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AWS Cloud Kata | Bangkok - Opening Keynote

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AWS Cloud Kata | Bangkok - Opening Keynote

  1. 1. Opening Presentation Startups in the Cloud Pieter Kemps Business Development, Startups & Venture Capital @p_kemps #AWSstartups
  2. 2. “Amazon Web Services is probably the most important thing that has happened to mobile and web app developers that the press just misses. Jeff Bezos has accidentally or maybe on purpose powered a whole generation of applications.” Steve Blank
  3. 3. These ASEAN startups … are getting the same… as these companies: DURABILITY SECURITY SCALABILITY AFFORDABILITY RELIABILITY
  4. 4. These ASEAN startups benefit from AWS… just like these companies: E-COMMERCE CONSUMER APPS GAMING MEDIA ENTERPRISE / SaaS
  5. 5. “Cloud is like a fertilizer that creates Startups” Eric Ries
  6. 6. Idea MVP Scale Profitability 01 02 03 04
  7. 7. Idea MVP Scale Profitability 01 02 03 04 Product? Market? Profit? Do we have a product? Can we ship? How to develop faster? Better? Cheaper? Do people buy? Do they pay? Can we scale? Can we deal with spikes? Can we monetize? How to keep costs down? When can we break-even? Can we get & stay profitable?
  8. 8. Experiment More, Develop Cheaper, Ship Faster Add New Dev Environment Add New Production in US Add 1,000 Servers Remove 1,000 servers Instance Type M3 Extra Large 1,000 Number of Instances Availability Zone US-West-2b Launch Infrastructure in Minutes Lower Costs of Innovation Shorter Development Cycles
  9. 9. Dropbox Pro Tip #1 Learn early, learn often
  10. 10. Server Backend Analytics Desktop Client API backend Website controller logic Runs on a single code base using Python
  11. 11. AWS supports Python, Python SDK (Boto), And many other stacks & tools, SDK’s, API’s
  12. 12. Dropbox Pro Tip #2 Not launching = Painful Not Learning = Fatal
  13. 13. “Code something in a day and release it” AWS Elastic Beanstalk Automated resource management – web apps made easy EC2 RDS Beanstalk deploys EBS ELB You still have control
  14. 14. Dropbox Pro Tip #3 “Keep the main thing the main thing”
  15. 15. “Fortunately, we spent almost all our effort on making an elegant, simple product that ‘just works’ and making users happy” Drew Houston, Founder, Dropbox Build apps, not infrastructure, and leverage the ‘Backbone of Giants’
  16. 16. Backbone of Giants AWS levels the playing field: technology, scale, security, global footprint Same global infrastructure as Same security as Same scalability as
  17. 17. Grow faster, reach customers globally, scale easily Global Reach Infinite Scalability Amazon as a Channel
  18. 18. Which company… 14 million users in just over a year …reached 150 million photos & terabytes of data …signed up 1.0 million users in 12 hours after launching an Android app …over 100 million active users in January 2013 …grew to …with only 3 engineers?
  19. 19. Started on single machine 25K signups first day Friday: moved to EC2
  20. 20. Scaling replacing all components of a car while driving it at 100mph
  21. 21. Instagram Pro Tip #1 Keep it very simple
  22. 22. Staying nimble = remind yourself of what’s important “Your users around the world don’t care that you wrote your own DB” Mike Krieger, Instagram Cofounder
  23. 23. Instagram Pro Tip #2 Don’t re-invent the wheel: Go with proven and solid technologies
  24. 24. Instagram is built on AWS global infrastructure 9 Regions Go Global in Minutes 25 Availability Zones 43 Edge Locations
  25. 25. …and leverages many AWS services
  26. 26. Customer-driven innovation continues “I wish I could improve latency to India” Jul 28, 2013 Amazon CloudFront and Route 53 Add India Edge Locations “If I only I could use Beanstalk for my Node.js app!” Mar 11, 2013 Announcing AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Node.js “It’s hard to manage my Chef recipes” Feb 18, 2013 Announcing AWS OpsWorks “If only AWS could make it easier to manage the transcoding process” Jan 28, 2013 Announcing Amazon Elastic Transcoder
  27. 27. Instagram Pro Tip #3 Minimize operational burden instrument everything
  28. 28. Monitor & Measure Everything Data is King Amazon CloudWatch
  29. 29. Automate Everything AWS = true ‘Infrastructure as Code’ AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS OpsWorks AWS CloudFormation Automated resource management – web apps made easy DevOps framework for application lifecycle management & automation Templates to deploy & manage template-driven provisioning Rich API’s – everything can be scripted, versioned, tested and repeated Control Convenience Orchestration framework ranging from macro to granular control
  30. 30. Reduce Costs & Grow revenue Continuous Price Reductions Multiple Pricing Models Cost Aware Architecting
  31. 31. One of the fastest growing sites in history. Cites AWS for making it possible to handle growth and scale
  32. 32. •  80 million objects stored in S3 •  410 terabytes of user data •  70 master databases •  150 EC2 instances in the web tier •  90 instances for in-memory caching •  35 instances used for internal purposes •  Elastic Load Balancing •  Elastic MapReduce (Hadoop)
  33. 33. EC2 Instance Hours S3 Storage Volume UP UP 293% 1700%
  34. 34. February 2013 48.7 million users globally Raised $200M (Total = $338M) $2.5B valuation How do we keep costs down as we scale up?
  35. 35. Pinterest Pro Tip #1 Use Auto-scaling
  36. 36. Auto-scaling at Pinterest Switch off 40% of resources between peak & off-peak automatically
  37. 37. Pinterest Pro Tip #2 Use “Reserved Instances”
  38. 38. AWS offers multiple purchasing models Free Tier On-Demand Reserved Spot Get Started on AWS with free usage & no commitment Pay for compute capacity by the hour with no long-term commitments Make a low, one-time payment and receive a significant discount on the hourly charge Bid for unused capacity, charged at a Spot Price which fluctuates based on supply and demand For POCs and getting started For spiky workloads, or to define needs For committed utilization For time-insensitive or transient workloads
  39. 39. •  Auto-scaling – automated shut down of 40% of instances off-peak •  Reserved Instances – to save on EC2 for base workload
  40. 40. Peak: $52/h Off-peak: $15/h Savings/h: 71%
  41. 41. Why Dropbox, Instagram and Pinterest use AWS Developer Centric Backbone of Giants Winning thru Innovation
  42. 42. AWS supports startups all over the world announcing AWS Activate
  43. 43. AWS Activate Packages & Benefits Self-Starter Package Startups doing it on their own •  AWS Free Usage Tier •  1 month Developer Support •  "AWS Technical Professional" training + 1 self-paced lab •  Startup Forum •  Special 3rd party offers Portfolio Package Startups in select accelerators •  AWS Promotional Credit •  Business Support 1+ month •  "AWS Technical Professional" & "AWS Essentials" training with class labs + 4 self-paced labs •  Startup Forum •  Special 3rd party offers
  44. 44. AWS Activate Sign up Now as