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NEW LAUNCH! Enhance Your Mobile Apps with AI Using Amazon Lex


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Amazon Echo and Alexa have shown that voice interfaces provide significant benefits to users – interactions are easy, fast, and context-driven. In this hands-on session, you’ll see how to add compelling voice and chat interfaces to your mobile apps, using Amazon Lex for processing conversations and triggering corresponding actions in your backend systems, all without having to manage any infrastructure. You’ll leave knowing how to build apps that can “Find me a nearby hotel” or “Reorder supplies for the copier”.

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NEW LAUNCH! Enhance Your Mobile Apps with AI Using Amazon Lex

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Rohan Deshpande, AWS Sr. Software Engineer December 1, 2016 MBL307 NEW LAUNCH! Enhance Your Mobile Apps with AI Using Amazon Lex
  2. 2. What to expect from this session  Understand how bots are enabling intelligent multimodal user experiences  Build your own Amazon Lex Bot  Integrate bots into your mobile app using Mobile Hub  Learn about other AWS buddy services that are key for building a scalable app
  3. 3. Intelligent multimodal interfaces
  4. 4. The exploding market for voice and chat bots 2.5 billion* messaging app users Sources: *The Economist, ~ KPCB Internet Trends 2016, + Accenture – Why AI is the future Over a thousand Alexa skills developed 33% of all customer support interactions still need human interaction
  5. 5. How bots can make your apps more engaging Simplify complex UX flows Understand user intents better and personalize experiences Automate complex business processes
  6. 6. Common use cases for building a bot Informational Bots Chat bots for everyday consumer requests Application Bots Build powerful interfaces to mobile applications • News updates • Weather information • Game scores • Book tickets • Order food • Manage bank accounts Enterprise Productivity Bots Streamline enterprise work activities and improve efficiencies • Check sales numbers • Marketing performance • Inventory status Internet of Things (IoT) Bots Enable conversational interfaces for device interactions • Wearables • Appliances • Auto
  7. 7. Building mobile bots on AWS
  8. 8. Building bots for your apps using AWS Build a bot on Amazon Lex easily Invoke existing business applications or SaaS applications using connectors in Mobile Hub Save development time and effort using Mobile Hub components and samples
  9. 9. High quality Text and Speech Language Understanding Built-in integration with the AWS platform Seamlessly deploy and scale Easy to use Cost effective Amazon Lex benefits
  10. 10. Utterances Spoken or typed phrases that invoke your intent BookHotel Intents An Intent performs an action in response to natural language user input Slots Slots are input data required to fulfill the intent Fulfillment Fulfillment mechanism for your intent Amazon Lex bot structure
  11. 11. Demo Amazon Lex Bot
  12. 12.  Out of the box access control for your bot using IAM  Securely consume data stored in Amazon DynamoDB or SaaS applications like Salesforce  Test your bot-enabled apps using AWS Device Farm  Engage users with Amazon Pinpoint Integrate a bot with your app using Mobile Hub
  13. 13. Amazon Cognito – user authentication Amazon S3 – Highly scalable cloud storage Amazon DynamoDB – high performance database Serverless Microservices - AWS Lambda and API Gateway AWS IoT – Connect your devices to the cloud Key buddy serverless technologies for your app
  14. 14. Anatomy of a mobile app with Amazon Lex Securely access data from different systems Databases VPCConnect Existing Business Application 3rd party SaaS applications Salesforce Authenticate app users using Amazon Cognito Mobile Hub Connectors Amazon Lex Amazon Polly Understand user intent Return voice and text responses AI Services
  15. 15. Demo Add Amazon Lex Bot to a Mobile App
  16. 16.  Amazon Lex documentation:  AWS Mobile Hub documentation:  Submit an access request to start using Amazon Lex: Resources
  17. 17. Thank you!
  18. 18. Remember to complete your evaluations!
  19. 19. Related Sessions • MAC304 – Introducing Amazon Lex • MBL403 – Deep Dive: Building and Delivering Mobile Apps for the Enterprise Using AWS Mobile Hub • MAC308 – Workshop: Hands on with Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, and Amazon Rekognition