web pages • Search
  15. 15. Zocalo Share • Simple share of files and folders • Set permissions: contributors & viewers • Share with external parties • “Public” files – available to all employees • Prevent download
  16. 16. Zocalo Markup – Where the Work Happens • Request feedback workflow with deadlines • Highlight text and sections on any page • Native apps not required for markup • Leave comments • Provide overall feedback • Notify interested parties • “Roundtrip” • Support download/upload use case • Full iPad/Android with offline 8/16/14
  17. 17. Zocalo Supports BYOD Web Application Native iPad App Native Kindle Fire App Native Android Tablet App Sync for Windows & Mac Mobile Web Access
  18. 18. Zocalo Document Sync • Securely backup and sync data • PC and Mac • Takes care of versioning • Integrates with WorkSpaces
  19. 19. Administration & Control • Simple user management or Advanced with AD • Delegated administration • Fine-grained quota controls • Employee content migration • ‘Viral’ invite option • Audit logs
  20. 20. Pricing • Easy to get going – free trial – 30 days for 50 users • Pay as you go • No user or long-term commitments • Cost-effective - $5 / user / month for 200GB • Expand usage and storage as needed at tiered rates • WorkSpaces customers – included for free to 50GB
  21. 21. Availability • Initially in US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and EU (Ireland) • Plan to enable other regions rapidly
  22. 22. BackUp and Archive on AWS
  23. 23. Access both via SDKs and via third-party software Via SDK Via 3rd parties Web Services API HTTP(S) S3 Glacier
  24. 24. Back Up and Archive with Commvault AWS S3 and AWS Glacier Cloud Storage HTTPS / REST Interface Primary Data Storage Remote Office Dedupe – Encrypt -­‐ Index Dedupe – Encrypt -­‐ Index Copies for:
  25. 25. Back Up and Archive Challenges and the AWS Opportunity Internet Web Services API HTTP(S) Block File AWS Direct Connect Customer Data Center Storage Use Cases Archive Backup Disaster Recovery S3 Glacier
  26. 26. AWS Storage Gateway for offsite disk backups AWS Storage Gateway VM Your Datacenter Backup Servers On-premises Host Direct Attached or Storage Area Network Disks iSCSI SSL Production Systems Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) AWS Storage Gateway Service
  27. 27. AWS Storage Gateway for departmental file shares AWS Storage Gateway VM On-premises Host Direct Attached or Storage Area Network Disks SSL Your Datacenter Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) AWS Storage Gateway Service iSCSI CIFS/ NFS End Users File servers
  28. 28. AWS Storage Gateway for disaster recovery and data mirroring AWS Storage Gateway VM Production/ Application Systems On-premises Host Direct Attached or Storage Area Network Disks iSCSI SSL Your Datacenter Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) AWS Storage Gateway Service AWS Storage Gateway EC2 Instance Application on EC2
  29. 29. Gateway-VTL for long-term backup and archiving Backup applications Disk based infrastructure SSL Virtual Tapes backed by Amazon S3 Virtual Tape Shelf Virtual Tapes backed by Amazon Glacier Virtual Tape Library AWS VTL Gateway
  30. 30. Third Party Backup/Archive • CIFS/NFS Local Presentation • Appliance or Virtual Machine • In-Line DeDuplication • Customer Retained Security Keys • Local Cache for recently archived data
  31. 31. Getting Data into the Cloud AWS Direct Connect Dedicated bandwidth between you site and AWS AWS Import/Export Physical transfer of media into and out of AWS
  32. 32. AWS Direct Connect Partners in ANZ
  33. 33. Data Ingestion Partners in ANZ
  34. 34. AWS Systems Integration Partners in ANZ 34
  35. 35. Common Data Storage Challenges and the AWS Opportunity Next Generation Storage - Benefits Primary Block Storage Primary File Storage Archival Storage Disk-Based Backup Storage Tape Infrastructure & Management Replicated Storage for Disaster Recovery Offsite Locations Geo- Resilience Next Generation: Gateway & Cloud Storage Reduce SAN Footprint Reduce NAS Footprint Eliminate Architecture Hardware & Software Eliminate Backup Hardware & Software Eliminate Tape Recover in Cloud or any Data Center Eliminate Secondary Data Centers Reduce Complexity. Reduce Cost.
  36. 36. Benefits of AWS Storage Financial " Significant reduction in capital investments " Pay for only what you use: Metered Utility " Eliminate the need to over purchase " AWS prices continue to fall over time Operational " Streamline and simplify data management operations " Reduction of systems and data centers " Focus employees on proactive and innovative tasks Business " Never stop the business as capacity is endless " Never slow the pace of innovation " Turn IT into an innovation enabler
  37. 37. Expand your skills with AWS Certification Exams Validate your proven technical expertise with the AWS platform On-Demand Resources Videos & Labs Get hands-on practice working with AWS technologies in a live environment self-paced-labs Instructor-Led Courses Training Classes Expand your technical expertise to design, deploy, and operate scalable, efficient applications on AWS
  38. 38. © 2014, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc.