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Lendesk Modernizes Mortgage Technology on AWS with TriNimbus - DEM02 - Toronto AWS Summit


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Making the leap from a datacenter to the cloud was a natural next step in the evolution of Lendesk, a software company bringing new technology to Canadian mortgage brokers. In this talk, Chris Reid, DevOps Team Lead at Lendesk joins Jarrod Levitan, CEO, TriNimbus to discuss Lendesk’s journey to AWS, lessons learned and how TriNimbus is helping them improve deployment processes, tighten security practices and revolutionize technology for the mortgage industry.

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Lendesk Modernizes Mortgage Technology on AWS with TriNimbus - DEM02 - Toronto AWS Summit

  1. 1. Modernizing Mortgage Technology on AWS DEM02
  2. 2. Innovation in the Canadian Mortgage Industry Lendesk is a Point-of-Sale and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for the mortgage industry Based in Vancouver and currently specialize in building tools for the Canadian mortgage industry
  3. 3. History of Innovation Disrupting an established industry with technology
  4. 4. Moving to the Cloud Increase speed of innovation and go-to-market timing AWS opened Canada Available Zones, data residency was required for SOC 2 compliance Built a foundation on AWS using AWS Templates and set up an Amazon ECS cluster
  5. 5. Growing Market Share Wanted to make their products appealing to large enterprise banks Needed to retain SOC 2 compliance, which meant following best practices in: Infrastructure Framework Security best practices
  6. 6. Goals Verify SOC 2 Compliance in AWS infrastructure Meet CIS Foundation Benchmark for security Open the door for accelerated growth
  7. 7. Why TriNimbus AWS Premier Consulting Partner with proven expertise Worked closely with internal team to help meet project service levels Provided recommendations on improving security best practices After-hours support and coverage for multiple time- zones, which is a challenge for any small organization
  8. 8. Virtual Agile Enablement Team Immersive Learning Accelerated Velocity Natural Handoff Higher Quality The Agile Methodology
  9. 9. Audit Scope AWS Well-Architected Framework Determine Posture on Security, Cost Optimization, Reliability, Performance, Deployment & Orchestration Security Audit using tools from Center for Internet Security IAM Infrastructure, encryption, logging
  10. 10. TriNimbus Audit Finds 4 Major Finds Across Security Reliability Performance efficiency Cost optimization
  11. 11. TriNimbus Approach Cloud Enablement Securing AWS Tenancy Disaster Recovery CI/CD DevOps Enablement DevSecOps Managed Services
  12. 12. Cloud Enablement Framework for orchesting AWS CloudFormation infrastructure as code Strong standard for code style Expanded “Landing Zone” through additional AWS accounts and process
  13. 13. Automation: The Power of the Cloud Initiated at the beginning and went through the whole project Refactored the code to deploy total infrastructures with one command Deployment is now expedited to 20 minutes 20
  14. 14. Securing AWS Tenancy Audit, reporting, and remediation on the state of current AWS footprint Addition of “Escrow” account for hosting and securing data backups and logs Encryption strategy using AWS KMS Customer Managed CMKs
  15. 15. Disaster Recovery Built an event driven, cross account backup solution Includes back ups of Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS snapshot data Data backs up into an escrow account
  16. 16. CI/CD Proof-of-concept solution for a Blue-Green Docker image delivery using AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, and Amazon ECR Event driven deployment pipeline When code is committed to GitHub, a build job is triggered to built code to build out an image Immediate Deployment
  17. 17. DevOps Enablement Development for logging, monitoring, and alerts using Sumo Logic and Amazon CloudWatch Proactive monitoring, alert handling, change management
  18. 18. DevSecOps Managed Services Dealing with Alerts and Remediation takes the Lendesk team away from core tasks, allows the team to focus on producing Best-in-Class products Implementation of Alert Logic Cloud Defender for detecting threats and reporting on network and web application threats and anomalies Attestation for SOC2 compliance
  19. 19. Results Internal skill gaps filled Time savings achieved Knowledge sharing Built team confidence in new infrastructure
  20. 20. Key Takeaways Compliance & Security on AWS can be achieved Know your skill limit Bring in experts Don’t be afraid to experiment on the cloud Get support to allow you to focus on your core business
  21. 21.