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Running Business-Critical Applications on the AWS Cloud

  1. Running Business-Critical Applications on the AWS Cloud Shailesh Albuquerque Solutions Architect
  2. v   Firstly, let’s do some Introductions •  Me •  Shailesh Albuquerque •  Solutions Architect based in Bangalore , India •  You •  Are looking to deploy your business applications on the cloud or migrate from on- premises to the cloud •  Are wanting to better understand the migration approach •  Are wanting to understand architectural patterns for enterprise applications and tools for migration.
  3. v   Today’s Agenda •  Why AWS for Business Critical Applications. •  Licensing and Support for Common Enterprise Applications. •  Enterprise Migration Path •  Architecture Patterns. •  Migration Best practices and Tools.
  4. Why AWS for Business Critical Applications.
  5. v   AWS Global Infrastructure 11 Regions 28 Availability Zones 52 Edge Locations
  6. v   Improved Fault Tolerance & Disaster Recovery Region Availability Zone A Availability Zone B Availability Zone C §  Distinct locations engineered to be insulated from failures in other Availability Zones §  Connected via an inexpensive, low latency network §  An independent collection of AWS services in a defined geographical location §  Foundation for meeting location dependent privacy and compliance requirements §  Contains two or more Availability Zones Region Availability Zones
  7. v   Broad Set of Compute and Storage Technology C4 instances , based on Intel Xeon E5-2666 v3 (Haswell). , designed specifically for EC2, runs at a base speed of 2.9 GHz, and can achieve clock speeds as high as 3.5 GHz with Turbo boost §  General Purpose [ T2, M3] §  Compute Optimized [ C3, C4 ] §  Memory Optimized [ R3] §  IO, Storage Optimized [ I2, HS] Compute Instance Types §  EBS Magnetic §  General Purpose SSD §  Provisioned IOPS Storage Options
  8. Connected by a World Class Network High packets-per- second performance Low jitter EBS-optimized instances Virtual network interfaces Physical placement optimization Slow Fast High throughput, low latency
  9. Architected for Enterprise Security Certifications and accreditations for workloads that matter AWS Key Management Service Encryption features for S3, EBS, RDS .. AWS CloudTrail for Auditing
  10. Integrate with your existing Data Center Corporate Data Centers On-Premises Resources Cloud Resources Integration
  11. Integrate with your existing Data Center On-­‐premise   resources  Data  center   Cloud  services Cloud  infrastructure   Workload    Migra8on   and  integra8on   Enterprise   management  tools   Access/authen8ca8on   control  integra8on   Connec8vity
  12. Services for Enterprise Collaboration and Sharing Amazon WorkDocs Fully managed, secure document storage and sharing service for Enterprise Amazon Workspaces Managed hosted desktops in the cloud
  13. v   AWS Marketplace The AWS Marketplace has 1,900 listings and customers run more than 70 million hours of software per month.
  14. Licensing and Support
  15. v   Supported SAP solutions § SAP Business Suite § SAP HANA § SAP Business Warehouse § SAP Business One § SAP Business Objects § SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions § SAP Afaria
  16. v   SAP Supported Databases and OS Databases §  SAP HANA §  IBM DB2 Version 9.7 or higher §  SAP MaxDB Version 7.x or higher §  Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher §  Sybase ASE or higher Operating  Systems   §  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 SP1 or higher §  Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.5 and 6 or higher §  Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher *Note – Oracle DB can be used for non-production systems (Test/Demo/ POC/Training/etc.)
  17. v   SAP Software and Licensing on AWS Bring your Own Licenses §  Primary model for most SAP applications on AWS §  Existing SAP licenses can be used on AWS §  SAP Business Suite, SAP Business All-in- One, SAP BusinessObjects, etc. §  AWS Marketplace §  SAP Trial Images & Developer Editions §  AWS / SAP Test Drive Program Software and License Included
  18. v   Microsoft Products on AWS
  19. v   Microsoft Development on AWS AWS SDK for .NET AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell Deploy .NET to ElasticBeanStalk
  20. v   Microsoft Licensing License Mobility through Software Assurance §  Windows 2003, 2008, 2012 §  Windows + SQL Server Web Edition. §  Windows + SQL server Standard Edition §  RDS for SQL Server Standard Edition §  Microsoft SharePoint §  Microsoft Exchange §  Other Microsoft products Software and License Included
  21. v   Oracle in the AWS Cloud §  Oracle Databases are fully supported on AWS •  Oracle Database EE, Oracle Database SE, NoSQL, Coherence •  Active Data Guard, Oracle Golden Gate etc. •  RDS service supports Oracle DB. §  Oracle Fusion Middleware is fully supported on AWS •  Weblogic suite, SOA Suite. •  Identity & Access Management etc. §  Oracle Applications supported on EC2* •  Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Enterprise •  Siebel, PeopleSoft Application,Hyperion etc [* Applications supported on OVM]
  22. v   Oracle License Portability on AWS Oracle Licenses are fully portable to Amazon EC2 Oracle Cloud support policy Oracle in the AWS cloud FAQ
  23. Enterprise Migration Path
  24. Enterprise Migration Path $$$  $   $$   Value to Business High  Low  Medium   TimetoExecute $$$$   Phase  1   Phase  2  
  25. Architecture Patterns for Enterprise Applications.
  26. VPC subnet Availability Zone Security group VPC subnet Availability Zone Security group Virtual Gateway AWS Virtual Private Cloud §  Launch AWS resources in a virtual network that you define. §  Complete control over your virtual networking environment, including selection of your own IP address range, creation of subnets, and configuration of route tables and network gateways. §  Control over Networking features such as DNS , Security and VPN connectivity. Corporate data center Users Data center router Servers Internet IPSec VPN
  27. AWS Direct Connect §  AWS Direct Connect lets you establish a dedicated network connection between your network and one of the AWS Direct Connect locations §  Industry standard 802.1q VLANs §  Routing uses BGP Corporate data center Users VPC subnet Availability Zone Security group VPC subnet Availability Zone Security group Data center router Customer router Servers AWS Direct Connect location AWS Direct Connect routers Virtual Gateway
  28. AWS Directory Service §  Deploys in two modes Connect your AWS resources with an existing on- premises Microsoft Active set up a new, stand-alone directory in the AWS Cloud. §  Simplify Deployment of Windows Workloads on AWS Users, group memberships, domain-joining Windows computers, Kerberos single sign-on (SSO) and Group Policies.AWS Directory Service Connect Corporate data center Users AD.Domain Servers Domain controller VPC subnet Availability Zone Security group Virtual Gateway VPC subnet Availability Zone Security group
  29. Active Directory and LDAP §  Reduced back-reach Traffic §  Reduced Latency for Authentication §  Additional Resiliency §  Enablement of both: Multi-Master Read/Write Domain Controllers Read-only Domain Controllers (RODCs)Active Directory Replication Corporate data center Users AD.Domain Servers Domain controller Domain controller VPC subnet Availability Zone Security group Virtual Gateway Domain controller VPC subnet Availability Zone Security group Replication
  30. 2 VPC Database Backup to AWS
  31. Disaster Recovery Site on AWS
  32. Enterprise  Applica8on  Basic  Architecture
  33. Enterprise  Applica8on  HA  Architecture
  34. SharePoint Reference Implementation Remote   Admin   AWS  Region   Availability  Zone  2   Private Subnet Availability  Zone  1   Public Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private SubnetPublic Subnet NAT   RDGW   RDGW   Primary  DC/DNS   AcAve  Directory   AcAve  Directory  Database  Tier   Database  Tier   Primary  DB   SQL  Server   Mirror  DB   Witness   ApplicaAon  Tier  Web  Tier   ApplicaAon  Tier  Web  Tier   Central  Admin  &   SharePoint  Services   Central  Admin  &   SharePoint  Services   IIS  &  SharePoint   Web  Front  End   ELB NAT   Backup  DC/DNS   Internet Gateway Users   IIS  &  SharePoint   Web  Front  End  
  35. v   §  Reference Architecture - “Deploy a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Server Farm in the AWS Cloud in 6 Simple Steps”: •  Builds upon the SharePoint Reference  Implementa@on  White  Paper     •  hAp://   §  AWS CloudFormation Templates for each step: •  Launch  the  network  and  Ac@ve  Directory  stack   •  Launch  the  database  stack     •  Launch  the  app  stack   •  Launch  the  web  stack   Deploy SharePoint Farm in 6 Steps
  36. v   §  SharePoint Reference Architecture on AWS whitepaper §  Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 in the AWS Cloud: Planning & Implementation Guide §  Implementing Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) and SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups in the AWS Cloud §  SAP whitepapers §  AWS Quick Starts Whitepapers & Quick Starts
  37. Migration Approach and Best Practices
  38. Calculating TCO
  39. v   In Your TCO Analysis 3- or 5-year amortization Use 3-year RI models ( Full upfront, partial upfront) Mention tiered pricing (Less expensive at every tier : network I/O, storage) Cost benefits of automation (Auto Scaling, APIs, AWS CloudFormation, AWS OpsWorks, Trusted Advisor, optimization) DOs DON’Ts BONUS
  40. v   In Your TCO Analysis Forget power/cooling (compute, storage, shared network) Forget administration costs (procurement, design, build, operations, network, security personnel) Forget rent/real estate (building deprecation, taxes, shared services staff) Forget VMware licensing and maintenance costs Forget to mention cost of “redundancy”, multi- AZ facility DOs BONUS DON’Ts
  41. v   In Your TCO Analysis Time from ordering to procurement (Releasing early = increased revenue) Cost of “capacity on shelf” Incremental cost of adding an on-premises server when physical space is maxed out Real cost of resource shortfalls Cost of disappointed or lost customers when unable to scale fast enough DOs   DON’Ts   BONUS  
  42. v   §  AWS economics center - §  AWS Simple Monthly Calculator §  AWS TCO Calculator - TCO tools
  43. Identifying Applications to Move Standalone applications are easy to move Application with loosely coupled SOA -based integrations are good candidates Tightly integrated application needs more planning
  44. v   Invest in Proof of Concept Early Proof of concept will answer tons of questions quickly Will help identify gaps and touch points Give you a good estimation of the task ahead
  45. v  §  File transfer to Amazon S3 or EC2 using S/FTP, SCP, UDP, Aspera, Attunity §  Configure on-premises backup application (like NetBackup, CA, CommVault, Riverbed) to use Amazon S3 §  AWS Storage Gateway for asynchronous backup to Amazon S3 §  AWS Import/Export service: Ship your disk to AWS §  Database backup tools like Oracle Secure Backup §  Database replication tools like GoldenGate, DbVisit §  AWS VM Import/Export, Management Portal for vCenter. Migrating Data into AWS Cloud
  46. v   The Migration Continuum ForkliO   Embrace  AWS   OpAmize  for  AWS   •  May  be  only  op@on  for  some   apps     •  Run  AWS  like  a  virtual  co-­‐lo   (low  effort)   •  Does  not  op@mize  for  on-­‐ demand  (overprovisioned)   •  Minor  modifica@ons  to  improve   cloud  usage   •  Automa@ng  servers  can  lower   opera@onal  burden   •  Leveraging  more  scalable   storage   •  Redesign  with  AWS  in  mind   (high  effort)   •  Embrace  scalable  services   (reduce  admin)   •  Closer  to  fully  u@lized  resources   at  all  @mes   Forkli_   Embrace   Op@mize   Effort   Scalability   Opera@onal  Burden  
  47. Management and Monitoring BMC CLM, Boundary, HP OpenView, CA Spectrum Automation Manager, MS System Center Plug-in, Oracle EM Plug-in, RightScale, AWS CloudWatch Auditing and Logging Alert Logic Log Manager CA Audit, Trend Micro, Xceedium Xsuite Ylastic AWS CloudWatch Alert Cost Management Cloudability Cloudyn AWS Trusted Advisor Data Migration Data Expedition Aspera Attunity CloudBeam Riverbed Whitewater Tsunami AWS Storage Gateway Backup and Recovery CA Arcserve, Commvault, Netapp Oracle OSB Riverbed Whitewater Symantec, Zadara Amazon EBS Snapshot Migration Tools
  48. Customer Examples
  49. v   Next steps … •  Sign up for an AWS account at •  Take advantage of the Free Tier •  Try a AWS Test Drive at AWS
  50. Online  Labs  |  Training   Gain  confidence  and  hands-­‐on   experience  with  AWS.  Watch  free   Instruc@onal  Videos  and  explore  Self-­‐ Paced  Labs   Instructor  Led  Classes     Learn  how  to  design,  deploy  and  operate   highly  available,  cost-­‐effec@ve  and   secure  applica@ons  on  AWS  in  courses   led  by  qualified  AWS  instructors   Validate  your  technical  exper@se   with  AWS  and  use  prac@ce  exams   to  help  you  prepare  for  AWS   Cer@fica@on   AWS  CerAficaAon     hTp://    
  51. Thank you Shailesh Albuquerque Solutions Architect