NoSQL like there is No Tomorrow


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The AWS NoSQL team shares the design philosophy behind DynamoDB and lessons learned in building for massive scale.

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  • This story will be a little biased because Swami and I are from the NoSQL generation and we really don’t like relational databases
  • more people already know it, etc
  • Swami
    They seriously don’t scale well
    and if you’re not careful and try to use all the features at once, you can get cut in the process
  • it was like playing minesweeper
  • RDBMs focus way too much on consistency - and compromise availability
    And seriously - are they really all that consistent? ever had slaves fall behind? or how about a recent bug we had where all slaves got updates, but the master didn’t take the update
    Like Swiss army knives - there is waaaay too much functionality in the knives. Let’s move it to the app (easier to debug and change).
    Developers often use transactions when they shouldn’t - very annoying - it is like bringing a swiss army knife through a TSA checkpoint. Just foolish
  • Khawaja
  • Swami:
  • K:
  • required action from developers
    Q4 scaling: While not as scary as phase 1, still was work
    Need benchmarking, patching, adding hardware, rebalancing clusters..
  • developers still had to learn to set it up
    if you are building a recommendation system, you want to be learning k-clustering and collaborative filtering algorithms rather than focusing on lamport’s papers
  • Swami:

    like s3 - and it required developers to be admins.

    this is the really key point - our developers wanted a service, not a product. If you look at mongodb, that is what they are doing today.
  • K
  • </K>
  • 2 dc writes
    on disk
    continuous replication
    we should brag about availability
  • multi-region service!
    Regional service
    spans multiple availability zones
    All data is continuously replicated to multiple AZ’s
  • plan for success, plan for scalability
  • NoSQL like there is No Tomorrow

    1. 1. NoSQL like there is NoTomorrow Khawaja Engineering Lead for NoSQL, AWS @swami_79 @ksshams
    2. 2. NASA JPL has visited every planet in the @ksshams solar system ... except Pluto
    3. 3. 25 Gbps!
    4. 4. @ksshams
    5. 5. let’s start with a trilogy … @swami_79 @ksshams
    6. 6. episode 1 once upon a time... (in 2000) @swami_79 @ksshams
    7. 7. a half mile away... (Seattle) @swami_79 @ksshams
    8. 8. - a rapidly growing Internet based retail business relied on relational databases @swami_79 @ksshams
    9. 9. we had 1000s of independent services @swami_79 @ksshams
    10. 10. each service managed its own state in Relational Databases @swami_79 @ksshams
    11. 11. Relational Databases are pretty seductive @swami_79 @ksshams
    12. 12. first of all... SQL!! @swami_79 @ksshams
    13. 13. so it is easier to query.. @swami_79 @ksshams
    14. 14. easier to learn @swami_79 @ksshams
    15. 15. They are as versatile as a swiss army knife key-value access complex queries analytics transactions @swami_79 @ksshams
    16. 16. Relational Databases are very similar to Swiss Army Knives @swami_79 @ksshams
    17. 17. sometimes.. swiss army knifes.. can be more than what you bargained for @swami_79 @ksshams
    18. 18. partitioning easy re-partitioning HARD.. @swami_79 @ksshams
    19. 19. so we bought bigger boxes... @swami_79 @ksshams
    20. 20. benchmark new hardware migrate to new hardware Q4 was hard-work at Amazon repartition databases pray ... @swami_79 @ksshams
    21. 21. Relational Databases have availability challenges.. @swami_79 @ksshams
    22. 22. episode 2 then.. (in 2005) @swami_79 @ksshams
    23. 23. amazon dynamo predecessor to dynamoDB replicated DHT with consistent hashing optimistic replication “sloppy quorum” anti-entropy mechanism object versioning specialist tool : •limited querying capabilities •simpler consistency @swami_79 @ksshams
    24. 24. dynamo had many benefits • higher availability • we traded it off for consistency • incremental scalability • no more repartitioning • no need to architect apps for peak • just add boxes • simpler querying model ==>> predictable performance @swami_79 @ksshams
    25. 25. but dynamo was not perfect... lacked strong consistency @swami_79 @ksshams
    26. 26. but dynamo was not perfect... scaling was easier, but... @swami_79 @ksshams
    27. 27. but dynamo was not perfect... steep learning curve @swami_79 @ksshams
    28. 28. but dynamo was not perfect... dynamo was a library ==>> not a service... @swami_79 @ksshams
    29. 29. episode 3 then.. (in 2012) @swami_79 @ksshams
    30. 30. Managed NoSQL Database ADMIN DynamoDB Built for Scale Fast & Predictable Performance @swami_79 @ksshams
    31. 31. DynamoDB “Even though we have years of experience with large, complex NoSQL architectures, we are happy to be finally out of the business of managing it ourselves.” - Don MacAskill, CEO @swami_79 @ksshams
    32. 32. DynamoDB Goals and Philosophies durability and availability scale is our problem easy to use scale in rps consistent and low latencies @swami_79 @ksshams
    33. 33. durability is key… @swami_79 @ksshams
    34. 34. availability is key… @swami_79 @ksshams
    35. 35. scale is our problem, not yours.. @swami_79 @ksshams
    36. 36. Fault Tolerant Design Infrastructure Fails - deal with it! Planning for failures is not easy How do you ensure your recovery strategies work correctly? @swami_79 @ksshams
    37. 37. Byzantine General Problem @swami_79 @ksshams
    38. 38. A simple 2-way replication system of a traditional database… Writes @swami_79 @ksshams
    39. 39. S is dead, need to trigger new replica P is dead, need to promote myself P S @swami_79 @ksshams
    40. 40. Improved Replication: Quorum Writes Quorum: Successful write on a majority @swami_79 @ksshams
    41. 41. Easy? Writes from client X Reads and Writes from client Y Classic Split Brain Issue in Replicated systems leading to lost writes! @swami_79 @ksshams
    42. 42. Building correct distributed systems is not straight forward.. Handle replica failures Handle partial failures of replicas Handle concurrent failures Ensure there isn’t a parallel quorum @swami_79 @ksshams
    43. 43. Trends in the World Of Databases @swami_79 @ksshams
    44. 44. A decade ago, it was all about the DBAs @swami_79 @ksshams
    45. 45. Last 5 years have been about self service. @swami_79 @ksshams
    46. 46. Today is about managed services. @swami_79 @ksshams
    47. 47. Plan for Success … Plan for Scale @swami_79 @ksshams
    48. 48. @swami_79 @ksshams
    49. 49. @swami_79 @ksshams