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AWS Summit 2013 | Singapore - Opening Keynote, Dr Werner Vogels


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AWS Summit 2013 | Singapore - Opening Keynote, Dr Werner Vogels

  1. 1. Dr. Werner Vogels @werner CTO,
  2. 2. Seven years young Amazon S3 launched: March 14th 2006
  3. 3. 30+ services spanning compute, storage, database and application management
  4. 4. 100,000s of customers, across 190 countries.
  5. 5. Here and abroad
  6. 6. ASEAN Customers
  7. 7. A wide range of technologies
  8. 8. Consulting Partners Technology Partners
  9. 9. ASEAN Partner Ecosystem
  10. 10. AWS Marketplace: Buy Software Pre-Configured to Run on AWS Growth since Jan 1, 2013 25 categories 778 product listings Active customers Usage per customer 102% 53%
  11. 11. 37 Price Reductions Since 2006 Ecosystem Global Footprint New Features New Services Infrastructure Innovation More AWS Usage More Infrastructure Economies of Scale Lower Infrastructure Costs Reduced Prices More Customers
  12. 12. Customer Infrastructure Audits: Saves money Improves availability Closes security gaps Increases performance Recent Performance: 399,000 recommendations $69M in annualized savings *Past 90 Days AWS Trusted Advisor
  13. 13. Including: AWS Oregon Region Elastic Beanstalk (Beta) Amazon SES (Beta) AWS CloudFormation Amazon RDS for Oracle AWS Direct Connect AWS GovCloud (US) Amazon ElastiCache VPC Virtual Networking VPC Dedicated Instances SMS Text Notification Including: Amazon SNS Amazon CloudFront Amazon Route 53 S3 Bucket Policies RDS Multi-AZ Support RDS Reserved Databases AWS Import/Export Including: Amazon RDS Amazon VPC Amazon EMR EC2 Auto Scaling EC2 Reserved Instances Including: 6 new Direct Connect Sites DynamoDB RDS in VPC AWS Trusted Advisor CloudFormation in VPC AWS Storage Gateway Amazon Glacier Cost Allocation Tagging CloudFront Live Streaming Amazon CloudSearch AWS Marketplace Red Hat Reserved Instances New EC2 Instance Types Multi-AZ Oracle RDS RDS SQL Server EC2 RI Marketplace VM Export Multiple IPs in VPC Provisioned IOPS Oracle Data Pump New APAC Region - Sydney AWS Data Pipeline AWS Pace of Innovation
  14. 14. 14 18 21 19 20 January February March April May Including: AWS Management Console Tablet and Mobile Support Elastic Transcoder Price reduction for Amazon EC2, global expansion of M3 Standard Instances, and reduced data transfer pricing. 92 New Service Announcements and Updates so far in 2013 Including: Amazon Redshift Available to All Customers AWS OpsWorks IAM Role and Auto Scaling Support for Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring Scripts for Linux Amazon SQS and SNS Announce Lower Prices and Expanded Free Tiers - 50% price drop for SQS Including: New Lower Pricing for Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances AWS Free Usage Tier Now Includes Amazon ElastiCache Amazon DynamoDB Reduces Prices AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Node.js Amazon RDS now supports 3TB and 30,000 Provisioned IOPS per database instance Announcing EBS-Optimized Support for Additional Instance Types Including: Amazon Redshift and EC2 High Storage instances in US West (Oregon) Lower request pricing for S3EC2 tags console page Price reduction for Windows On-Demand EC2 instances AWS Elastic Beanstalk supports VPC and IAM Roles Secondary Indices for DynamoDB Global Certification Program Including: New Edge Location in Seoul, Korea GA of Node.js SDK 4000 IOPS per EBS volume AWS Direct Connect in Seattle OpsWorks launches CloudWatch metrics and ELB support Parallel scan and lower cost reads for DynamoDB 7 new features for Elastic Transcoder AWS Pace of Innovation
  15. 15. Amazon S3: Over 2 Trillion Total Objects 1.1M peak requests/sec
  16. 16. 0 1,000,000 2,000,000 3,000,000 4,000,000 5,000,000 6,000,000 Amazon Elastic MapReduce: Clusters launched by customers 5.5 M clusters launched since May 2010
  17. 17. Amazon RedshiftAmazon DynamoDB Amazon Glacier
  18. 18. Amazon DynamoDB Consistent, high performance with unlimited scale Managed non-relational database
  19. 19. The most radical and transformative of inventions are those that empower others to unleash their creativity - to pursue their dreams “ ” Jeff Bezos, Letter to Shareholders, 2012
  20. 20. The most radical and transformative of inventions are those that empower others to unleash their creativity - to pursue their dreams “ ” Jeff Bezos, Letter to Shareholders, 2012
  21. 21. Transformation: What drives it? Who is doing it? What is next?
  22. 22. Transformation: What drives it? Who is doing it? What is next?
  23. 23. Economic drivers Abundance of products Intensifying competition Growing consumer power Reduced customer loyalty Limited capital Q $ D S
  24. 24. Uncertainty
  25. 25. Addressing Uncertainty Acquire resources on demand Release resources when no longer needed Pay for what you use Leverage others’ core competencies Turn fixed cost into variable
  26. 26. The benefits of cloud computing.
  27. 27. 1. Trade Capital Expense for Variable Expense $0 to get started Pay as you go Saved $34M on SmartHub app
  28. 28. 2. Lower Variable Expense Than Companies Can Do Themselves Source: IDC Whitepaper, sponsored by Amazon, “The Business Value of Amazon Web Services Accelerates Over Time.” July 2012 70% lower 5 year TCO per app AWS On- premises $3.01M $0.90M 50% reduction in analytics costs
  29. 29. 3. You Don’t Need to Guess Capacity Self Hosting Waste Actual demand Predicted Demand Rigid Actual demand Elastic
  30. 30. Typical Weekly Traffic to Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  31. 31. Typical Weekly Traffic to Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 39% 61%
  32. 32. November Traffic for
  33. 33. November Traffic for 76% 24%
  34. 34. November 10th, 2010 October 31, 2011
  35. 35. November Traffic for
  36. 36. Old World: Infrastructure in Weeks 4. Dramatically Increase Speed And Agility AWS: Infrastructure in Minutes # of Instances 1,000 Instance Type M3 X-Large Availability Zone US-West-2b Launch
  37. 37. Increase Innovation When The Cost of Failure Approaches Zero Old world: AWS: Experiment infrequently Failure is expensive Less innovation Near $0 Experiment often Fail quickly at a low cost More innovation
  38. 38. 5. Stop Spending Money on Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting so you don’t have to...We take care of... Data Centers Power Cooling Cabling Networking Racks Servers Storage Labor buy and install new hardware set up and configure new software build new data centers
  39. 39. 6. Go Global In Minutes
  40. 40. 1. Trade capital expense for variable expense 2. Lower variable expense than companies can do themselves 3. You don’t need to guess capacity 4. Dramatically improved speed and agility 5. Stop spending money on undifferentiated heavy lifting 6. Go global in minutes The Benefits of Cloud Computing
  41. 41. The Foundation for 21st Century Architectures
  42. 42.
  43. 43. Old world Development Experimentation Flexibility Years $$$ Rigid Availability Scarce
  44. 44. Old world Development Experimentation Flexibility Years $$$ Rigid Availability Scarce AWS Minutes $0.00 Elastic Plentiful
  45. 45. Enabling Jollibee Foods Corporation for growth and innovation Larry Matias CIO, Jollibee Foods Corporation July 18, 2013
  46. 46. Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) • A global Filipino Company with over 2B USD of system-wide sales • Presence in more than 12 countries worldwide - Philippines, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, UAE and USA. • More than 2,500 branches and a workforce of over 40,000
  47. 47. Mission-Critical Platforms on the Cloud • Warehouse Management System (Infor WMS) • Advanced Supply Chain Planning system (Oracle ASCP) • Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) • Web delivery systems (Open-source)
  48. 48. Warehouse Management System in Pinnacle • Pinnacle is JFC’s Distribution Center • Largest computerized and automated warehouse and distribution center in the Philippines to-date • 5 hectare property / 24,761 sqm of covered floor area • 20,000+ pallet locations, 42 loading bays • Serving 733 stores nationwide
  49. 49. Advanced Supply Chain Planning System (Oracle ASCP) • MRP/CRP/DRP application allows JFC Corporate Supply Chain function to – perform simultaneous material and capacity planning – across multiple distribution and manufacturing facilities and time horizons – in a single planning run – while at the same time accounting for the latest consensus forecast, sales orders, production status, purchase orders, and inventory policy recommendations • 1 run daily per plant • 30 plants • 50 planners across all SBUs • 7 SBUs • 17,000 SKUs • 1,500 FGs • 30 depots and warehouses
  50. 50. Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) • SAP module used by JFC Corporate Purchasing to – evaluate, enable, and engage suppliers more effectively – provide a user-intuitive shopping cart to capture requests for sourcing and procurement across the organization – conduct transparent e-bidding – allows partners to closely collaborate with JFC • Integrated with ASCP to drive SRM • 2,000+ partners • Shared service across JFC • 17,000 SKUs • Over 1,000 POs per week
  51. 51. Web Delivery Systems • Open-source platforms used by JFC Business Channels • Online ordering for JFC • Connected to POS systems in store • Expanding the reach of store delivery outside of the Philippines • Over 200,000 web orders per day • Over 200 delivery stores • 15 to 20% increase in orders during rainy days • Annual growth spurts of 50 to 60% • Varying retail trade areas (RTA) depending on time of day
  52. 52. Making the Cloud Work for You Getting to the cloud • Take advantage of free trials • Try it hands-on with a trial or pilot • Start with low-risk platforms • Establish standard architectures to accelerate business adoption • Develop proficiency in cloud Choose the right cloud provider • Multiple configuration options • Easily scalable configuration; Virtually unlimited capacity • True per hour utility billing system, competitive case rates • Advanced tools for data sync, security, planning, configuration and connectivity • Fantastic customer service and partnership
  53. 53. Benefits of the cloud for JFC • Significant Cost Savings – able to maintain operating expense while providing more highly scalable platforms to match peak periods • Delivering more services and platforms to the business – over 120 servers of various configuration for sandbox, pilot, portal and mission critical applications • Speed of provisioning – significantly reduced, from several months to only days, or hours • Supporting innovation projects – We could not have done in 2 years, the extent of services & platforms already delivered, without the cloud
  54. 54. Thank you !!!
  55. 55. Orchestrating Cloud Services for Business Outcomes Harish Rao SVP and CTO, Global Infrastructure Services July 18, 2013
  56. 56. Disruptive Business Technology Trends In making sense of disruptive trends in both client and technology markets, Capgemini sees two perspectives • Outside In – Enterprise Consumer – Consumerisation hits the enterprise world – Shadow IT – Bring your own (devices, clouds, services) creating new challenges – Post-PC Era – Browser-Cloud quickly displacing Client-Server – Mobility is Main Stream – Mobility, Cloud, and traditional Workplace services converging into a single phenomenon • Inside Out – Server Dematerialisation – Branded servers are being deconstructed within DCs – Cloud Service Enrichment – Infrastructure Clouds are pushing up into rich Platform territory – DC strategies are being reconsidered – Why and how of consolidation – Big Data is rapidly gathering momentum – volume, velocity and variety – Analytics closely associated with Big Data, but is sector specific, specialist based, and yet to become consumable
  57. 57. Market Disruptions for Clients – Buying Patterns Business Unit 45.2% IT Organizatio n 46.0%IT Organization 8.8%Third Party “By 2017, the CMO Will Spend More on IT Than the CIO” – Gartner • Procurement is moving out of the IT department into the business • CFO and CMO agenda gaining greater influence in IT spending • Outsourcing being replaced by service procurement • Capital procurement changing to operating expenditure • Deal sizes and procurement terms are shortening
  58. 58. • Emerging services environment – Sprawl of PAYG cloud services – Outsource to Service procurement – Capex to Opex – Smaller, shorter deals – Legacy Overhang • Capgemini Strategic Response – Premium, high value services – CEO/CFO/CIO Agenda – Enterprise Consumer – Stable platform, Agile services – Market speed – Partnered cloud operations • Service Orchestration – Strategic platform for response – Gartner “Amplifier” – Zero-latency transformation Service Orchestration and the Strategic Platform Enterprise App Store Cloud Services ManagementService Integration Service Orchestration Platform Service Desk Orchestration Modules Enterprise Consumer Services – Business Infrastructure • Consumable • Secure • Compliant • Supported Hosted On Premise Dedicated Off Premise Multitenant Global Cloud Services Legacy IT Private Virtual Private Public
  59. 59. A Case of Service Orchestration – SAP on AWS • A massive global SAP ecosystem in an outsourced environment: – ~170 SAP instances – ~ 150 Terabytes of data across the landscape – Many non-production SAP instances – Single global instance strategy • Global SAP Rollouts on-going, continuous improvement activities in parallel • Constant pressure to speed up the rollout and cut IT spend in parallel • Additional SAP streams of work ongoing including upgrades, BI, etc. • An outsourced environment with infrastructure owned by the client • Migrate to a “Subscription-Based” Model • Shift costs from CAPEX to OPEX • Get out of the IT refresh cycle Improve Business Value Eliminate Capacity Constraints Lower cost solution • Storage and Server constraints exist • Additional landscapes constantly required • Challenges of capacity management • Scalability for short-term and ad-hoc requests • Deployment time from weeks to days • Managing the HW Life Cycle • Standardization by abstraction of application from hardware • Move to an on-demand “As A Service” model
  60. 60. Business Case – Cost Savings and Speed to Value • One time savings – $8 Million • Year on year savings of 45% over existing outsourcing costs – Driven by two areas of the consumption based model: • Fixed consumption costs – Amount of storage – Number of backups – Secured network • Variable Consumption Costs – Compute time – Bandwidth and I/O
  61. 61. The AWS Model – A Key Enabler • Prices and SLAs are publicly available: – The Capgemini Orchestration Platform enhances those SLAs for enterprise companies • Elastic and virtually infinite infrastructure resources capacity • AWS not just Infrastructure – it is indeed a rich enterprise Platform
  62. 62. Transformation: What drives it? Who is doing it? What is next?
  63. 63. Transformation: What drives it? Who is doing it? What is next?
  64. 64. Every industry.
  65. 65. Financial Services
  66. 66. Financial Services Extreme competition New products and instruments daily Rapid development and delivery Rapid experimentation
  67. 67. Huge capacity requirements (sometimes).
  68. 68. Large data volumes.
  69. 69. Stringent regulatory, compliance and security requirements.
  70. 70. Media & Advertising
  71. 71. 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 $10,000 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 $50,000 $60,000 $70,000 Print Only Including Online Millions of 2012 Dollars Newspaper Advertising Revenue Adjusted for Inflation, 1950 to 2012 Source: Newspaper Association of America Carpe Diem Blog
  72. 72. Media and Advertising New ways to monetize content Competitive landscape changing Highly competitive Driven by data
  73. 73. Radio and The Cloud Jayaram Gopinath Nagaraj & Kavitha Doraimaickam Digital Media Unit July 18, 2013
  74. 74. Astro Radio – Who We Are • We are the largest Radio business in Malaysia with over 10 Stations on FM and 10 stations on the internet. We have been operating since 1996 and have run online radio streams since 1999. • We were one of the first companies in Malaysia to adopt the online business – over 14 years ago. We were also one of the first media companies to offer bundling with our digital products. • We love new technologies and services to excite our listeners!
  75. 75. Before Cloud
  76. 76. Before Cloud • More than a Million Ringgit Yearly in a Co- Location Agreement • Servers failed often and were generally fragile • Networking caused failures even if web servers were OK • System Engineers and Infrastructure were expensive to scale • We could only have a maximum of 3000 concurrent listeners on our websites because of traffic limitations. Now we have no such limitations
  77. 77. The Worst Situation • High Costs for Research and Development. Innovation took a hit. Every good idea stood at the mercy of how big the hosting/hardware charge was going to be • Spent so much time managing systems that we had little time to spend on ideas. We spent considerable time and resources on heavy lifting, instead of on ideas that would excite our listeners
  78. 78. The Migration • We needed to replace our old hardware. • We wanted high speed connections to our data centre. • We wanted bandwidth that could cater to our growing business and number of online users. • We wanted full support as we maintain broadcast type SLA’s. Items Cost New Hardware USD$ 26,369 Software Licensing USD$ 11,929 Bandwidth USD$ 164,495 Support and Other Tech Related Services USD$ 120,860 TOTAL USD$ 323,655
  79. 79. Match Made in Heaven • April 2010 AWS launches the Singapore region. • We logged in for the first time and fell in love! • We were staging by Sept 2010 and live by Jan 2011. • We reduced hosting and migration charges by 90%! • We had great support to help us set up and start running.
  80. 80. The Migration Here is what we use:- • Route 53 – Powers DNS for all our Domains • EC2 – The brain that runs our applications and CMS’s – Auto Scaling keeps us running even with heavy traffic • S3 – Radio Media Storage • VPC – Our network in the cloud that keeps secure and solid Amazon Import / Export – Allowed us to easily migrate our databases from our previous infrastructure
  81. 81. Our Ideas Jumped! • RADIOactive's partnership with Astro Radio serves the largest online streaming listenership of any broadcaster in Asia! • With it's entire application framework hosted with AWS, RADIOactive serve's 11 Billion requests per month to a live audience across mobile and online platforms. Robust and scalable performance across all leading publishers is achieved using Amazon's RDS, load balancing, dynamic instance resizing and other key features. • AuDRi, allows listeners to control Astro Radio stations in real time, with up to 20,000 simultaneous voting users supported at any one time. • Podcast Services for all Radio brands with NO RESTRICTIONS!
  82. 82. Amazon Support! • Business Support is key to driving our platform. It helps us talk about other services that AWS offers and new ones that get launched. • Account Management team helps us with our projects and puts us in front of the people that can help make it happen. • Solutions Architects help us understand the best way to realize our ideas on the Amazon platform.
  83. 83. Key Learning's • Before you start – There is so much info and choice available in the AWS Ecosystem. – Try some out and feel free to explore, but also use the expert advice at hand to build your system. – On architecture alone - there is the architecture centre on AWS that helps with that. • Support – Business support is strongly recommended for full blown production services. – Developer support is great for just playing around and discovering services :) • Backups and other tools – There are many tools available in the AWS Marketplace. These products were built with you in mind.
  84. 84. Thank You
  85. 85. Hospitality
  86. 86. Hospitality Rapid growth Cost conscious IT is undifferentiated heavy lifting A ‘long tail’ from B&B to boutiques
  87. 87. Rapid growth and huge opportunities for online engagement.
  88. 88. Focus on the customer
  89. 89. Retail & E-Commerce
  90. 90. SingPost End-to-End eCommerce Solution Marcelo Wesseler SVP, Singpost eCommerce July 18, 2013
  91. 91. Delivery & Returns Digital Marketing Warehousing Solutions Regional Customer Care Platform eCommerce Technology Managed End-to-End eCommerce Solution Warehousing Solutions Delivery & Returns
  92. 92. Traditionally a mail provider $2.2 billion market cap. A+ Credit Rating* 12 Logistics Centers 3 Call Centers 220+ countries/territori es via Mail Delivery & Courier Driving eCommerce In Asia HQ *Rating report by Standard & Poor 200+ eCommerce Clients via Logistics
  93. 93. South-East Asia Market Trends Marketing Technology
  94. 94. eCommerce Technology Fully integrated proprietary enterprise grade platform built to scale Customer Site User Experience Integrated Control Panel Order Management System Warehouse & Delivery Management System
  95. 95., my, th, ph & id • Reliable, Scalable and Secure • Flexibility and low upfront investment • Global but still local • Local payment methods • Platform for growth Full implementation in less than 3 months – Thanks AWS!
  96. 96. Database Tier Service Tier OM Tier Caching Tier Frontend Tier Availability Zone Availability ZoneManagement SES SQS CloudWatch S3 CloudFront Architecture • Suite of pre-built services allow rapid building and deployment of applications • Multi AZ Architecture • 60 - EC2 • 10 - RDS • 150,000 - S3 Objects • Chef deployment • eCommerce Platform: Own • Middleware: MuleSoft • OMS & Fulfillment: Supplizer/Own • Marketing: Exact target,, Gigya
  97. 97. AWS based analytics Optimized AWS experience with Trusted AdvisorMarketing Effectiveness & Cost
  98. 98. Why AWS • Global but still Local • Scalability • Security • Affordability & Flexibility
  99. 99. Key Learnings & Summary • Build a modular architecture • Prototype & Fail Fast, you can now afford it • Localize & Standardize • Analyze, analyze, analyze & act!
  100. 100. Thank You
  101. 101. Healthcare, Biotechnology & Research
  102. 102. Healthcare, biotechnology & research Huge impact Rapid innovation Collaborative on a global scale
  103. 103. 1000 Genomes Project 250 TB of data ~2000 complete genomes Available to all, via S3
  104. 104. Advancing science, technology and health Mark Kortekaas CTO, Elsevier July 18, 2013 @mkortekaas
  105. 105. Elsevier Global company headquartered in Amsterdam, employing more than 7,000 people in 24 countries In the community: We are a founding publisher of global programs that provide free or low-cost access to science and health information in the developing world We are partners with a global community of 8,000 journal editors, 90,000 editorial board members, and 540,000 reviewers Our roots are in journal and book publishing, where we have fostered the peer-review process for more than 125 years. Today we publish close to 2,200 scientific and medical journals. Yearly over 700 Million electronic article downloads from one product
  106. 106. Tradition of Leadership 1580 1880 1991 1997 2005 20062000 20101947 19921972 2004 2012 2012 revenues £2B: 68% electronic delivery
  107. 107. 2010: ClinicalKey started into “the cloud” • ClinicalKey: trusted insight engine for physicians to find information and make decisions • Classic “IT” problem: How to develop/support as yet unknown product • Capacity Unknown-Unknowns: normally enterprises just over build • Along with upfront capital requirements, long lead times and long time to correct on failures • Optimization: build too early and capital sitting idle/aging; build too late and miss opportunity • Will the business even work to support investment? • The Cloud: despite being new with unknown risks: • This was a technology driven direction • Early and rapid prototyping work showed progress to gain comfort • Proved: Agility for development as needs developed through out product cycle
  108. 108. Change Culture: not just a process change • This is not just a technology problem: overall culture matters • Technology Marketing using Enterprise Architecture • Prior to starting took the time to inform with no direct cost to line business units • Performed in person but also with webex/video conferences/formal training • Focus change both on technology staff and business stakeholders • Prior to production move – piloted in ways that helped the business • Speed to Market: Taxonomy/Semantic Enhancement prototyped in 2 days • Scale: Geographic and Release Frequency • Cost Savings: Disaster Recover at much lower cost (1/16th the cost)
  109. 109. Cloud First Strategy • Established a “Cloud Architect Review Council” (CARC) • Was done early in cycle but officially formalized review process • Mandated by CIO/CTO to review all existing products in production • Formalized Security and Data Protection Reviews: Verify Regulatory Requirements • Inventory Rules established and proactively monitored • Standard reference architectures: Linux/Windows • Except for good reasons: Cloud will be core part of new deployments • Rare opportunity for all stakeholders to have a win • Technology: greater flexibility, easier development • Business: greater business agility along with lower costs
  110. 110. Where are we now? • Several products are fully cloud aware • More products in the cloud but not aware • Modify/rebuild for auto-scaling • On demand processing: taxonomy re-indexing applications could utilize auto-scaling • Other products have ‘support’ functions in the cloud • Batch processing • Disaster Recovery • Still many applications internally hosted • Legacy Stack: do not under-estimate the mass • Specific hardware needs • Much easier to initially focus on new build outs vs migrations
  111. 111. What comes next • Working hand in hand with Amazon: Full Portfolio Assessment • Reference Architectures • Security Patterns • Examine how to rework old applications • Elsevier Cloud Operations Suite • “Cloud Aware” application development from day one • Automation: continue to improve best practice with inventory management • Training: Ops & Development Teams • Tools: Deployment & Monitoring
  112. 112. Linked Data Repository Deployment • Multi-region AWS deployment • 2 production deployments • 121 active AMI instances across all environments (DEV, QA, CERT, PROD) High Performance “Big Data” Pipeline • Processing large volumes of data on Hadoop, MongoDB, SOLR, Virtuoso • Semantic metadata for over 21 million content items across 10 content types • 8 billion triples in SPARQL endpoint • 7 taxonomies with 2.2 million concepts Hadoop Transformation Pipeline
  113. 113. Amazon Web Services: Products in Production EC2 Linux & Windows Elastic Load Balancer VPC Route53 S3 Glacier IAM CloudFormation DynamoDB SimpleDB RDS Oracle/MySQL/MS SQL SNS SQS SES Elastic Transcoder CloudWatch
  114. 114. Thank You
  115. 115. Transformation: What drives it? Who is doing it? What is next?
  116. 116. Transformation: What drives it? Who is doing it? What is next?
  117. 117. Who is your customer really? What do people really like? What is happening socially with your products? How do people really use your product?
  118. 118. Big Data The move to real time information Deeper integration Vertical application of analytics Hadoop will become invisible
  119. 119. Connected Devices Incredible data generators Device and content are independent Increasing workforce mobility
  120. 120. The Industrial Cloud
  121. 121. Security & Privacy
  122. 122. Readily available encryption services to protect your customers.
  123. 123. Readily available encryption services to protect your customers. Hardware security modules AES-256 encryption SSL for data in transit IAM federation Private subnets VPC by default Key rotation Multi-factor authentication SOC 1 & 2 SAS70 Type II FISMA moderate ITAR HIPAA DIACAP FedRAMP PCI DSS Level 1 ISO 27001
  124. 124. AWS CloudHSM - Hardware Security Module in the Cloud AWS CloudHSM
  125. 125. Continually extend our security options.
  126. 126. Amazon RDS for Oracle Transparent Data Encryption and Native Network Encryption.
  127. 127. The most radical and transformative of inventions are those that empower others to unleash their creativity - to pursue their dreams “ ” Jeff Bezos, Letter to Shareholders, 2012
  128. 128. Thank you.