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Mobile App Development with Amazon Web Services Mobile Hub


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In this session, we will discuss how to automatically provision and configure the necessary Amazon Web Services services to build a cloud-enabled mobile application in a matter of minutes. We look at the tools available to measure and track users' actions in your app against key metrics and trends such as new vs. returning users, app revenue, user retention, and custom in-app behavior events. We will also show you how to leverage this data to bring them back to your app by sending customised automatic push notifications, SMS, and emails.

Speaker: Ed Lima, Cloud Support Engineer, Amazon Web Services

Published in: Technology
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Mobile App Development with Amazon Web Services Mobile Hub

  1. 1. ©  2016,  Amazon  Web  Services,  Inc.  or  its  Affiliates.  All  rights  reserved. Ed  Lima  – Cloud  Engineer |  Development  and  Mobile  Services September  2016 Mobile  App  Development   with  AWS  Mobile  Hub
  2. 2. Great  Mobile  Apps  Run  on  AWS
  3. 3. finder/fɪndəәr/
  4. 4. 60  Second  Agenda We  will  cover  the  “How”  today Gather  Data Process DeliverBuild  App
  5. 5. Build • User  Sign-­In • Push  Notifications • Content  Delivery • Data  Storage • Analytics • Cloud  Logic • Database Amazon S3 Amazon   CloudFront AWS Lambda Amazon DynamoDB Amazon SNS Amazon Cognito Amazon   Mobile  Analytics
  6. 6. Build:  AWS  Mobile  Hub
  7. 7. Gather:  Amazon  Mobile  Analytics
  8. 8. Gather:  Amazon  Mobile  Analytics SDK (Android,  iOS,  JavaScript,  Unity,  Xamarin) REST  API Amazon   Mobile  Analytics Daily/Monthly  Active  Users Sessions Sticky  Factor In-­app  Revenue Lifetime  Events Retention ….  and  more (Pre-­defined  metrics  with  a  few  lines  of  code) Amazon S3 Amazon   RedshiftAmazon DynamoDB Amazon   EMR Amazon  Machine   Learning Amazon   Elasticsearch Service Amazon RDS Amazon  API   Gateway
  9. 9. In-­App  Purchases:  iOS Create  -­>  Record  -­>  Submit  Event
  10. 10. Event  Format App  Info Device  Info Monetisation Info User/Device  ID  Info
  11. 11. Authorisation and  Data  Sync:  Amazon  Cognito Cognito Identity • Create  Unique  Identities • Roles • Authenticated • Unauthenticated • Temporary  Credentials Data  Sets • Key/Value  pairs  associated   with  each  Identity • Sync  between  Devices
  12. 12. Authorisation and  Data  Sync:  Amazon  Cognito
  13. 13. Deliver:  Amazon  Simple  Notification  Service
  14. 14. Deliver:  SNS Publisher Publisher Publisher SubscriberSubscriber Subscriber APNS 3rd Party  Provider SNS Topics Email Platform  Application SMS Platform  Application Device  Token Device  Token Device  Token
  15. 15. Provider   (APNS,  GCM,  MPNS,…) Token  Request Amazon SNS Platform  Application “Token” Platform  Endpoint -­ Upload  Certificates,  API  Keys,  etc. Upload  Token -­ AKA  “Create  Platform  Endpoint” Platform  Application  Lifecycle
  16. 16. Apple  Push  Notifications   Service  (APNS) • Signing  Request • App  Creation  ( • BundleID • Push  Enabled • Certificate  Creation • Provisioning  Profile • Test  Connection Configuring  Platform  Applications Google  Cloud  Messaging   (GCM) • Components • Google  Developer  Project • Mobile  App • Backend  Application  (SNS) • Credentials • Sender  ID  (aka  “Project  Number”) • API  Key  (authorization) • HTTP  header  or  XMPP  auth request • AppID
  17. 17. Publishing  to  SNS
  18. 18. Personalisation Engagement  is  all  about  personalisation: • Automatic  push  if  they  installed  but  never  did  action  X • Push  to  group  of  users  (Topic)  with  a  custom  message • “Discount  today  click  here!” • Push  to  individuals  with  customised messages   • "Hey  John  we  noticed  you  looked  at  product  X  but  didn't   purchase"
  19. 19. Tying  it  all  together Amazon  API   Gateway Amazon SNS Amazon DynamoDB AWS Lambda Amazon   Mobile  Analytics Amazon Cognito Sync AWS Lambda Amazon   Redshift Amazon  Machine   Learning Endpoint  ARN Identity  Provider User  Name Sync  Trigger Cognito ID Endpoint  ARN Identity  Provider User  Name Custom  Push  Message
  20. 20. Example:  Personalised Messages
  21. 21. Test:  AWS  Device  Farm
  22. 22. Thank  You!