Monetise your content with Amazon CloudFront


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From the 2013 Lunch and Learn Series - Presented by Dhruv Parpia

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Monetise your content with Amazon CloudFront

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  4. 4. 5EuropeAmsterdam (2)DublinFrankfurt (2)London (2)MadridMilanParis (2)StockholmAsiaHong KongOsakaSingapore (2)SydneyTokyoSouth AmericaSao PauloNorth AmericaAshburn, VA (2)Dallas, TX (2)Jacksonville, FLLos Angeles, CA (2)Miami, FLNewark, NJNew York, NY (2)Palo Alto, CASeattle, WASan Jose, CASouth Bend, INSt. Louis, MO
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  6. 6. “As with all the AWS services we leverage, using Amazon CloudFront is so simple and reliable that theteam doesn’t have to think about it. It all just works, freeing us to focus on building cool applications.”Use of AWS:• Delivers over 2.5PB per month of video through AmazonCloudFrontBusiness Benefits:• Greater reliability compared to other CDNsCustomer testimonial:
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  8. 8. Problem:• Needed to reduce IT costs for new applicationSolution:• AWS’s low, pay-as-you-go prices & reliableservices.• With every user’s request, the Smart Hubapplication authenticates devices, delivers appsand content, and pushes notifications acrossmultiple devices.Business Benefits:• Saved $34M in hardware and maintenanceexpenses, 85% less than running on-premises• Reliability of AWS cloud has enabled Samsungto be highly available to meet their SLA targets.
  9. 9. CloudFrontEdgeLocationsS3 bucket orcustom originwith contentData transfer of cachedcontent to end user (if cached)End-user requests contentData transfer of content toCloudFront edge location to cacheCached copies ofobjectsIf content not cached –object requested from origin123 4Request routed to mostoptimal edge location11
  10. 10. 12CloudFrontEdgeLocationsS3 bucket orcustom originwith contentData transfer of cachedcontent to end user (if cached)End-user requests contentCached copies ofobjects12Request routed to mostoptimal edge location
  11. 11. 13Elastic LoadBalancingAmazon CloudFrontDynamic ContentAmazon EC2Static ContentAmazon S3User to CloudFrontRouting based on lowest latencyTCP OptimizationsPersistent ConnectionsCloudFront to OriginSeparation of static and dynamic contentPersistent connections to each originNetwork paths monitored for performance
  12. 12. 14Dynamic content is the interactive or personalized portion ofa website, created on-the-fly for each end user• News• Weather• Sports• Social media• Advertising• Travel
  13. 13. • Simple DIY configuration with web console• No consultants to hire• No proprietary languages to learnSimple to Use• Designed to work with origins in Amazon EC2• Connections to AWS regions closely monitored• Standard AWS resources (like CloudFormation)AWS Integration• No additional charges or set up fees• Pay only for requests and data transferLow Cost• Multiple Cache Behaviors ∙ Minimum Expiration Period• Multiple Origin Servers Origin Connection Protocol ∙ Query String Parameters• Viewer Connection Protocol ∙ Cookie SupportFeatures15
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  15. 15. 17Amazon CloudFront
  16. 16. 181.301 1.1041.6263.4680.0002.0004.0006.0008.00010.00012.000Last MileDownloadTime(Seconds)Gomez Small Object Test*AsiaCloudFront Akamai Level 3 Limelight7.6548.20310.30310.7020.0002.0004.0006.0008.00010.00012.000Last MileDownloadTime(Seconds)Gomez Large Object Test*AsiaCloudFront Akamai Level 3 LimelightLast mile data based on 37,052 observations – 1MB object Last mile data based on 32,058 observations – 12kb object*The Gomez tests were designed and conducted by Amazon using theCompuware Corporation performance network. The test results havenot been reviewed, approved or endorsed by Compuware Corporation
  17. 17. 19010203040506070808:00 AM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM 11:00 AM 12:00 PM 1:00 PM 2:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM 5:00 PM 6:00 PM 7:00 PM 8:00 PM 9:00 PMVolumeofDataDelivered(Gbps)Peak usage over 60 GbpsExample: Video banner ad customer
  18. 18. Live Video / Android HLS 5 Video Player• Amazon Elastic Transcoder• Amazon S3• Amazon CloudFrontServices Used• Amazon Cloudformation• Amazon EC2• Amazon CloudFront
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  20. 20. Speaker:Dr Werner VogelsAmazon CTO
  21. 21.• Singapore AWS User Group• Interact with the Singaporean AWS Community• Learn about the new services• First meetup May 9th 2013 at AWS Office
  22. 22. We are sincerely eager tohear your feedback on thispresentation.Please fill out an evaluationform when you have achance.