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(SEC324) NEW! Introducing Amazon Inspector


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"Amazon Inspector is a new service from AWS that identifies security issues in your application deployments. Use Inspector with your applications to assess your security posture and identify areas that can be improved. Inspector works with your Amazon EC2 instances to monitor activity in your applications and system.

This session will cover getting started with Inspector, how to automate the process, how to manage and act on findings, and additional ways you can enhance your development and release lifecycle using Inspector."

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(SEC324) NEW! Introducing Amazon Inspector

  1. 1. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Alex Lucas, AWS Principal Security Engineer October 2015 SEC324 Introducing Amazon Inspector: Security Insight into Your Application Deployments
  2. 2. Session overview • What is Inspector? • Concepts and overview • Demos • Automation • Limited preview
  3. 3. What is Inspector? • Application security assessment • Selectable built-in rules • Security findings • Guidance and management • Automatable via APIs
  4. 4. Why? Securing infrastructure is often expensive and hard to do effectively. • Amazon Inspector is automated, repeatable, and designed to reduce cost. • Use AWS security knowledge to strengthen customer servers, services, and infrastructure. • Delivery of actionable findings that are carefully explained and help their resolution.
  5. 5. How? 1. Install as a service on your Amazon EC2 instances. 2. Tag the instances with application-specific information. 3. Configure Amazon Inspector application and assessment. 4. Start Inspector. 5. Exercise and test your service. 6. Stop Amazon Inspector or wait for the configurable timeout. 7. Look at findings and fix as appropriate.
  6. 6. Concepts • Agent • Application • Assessment • Finding • Rule packages/rule • Telemetry
  7. 7. Rule packages • CVE (common vulnerabilities and exposures) • Network security best practices • Authentication best practices • Operating system security best practices • Application security best practices • PCI DSS 3.0 readiness
  8. 8. Demo – Walkthrough
  9. 9. Automation EC2 UserData AWS CloudFormation • Install the agent easily into new instance • Update existing stacks for instance support Other DevOps tools: Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt • Install and change existing infrastructure APIs overview
  10. 10. Demo – CloudFormation
  11. 11. Demo – Automation
  12. 12. Demo – Automating Deployment
  13. 13. Limited preview FREE during the limited preview. Limitations • Applications: 50 • Assessments: 500 • Agents: 500 • Linux only (AL2015+, Ubuntu 14.04+) • us-west-2 region (US West [Oregon])
  14. 14. Next steps • Path to general availability • More rules and packages • Further integration • Implement feedback
  15. 15. AWS Security and Compliance AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Config Rules Amazon Inspector Best practices for performance, reliability, and security Create rules that govern configuration of your resources Security insights into your applications AWS Compliance AWS: Security of the cloud Customer: Security in the cloud
  16. 16. Partners
  17. 17. Please… …sign up for our limited preview. • Look for Amazon Inspector on the AWS Management Console. …provide feedback about this session. …provide feedback about Amazon Inspector. • Via AWS forums.
  18. 18. Questions? • Find me outside the room after this session.
  19. 19. Remember to complete your evaluations!
  20. 20. Thank you!