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MBL202 One-Click Mobile Cloud Services Using AWS - AWS re: Invent 2012


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Create awesome mobile apps for iPhone and Android using the new integration of AWS Mobile SDK with Appcelerator’s Titanium Platform. Tap into more than 5,000 native APIs to create cross-platform mobile apps using a single JavaScript code base. Also, take advantage of Appcelerator Cloud Services, including more than 20 of the most high-demand mobile back-end services like push notification, photo sharing, and check-ins - a superior alternative to Microsoft’s Azure Mobile Services, running on AWS and supporting iOS/Android.

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MBL202 One-Click Mobile Cloud Services Using AWS - AWS re: Invent 2012

  1. 1. One-Click Mobile Cloud Services using AWS
  2. 2. Founded in 2007Mountain View HQ$50M - Storm, Sierra,Mayfield, TransLink,Presidio, eBay, RedHat2011-12 Magic Quadrant for MobileConsumer Application Platforms: Visionary
  3. 3. AppceleratorProvide a fully integrated Mobile Cloud Platform
  4. 4. Mobile EcosystemTraction 400K 50K 100M Developers Apps Devices 320 ISV Integrations
  5. 5. ProductsTitanium + Appcelerator Cloud Services
  6. 6. TitaniumBuild, Test and Deploy cross-platform mobile apps Use JavaScript to build That integrate with anyNative, Hybrid and Web apps third-party technologies 1 3 2 4 Across device classes with 65-90% code reuse
  7. 7. Titanium ArchitectureNative Application Stack JavaScript Engine App Source Titanium JS/HTML Runtime Native SDK Calls App Native Binding Layer Titanium Native SDK Native OS Calls Native OS
  8. 8. Titanium Build ArchitectureNative and mobile web App Source JS/HTML Titanium Titanium Native SDK Mobile Web SDK COMPILE COMPILE App Titanium/Native App Titanium Build Source Build Tools Source Scripts Native Web App App
  9. 9. DemoTitanium Studio + Titanium SDK
  10. 10. Cloud TodaySetup and maintain lots of infrastructure HardwareApp Services Web Server App Server Database Scale with growth
  11. 11. Mobile First CloudFocus on delivering value not infrastructure HardwareApp Services Web Server App Server Database Scale with growth
  12. 12. Mobile First Cloud Next-generation middleware Communication Storage Mobile Integration Tier Analytics Security Location Social node.js Pre-Built Mobile Services Custom Services Automatic Flexible Deployment OptionsScalability/Availability Hosted VPC Private
  13. 13. Appcelerator Cloud ServicesOne-click setup, Powered by AWS 1 Enable the cloud 2 Use Cloud APIs in your mobile app 3 You’re done! ACS handles everything else
  14. 14. Appcelerator Cloud ServicesPre-built Services
  15. 15. Appcelerator Cloud Services Custom Services using NodeInvoke Service from Mobile App Custom Cloud Service (Twitter Search) Create fully native and Create and deploy custom mobile web apps using JavaScript services JavaScript Titanium Studio Integrated Mobile Cloud IDE
  16. 16. Appcelerator Cloud ServicesCurrent AWS Services Used Amazon Appcelerator Cloud Services CloudWatch Amazon SNS Deployment & Administration AWS Amazon SQS App Services CloudFormation Compute Database Storage Amazon EC2 Networking Amazon S3 AWS Global Infrastructure Future AWS services being considered: CloudFront, SimpleDB, ElastiCache Route 53, SES
  17. 17. DemoAppcelerator Cloud Services
  18. 18. Titanium Module - AWS Android SDKEasily add AWS to your Titanium mobile applicationsSupported Services• SimpleDB• Simple Storage Service (S3)• Simple Email Service (SES)• Simple Queue Service (SQS)• DynamoDBAvailable for download today
  19. 19. DemoTitanium + AWS