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AWS Cloud Kata | Hong Kong - Getting to Scale on AWS, Customer Presentation by Ready Flowers


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AWS Cloud Kata | Hong Kong - Getting to Scale on AWS, Customer Presentation by Ready Flowers

  1. 1. Ready Flowers Limited Flowers and Gifts in the Cloud Presented By ThomasHegarty August2013
  2. 2. Introduction READY FLOWERS is one of the market leading on-line retailers of flowers, hampers and special gifts in South East Asia. Our customer base of more than 500,000 customers has used READY FLOWERS’ services over the last 7 years to deliver fresh and meaningful messages of love to special people.  Same Day Delivery Service  Sending flowers to 90 countries  Operating 100% from Hong Kong
  3. 3. Key Problem  People are not close to the person they want to send a gift / message to  Finding a reliable flower / gift supplier in a remote location is difficult  Not all suppliers accept different payment methods  Very few local suppliers provide online ordering.
  4. 4. Solution  The Ready Flowers system is designed to automatically collect and send orders created from a network of websites and place them with suppliers anywhere in the world. Currently a majority of orders pass through the system without needing to be touched by an operator.  Ready Flowers makes it easy for customers to order flowers and gifts via web / phone  Ready Flowers has the ability to send to multiple locations so customers don’t need to use different suppliers for different orders.  Same day delivery in 90 locations around the world  24/7 ordering capability
  5. 5. Website Portals  The Ready Flowers Portal Platform is a network of roughly 90 websites that are based around specific geographical regions for customers to go and buy flowers and gifts to send anywhere around the world. Each site has a specific catalogue that relates to a particular region, has the capability to display multiple languages and multiple currencies.
  6. 6. Order Management  ODIN is the central point for all orders that Ready Flowers manages and is the main point of contact for all customer service staff.With a proven capability of managing 10,000’s of orders at a time, it is capable of scaling up with business demand even during peak seasonal events such asValentines Day and Mothers Day.
  7. 7. Allocation Hub  Allocation Hub is a web based system where suppliers go to access all available orders in a specific geographical region.Within Allocation hub suppliers have the ability to view / accept / reject orders, get payment details automatically and see a daily list of work to be done.
  8. 8. RealTime Reporting  The RealTime Reporting System shows up to the minute information on how the business is running.There is a desktop and a mobile version.
  9. 9. RapidGrowth  Ready Flowers has experienced rapid growth in all markets over the last 8 years.  Serving customers in over 172 countries, delivering into 90 countries around the world.  100+ Million views of Products / Categories in 4 years.  5 Million Requests / day during peak CDNTraffic  12 MillionAdwords Clicks (since Feb 2013)  5 Million+ Product combinations  2 Million+ Location Based Landing Pages
  10. 10. Event Days – Flower Industry  Valentines Day  Mothers Day  On Event Days, Ready Flowers experiences rapid increase in traffic over a 2 – 5 day period.  The industry as a whole is extremely busy, and ensuring that customers and suppliers have continuity of service is imperative.  Everyone wants Red Roses forValentines day and flowers for their mum on Mothers Day
  11. 11. Technology Development Layer  ASP .NETVB / C#  MVC 4.0 (Partial)  MS SQL  Couch DB  Mongo DB Infrastructure  AmazonWeb Services  Cachefly  AI Cache Other  Asterisk  GoogleApps
  12. 12. Scaling for an Event  CustomerTraffic increases at least 10+ fold  GooglebotTraffic increases 30+ Fold (Not Included)
  13. 13. V-Day DDOS Attack  1am, 14th February, 2012 - Ready Flowers experienced a targeted DDOS  DDOS attack lasted 24 hours  All systems were down for 4 hours, customers and suppliers could not access any systems  Cost to the Business –Lost sales, undelivered order refunds and reputation damage – Estimated AUD $1,000,000
  14. 14. Original Infrastructure  Private Cloud  1 x SAN  1 x SQL Database Servers  1 x Netscaler  1 x Asterisk Server  Cachefly for serving all image data  Citrix Xen Server Cluster (2 x Sun Servers)  8 x Windows 2008 Web Servers  6 x Memcache Servers  1 x Windows Active Directory Server  2 x DNS Servers  2 x Mail Servers  2 x Apache Server (MySQL / OTRS Server)  1 xTerminal Server
  15. 15. Stepped Approach – PrivateCloud  AICache used as proxy  aiScaler is a website caching layer that off-loads requests from the web, application and database tiers using unique patterns of url and cookie variables.
  16. 16. Fully Moving to theCloud  Moved it within 1 week to Amazon Cloud
  17. 17. UsingAmazon on a regular Day  11 x Load Balancers (Multiple SSL Certificates)  10 xWindows R2Web Servers (Ready Flowers)  2 x CouchDB Servers (Web Server Caching to SQL DB)  2 x aiCache aiScaler Servers (Web Servers to Customers)  1 x RabbitMQ Server (Allocation Hub)  2 xVPC Gateways (Access for RegionalOffices – Hong Kong / Australia)  2 x Apache Servers (Wiki / Reporting Server)  2 x MSSQL Servers  3 x Mongo DB Servers (Allocation Hub)  1 x DomainController (Active Directory)
  18. 18. Key Benefits of theCloud  Infrastructure on demand  Valentines Day / Mothers Day  World class perimeter security  VPC to Local Offices  Cost effective computing  Use spot pricing to scale up when needed  Automation & simplification of system administration tasks  Can scale up within 5 minutes  Multiple virtual datacentres  Have replication in different locations
  19. 19. Amazon ProductsUsed  EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing)  VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)  ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)  Provision IO (Fast Storage)  S3 (Simple Storage Service)  Route 53 (DNS)  Cloudfront (Content Delivery Network)  Cloudwatch (Monitoring)
  20. 20. ThankYou - Questions    Presented ByThomas Hegarty – Managing Director