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(MBL307) How Mobile Businesses and Enterprises Use Amazon SNS


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Does your business need a scalable messaging solution to drive user engagement or enable communication across your service-tiers? Join us to learn how Amazon SNS can be used to send messages at scale to destinations such as mobile apps, desktop apps, HTTP endpoints, Amazon SQS queues, email addresses, and AWS Lambda functions. Additionally, we will discuss how customers are using Amazon SNS in conjunction with other AWS services to address business needs ranging from targeted mobile push notifications to messaging bus fabrics for server-less backends. We are also excited that Easy Taxi and Earth Networks will join us and share how SNS has helped them address their business needs.

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(MBL307) How Mobile Businesses and Enterprises Use Amazon SNS

  1. 1. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Arjun Cholkar, AWS Principal Product Manager Asha Chakrabarty, AWS Solutions Architect Fabricio Pettena, COO LATAM, Rocket Internet Eddie Dingels, Director of Architecture, Earth Networks October 2015 MBL307 Scalable Messaging Architectures How Mobile Businesses and Enterprises Use Amazon SNS to Power Their Messaging Needs
  2. 2. Amazon Simple Notification Service Fast, flexible, global messaging to any device or endpoint Global and fast at high scale Send billions of messages per day with minimal latencies across the world. Send messages to any device or endpoint Send notifications through mobile push, email, HTTP or SMS, or messages to Amazon SQS or AWS Lambda. Support for multiple platforms or frameworks Use Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, Objective-C, or .NET
  3. 3. Used by thousands of mobile apps and enterprises
  4. 4. One API - Multiple destination types Back-end systems (via AWS SDK) End-user devices (via AWS Mobile SDK) “Direct Publish” publish(msg,endpointARN) APNSGCMADMWNS Mobile push gateways iOS Android FireOS Windows “Topic Publish” publish(msg,topicArn) Amazon SQS queues HTTP destinations SMS (US mobile numbers) Email AWS Lambda functions @ 100K Topics x 10Million Subs per Topic = 1Trillion Subs by Default 100K Topics per account by default
  5. 5. Publish messages in three simple steps 1 Create a platform application pReq = CreatePlatformApplicationRequest(“Foo”,”APNS”) pArn = sns.createPlatformApplication(pReq) 2 Create a platform endpoint eReq = CreatePlatformEndpointRequest(pArn, <TOKEN>) eArn = sns.createPlatformEndpoint(eReq) 3 Publish to the platform endpoint pubReq = PublishRequest(eArn, “SNS Direct Publish”) sns.publish(pubReq) 1 Create a topic tReq = CreateTopicRequest(“Bar”) tArn = sns.createTopic(tReq) 2 Create a subscription (or many) sReq = SubscribeRequest(tArn,”sqs”,qArn) sArn = sns.subscribe(sReq) 3 Publish to the topic pubReq = PublishRequest(tArn, “Topic Publish”) sns.publish(pubReq) Direct Publish Topic Publish
  6. 6. How are our customers using SNS?
  7. 7. Engage users with intelligent push notifications Analytics data collection Amazon Redshift Marketing App back endAmazon SNS mobile push Use analytics to target users with fine-grained push notifications
  8. 8. Easy Taxi Fabricio Pettena, COO LATAM, Rocket Internet
  9. 9. TAXI EASY Easy Taxi is one of the world’s most downloaded taxi apps. Founded in June 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the service has expanded to 30 countries and over 420 cities globally, redefining the landscape of urban mobility.
  10. 10. ① ride accepted ② taxi arrived ③ boarding ④ payment ⑤ rate the ride SNS is part of the ride workflow… …and helps our CRM team talk to millions of riders and 400k+ drivers  promo codes  traffic alerts  campaigns  “care days”  partner programs In sync with riders and drivers via mobile push
  11. 11. SNS driving the ride workflow SNS Handles delivery Mobile Clients • Push + deep links • Assures workflow • Generates engagement Main API • Auto Scaling group • 000’s of txns/sec MongoDB on EC2 PHP Ride Workflow Running on EC2 • Drives each step on the taxi rides • Sends pushes for key events • “Taxi arrived,” “Ride paid,” etc.
  12. 12. SNS enabling CRM activities through mobile push Marketing teamPHP-based scheduling app Standard segmentation • city/area • driver or rider Ad-hoc segmentation • top riders, drivers • drivers near a POI now • … Queue • Beware of deep links • Throttle at 6k/min SNS Handles delivery Bigquery & MongoDB Mobile clients Main API …
  13. 13. per day NUMBERS: MESSAGES 1million+ 50+ per day CAMPAIGNS SNS in the wild
  14. 14. Breaking news through SNS PHP-based “push console” Newsroom editor National NSW Amazon SNS iOS audience Android audience Amazon Cognito 2 1 Key Flows 1 Guest authentication with Amazon Cognito 2 2 App registers with appropriate topics Amazon CloudWatch Amazon Kinesis SumoLogic GCM APNS 3 3 Editor pushes a story 4 4 4 Clients load and display push 5 5 Logs and metrics gathered to dashboard
  15. 15. From print to digital to mobile media Migrated to SNS And in 2 months … 72% growth in push notification volumes 89% growth in app installs 204% growth in ad impressions • Established in 1948 and has print sales of 1.3 million copies daily as of 2015. • Launched digital offering in 2009 and currently gets 150 million page views per day. Entered into mobile, but ran into … Scalability challenges High latency Font limitations User management issues Device management issues GCM APNS Amazon SNS News category to token mapping Punjab Kesari Back end Punjab Kesari subscriber
  16. 16. SNS fan-out for S3 event notifications • Event-driven data processing architecture • Parallel processing of same data source • SNS notifies different subscribers of the S3 data event notifications • Each subscriber processes the data independently • Data is stored in a storage component of choice
  17. 17. Task automation with SNS, Lambda Input from CloudWatch alarms • EC2 metrics: CPU, disk, network, health • EBS metrics: read/write bytes/ops • ELB metrics: HTTPCode • S3 metrics: NumberObjects, BucketSize • DynamoDB metrics: read/write capacity • Custom metrics/alarms Output functionality • Launch instance/tasks/apps • Provision tables/shards/storage • External endpoints
  18. 18. Using SNS as a messaging bus • Decouple your architecture using SNS • Use SQS for reliable storage of messages for immediate or delayed processing Amazon SNS SQS queue SQS queue SQS queue
  19. 19. Earth Networks Eddie Dingels, Director of Architecture, Earth Networks
  20. 20. Company Big data and IoT sensor networks • World’s largest environmental sensor networks • Extensive proprietary core sensor network & shared network sources • Highest degree of environmental monitoring and prediction through big data and algorithmic modeling CoretechnologyApplications Consumer • Local/accurate • Safety • Online • Mobile • Television • Public safety • Forecasting • Environmental • National agencies Enterprise Government • Safety • Forecasting • Energy • Aviation • Commercial Smart Home Intelligence • Consumer engagement • Energy efficiency • Demand response
  21. 21. Earth Networks ESB Need Reliable notifications between decoupled services and tiers Solution SNS + SQS = Simple ESB SQS queue SQS queue SQS queue SNS Topic
  22. 22. Earth Networks ESB Tiers • Alerts • Surface observations N pub to M sub • Allows processing of each message at an individual subscriber or set of subscribers • If a subscriber fails, can leave the message on the queue for pickup SQS queue SNS Topic
  23. 23. Earth Networks ESB – Observation ingest SNS Topic SQS queue SQS queue SQS queue Instance - FTP Instances - UDP Instance - ETL Data marts Data warehouse Quality control DynamoDB Amazon Redshift 50 million+ ESB messages per day
  24. 24. Earth Networks ESB Fan-out • Slowly moving data domains/dimensions • Mapping (GIS) 1 pub to M sub • Allows consistent fan-out to M number of subscribers • Ensures that each subscriber is eventually consistent SQS queue SNS Topic
  25. 25. SNS Topic SQS queue SQS queue Data processing tier Earth Networks ESB – Mapping data pipeline Mapping instance Mapping instance CloudFront ELB S3 SNS Topic - radar SNS Topic - alerts SQS queue SQS queue 30 Distinct Data Topics
  26. 26. Earth Networks ESB Aggregation • Reporting • KPI N pub to 1 sub • Allows aggregation and synchronization from multiple sources without data loss • Subscriber can be run in auto-scaling pool of size 1 • Can add troubleshooting clients SQS queue SNS Topic
  27. 27. SNS at Earth Networks • Solid notification platform • Internal messaging • Complex patterns supported with SQS • Scales seamlessly
  28. 28. Summary Amazon SNS is useful for • Mobile and enterprise messaging workloads • Direct messaging • Broadcast messaging • Targeted messaging Create custom messaging architectures that scale by using Amazon SNS with • AWS application services like Amazon SQS • AWS mobile services like Amazon Mobile Analytics • AWS compute services like AWS Lambda • AWS storage services like Amazon S3 • AWS management services like Amazon CloudWatch
  29. 29. Sessions you don’t want to miss! MBL202 Mobile State of the Union: Mobile Apps Powered by AWS Thursday, Oct 8th 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Palazzo K WRK202 Rapid Mobile App Development on AWS Thursday, Oct 8th 3:15 PM – 5:15 PM Galileo 1006 MBL309 Analyze Mobile App Data and Build Predictive Applications Friday, Oct 9th 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Titian 2201B
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  31. 31. Thank you! Arjun Cholkar, Principal Product Manager Asha Chakrabarty, Solutions Architect Fabricio Pettena, COO LATAM, Rocket Internet Eddie Dingels, Director of Architecture, Earth Networks