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Migrating Enterprise Apps


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Julien Lepine, Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

Published in: Technology
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Migrating Enterprise Apps

  1. 1. Julien Lépine, Solutions Architect, AWS Imran Ali, Group CTO, Compass Group PLC Migrating Enterprise Applications Go beyond with SAP, Microsoft and Oracle on AWS
  2. 2. Pillars of enterprise applications § They are business critical § Architecture is predefined by the vendor § You have no access to source code § They are highly customised to your needs
  3. 3. Enterprise application canonical architecture All-in-one server (Active) All-in-one server (Passive) users client
  4. 4. Enterprise application canonical architecture Application Server Application Server Database (Active) Database (Passive) users client
  5. 5. Enterprise application canonical architecture Access Server Access Server Application Server Application Server Database (Active) Database (Passive) users client
  6. 6. AWS Well Architected Framework Security Cost Optimisation Reliability Performance
  7. 7. Everything starts with a database Access Server Access Server Application Server Application Server Database (Active) Database (Passive) users client
  8. 8. Secure platform: pillars of databases on AWS Data encryption options Network layer access control Data level access control Database instance access control
  9. 9. Secure platform: data encryption volume Database Instance AWS CloudHSM AWS KMSAmazon EBS
  10. 10. Amazon EC2 Benefit from the engine’s features : § Disaster Recovery § Multi Region / Asynchronous § Business Continuity § Multi-AZ / Synchronous Reliable platform: high availability
  11. 11. Reliable platform: SAP HANA
  12. 12. Performant platform: SAP HANA SAP HANA Scale Out Use AWS’ scalable environment Leverage HANA Scalability § R3: 244 GB – 4 TB § X1: 1 TB – 14 TB
  13. 13. ATG Media uses AWS to Run Auction Sites with Low Latency and High Availability ATG Media offers an online portal that enables users to browse catalogues for fine art, antique and collectable auctions. Running on AWS has allowed us to achieve a much more scalable and highly available system that’s also faster Simon Griffiths Head of Architecture, ATG Media ” “ • ATG Media provides marketing platforms for auctions around the world and posts catalogues for all kinds of auctions, from jewellery to livestock, enabling users to make bids and purchases from anywhere in the world • Company needed high scalability and availability with low latency for online bidders—but was experiencing outages on its traditional on-premises data centre • Chose AWS for its maturity and breadth of services and can now host auctions anywhere in the world while providing low latency
  14. 14. Amazon RDS § Native High availability (Multi-AZ) § Automated backup and point-in-time recovery § Automated patching § Easy scalability Automated platform: Database-as-a-Service Amazon Aurora
  15. 15. Customer Premises Application Users AWS VPN Direct Connect High speed migration: AWS Database Migration Service AWS Database Migration Service
  16. 16. Application deployment Access Server Access Server Application Server Application Server Database (Active) Database (Passive) users client
  17. 17. Application deployment model § Build a new cloud based platform § Migrate an existing platform § Leverage AWS Marketplace § Use Quick Starts
  18. 18. Application migration § Discovery § Migration § Optimization new!
  19. 19. News UK Shortens Time to Market by 6 Months Using AWS News UK is one of Britain’s largest news organizations, publishing 2.4 million newspapers every day. Because we use AWS, we see massive savings in being able to get to market quicker than our competition. Chris Birch IT Director, News UK ” “ • Needed to free internal resources so that it could quickly develop new digital editions and services • Migrated enterprise applications (SAP Business Objects, SAP GRC, & Oracle Enterprise Manager) from traditional data centres to AWS • Leveraged AWS Support, Enterprise Level to design its architecture efficiently • By using AWS, News UK: • Shortened time to market from 6 months to 1 day • Increased availability to greater than 99.999% • Migrated 60% of its data centres to the AWS Cloud
  20. 20. Performant platform: optimization Compute Capabilities vCPUs Memory Capabilities GB of RAM Network Performance MB/s (Throughput) Storage Performance I/O Throughput EC2 Instance Type/RDS DB Instance Class Amazon EBS / RDS Storage Type
  21. 21. Operations optimization: automation AWS CloudFormation AWS Service Catalog Provisioning Amazon CloudWatch AWS CloudTrail AWS Config Amazon Inspector flow logs Monitoring and security AWS Directory Service AWS IAM Identity Amazon RDS Amazon EC2 Compute Storage Database AWS Lambda
  22. 22. Availability Zone 1 private subnet NAT DB1SP1FE1Exch1 SQL Server SharePoint Server Lync Server Exchange Server RDG Availability Zone 2 private subnet NAT RDG Users Client site VPN Direct Connect DC1 DB2SP2FE2Exch2 SQL Server SharePoint Server Lync Server DC2 Active Directory Active Directory private subnet private subnet Exchange Server Enterprise accelerator
  23. 23. Complete control
  24. 24. Cost optimization: platform levers Right-sizing Reserved Instances Increase elasticity Measure, monitor, and improve
  25. 25. UvA and HvA Use AWS to Reduce Operating Costs by 25% UvA and HvA are leading collaboration higher education institutions in Amsterdam, serving more than 80.000 students with 300 academic programs. Using AWS reduced our costs, which enables us to focus on serving our customers better. • University was hosting its SAP Netweaver PI integration application and identity management system on a proprietary infrastructure—but the platform was nearing the end of its life and needed to be replaced • Needed an infrastructure that would ensure continuity of business services, provide higher availability, and decrease operational costs • Partnered with partner inQdo to migrate their platform from a proprietary infrastructure to AWS—increasing stability and availability and reducing operating costs by 25% annually, compared to a fixed service cost for an on- premises infrastructure Rabe Marcel Integration Architect, University of Amsterdam ” “ UvA and HvA partnered with inQdo BV to complete this project on the AWS Cloud
  26. 26. Cost optimization: licensing model ■ Amazon EC2 with License Included ■ AWS Marketplace Licensing ■ Bring Your Own Cloud Licenses ■ Bring Your Own Specific Licenses
  27. 27. Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts A dedicated physical server for your needs, providing access to Amazon EC2 functionality. Flexibility and ease of use of Amazon EC2 instances, with visibility and control of on- premises servers.
  28. 28. Unlock specific license needs Windows Server SQL Server SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Oracle Database
  29. 29. Licensing options License Included • Amazon manages license compliance • Pay-as-you-go • Dedicated or shared infrastructure • No license management cost on your side Hybrid • BYOL for steady- state workloads • Leverage elasticity and pay-as-you-go everywhere possible • License compliance management effort limited BYOL • Import and use your own software • Reduce costs by re- using existing ISV contracts • You manage license compliance • ISV contracts with longer-term engagements
  30. 30. Analysts have shown AWS creates value Source: IDC White Paper, sponsored by AWS, Quantifying the Business Value of Amazon Web Services, May, 2015
  31. 31. GE is Migrating 9,000 Workloads to AWS Over the Next Three Years General Electric is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive, and predictive. AWS is our trusted partner that is going to run our company for the next 140 years. Jim Fowler CIO, General Electric ” “ • GE had an existing, aging infrastructure built up over the years with legacy systems and acquisitions • Migrating more than 9,000 workloads to AWS including 300 ERPs • Plans to reduce data centre footprint from 34 to 4 over the next three years • GE Oil & Gas division leading company-wide effort, migrating more than half of its core applications while cutting 52 percent in TCO • Using AWS with agile methodologies, automation has helped GE Oil & Gas cut outages by 98%
  32. 32. Introducing Compass Group Imran Ali, Group CTO, Compass Group PLC
  33. 33. ABOUT US 33 50 countries 5 billion+ meals served a year 50,000+ client locations £17.8bn revenue (in year ended 30 September 2015) 500,000+ great people delivering great service every day
  34. 34. WHERE WE OPERATE 34 We operate in over 50 countries, combining local knowledge with global reach. The Group is split into three geographical reporting regions: North America, Europe and Rest of World.
  35. 35. OUR SECTORS 35 Business & Industry Education Healthcare & Seniors Sports & Leisure Defence, Offshore & Remote We provide a choice of quality, nutritious and well balanced food for employees during their working day. In addition, where clients seek broader service offerings, we can deliver a range of support services to the highest standard, at the best value, on an international scale. From kindergarten to college, we provide fun, nutritious dining solutions that help support academic achievement at the highest levels. We educate young people about how to have a happy, safe and healthy lifestyle while contributing to a sustainable world We are specialists in helping hospitals in the public and private sectors on their journey of managing efficiency and enhancing quality across a range of services. With a significant presence in the growing senior living market, we also provide services to residential homes and home meal delivery services. Operating at some of the world’s most prestigious sporting and leisure venues, exhibition centres, visitor attractions and major events, we have an enviable reputation for providing outstanding hospitality and true service excellence. Through our established health and safety culture, we are a market leader in providing food and support services to major companies in the oil and gas and mining and construction industries. For our defence sector clients, we are a partner that meets the challenges of running efficient operations outside areas of conflict.
  36. 36. OUR CHALLENGE • Operations across the globe. • No Global Network to interconnect our countries. • Needed to find a way to get the countries to use the shared applications in a cost effective way. • IT Security/ Cyber Security is our top priority & moving to cloud helps address some of the challenges. 36 Cloud also provides an opportunity to leverage the scale, maturity and reliability of the cloud provider to deliver cost effective solution to the business
  37. 37. OUR APPROACH • Low risk migrations • Opportunistic & leveraged existing business needs - Disaster Recovery, - Hardware refresh, - New Application Deployment, - DC Contract renewals • Lift & Shift or New Applications 37
  38. 38. OUR APPROACH • Low risk migrations • Opportunistic & leveraged existing business needs - Disaster Recovery, - Hardware refresh, - New Application Deployment, - DC Contract renewals • Lift & Shift or New Applications 38 Cloud 1st
  39. 39. SAP ON AWS • SAP HANA regional platforms implemented on AWS from the start. • Now migrating existing SAP workloads from on premises to the cloud. • To mitigate the risk we have run POC’s for some of our more complicated workloads before the migration. 39
  40. 40. BUSINESS BENEFITS Besides lower unit prices, the benefits we have gained by using AWS are: - Disaster Recovery – local & regional - Cost Optimization - Pay per use (start/stop) - Capacity Optimization – scalable capacity - Agility - Reservations 40
  41. 41. WAY AHEAD Continue our journey to the cloud. - Lift & Shift existing workloads - Develop new applications in the cloud. 41
  42. 42. Next Test AWS Marketplace at Use AWS Free Tier for your initial testing Discover our Oracle, Microsoft, SAP solutions at Discover out partners at
  43. 43. Next Try our Hands on labs at Check our AWS Enterprise Support benefits for Enterprise Applications Study our reference architectures at
  44. 44. Thank you!