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Learn How to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiencies of Disaster Recovery Capabilities with AWS


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TaylorMade Golf is one of the largest golf equipment and apparel companies in the world and was recently challenged with consolidating a number of legacy IT systems while finding an alternative disaster recovery solution for its new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. TaylorMade needed to upgrade its disaster-recovery capabilities in order to mitigate the chance of data loss in its mission-critical ERP system. It was looking for continuous data protection in both the onsite production and DR environments. At the same time, TaylorMade wanted to incorporate newer technology, for example, virtualization, which would allow for quickly scaling memory size, CPU and disk space without having to purchase incremental hardware. This type of solution required private networking and multiple nodes to be replicated synchronously, which initially seemed to defy the capabilities of a public cloud. However, TaylorMade was able to work with Datapipe to architect a custom built, yet cost effective, DR environment based on an Oracle Limited disaster recovery-optimized solution running in an AWS data center. Using the AWS platform, Datapipe was able to deliver a turnkey solution, which allowed TaylorMade to easily move data between various Amazon data centers as its protection requirements changed, without incurring any data transfer charges. In this session, representatives from TaylorMade and Datapipe will walk through the challenges of and lessons learned from this highly specific use case for the deployment of cloud resources for disaster recovery in an AWS environment as well as discuss best practices for architecting a cloud based disaster recovery solution.

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Learn How to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiencies of Disaster Recovery Capabilities with AWS

  1. 1. ©2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Increasing Disaster Recovery Efficiencies: Deploying Oracle ASM on AWS
  2. 2. On Stage • John Landy – Datapipe Chief Technology Officer • Jason Pavao – Datapipe Solution Architect
  3. 3. Who is • The largest golf equipment and apparel company in the world • Owned by Adidas since 1999 • More PGA Pros use TaylorMade drivers than most other brands combined • Innovated the metal driver in 1979 • Revolutionized the sport – Advanced aerodynamics – Weighted drivers Who is • Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting (July 2014) • Leader in Forrester Hosted Private Cloud Solutions (Q4 2014) • Multi-Platform Hybrid IT solutions for the Enterprise • Datapipe Managed Cloud for AWS (Launched in 2010) • AWS Premier Consulting Partner • AWS Managed Service Partner • Experienced Managed Service Provider
  4. 4. Disaster Recovery Solution Scope and Overview As a sports company we are very competitive, we like to WIN adidas asked us to cut costs… …and we did by deploying DR on AWS Goals • Move existing DR out of server room at Adidas • Reduce CAPEX on hardware • Find a trusted partner to guide through setting up Oracle in AWS Requirements: • RPO: 4 Hours, RTO: 4 Hours (Max) • Handle ~1TB of data changes daily • Test and restore on a regular basis with low overhead • Minimal maintenance – (replication, OS/app patching at DR site) • 2TB Storage (10% annual growth) • Existing DR (non-EBS) not in scope, but should fit in later • 1000mi site (not 100mi site)
  5. 5. Technology Challenges Required: Needed a solution for our EBS so we could test the Cloud and plan for future growth Challenges: • Deployment options for Oracle • Configuring ASM on AWS • Disk Allocation • How to secure the infrastructure with cloud security
  6. 6. Technology Challenges – Oracle Database Deployment Option One: Deploy on AWS via RDS with an option for BYOL Cons • No root access to the OS and Database to fine tune settings • No option to be the target of a Data Guard Replication stream for DR purposes • Limited Instance Types Pros • Fully managed service from AWS • No need for full time DBA • Backups, Snapshots, Patching, HA all easily configurable via AWS Console • Multi Availability Zones in a single region
  7. 7. Technology Challenges – Oracle Database Deployment Option Two: Deploy on AWS via EC2 Cons • You take on the management tasks that RDS handles for you • You have to supply your own Oracle DB licenses Pros • Oracle Support Compliance (OVM/Hard Partitioning/Processor Licensing Model) • Full control of the underlying Operating System and Database configuration • Have the ability to become the target for a Data Guard Replication Stream for DR purposes • Customizable Instance Types
  8. 8. Chosen Path : Option Two Deploy on AWS via EC2 • Fine grained access and control • Exacting control over Database versions • Traditional Loading/Migration and Backup/Recovery methodologies • Access to the OS • Access to the underlying file system • Performance tuning • Verbose logging access • SYSDBA privileges • Data Guard
  9. 9. Oracle Data Guard Deployment Deployment Diagram
  10. 10. Technology Challenges – Configuring ASM on AWS Challenge : Choose an appropriate OS for the Scenario AWS default Linux does not allow the installation of the Auto Restart Environment (including ASM) • Why? – OS unsupported by Oracle – Oracle licensing only support on approved OEL AMI’s – Settings not compatible with Oracle installer • Resolution – Use Oracle Linux instances instead of Amazon Linux
  11. 11. Technology Challenges – Configuring ASM on AWS Challenge : Disk Allocation in AWS In Big Iron SAN storage environments hundreds of LUNs can be requested at once – AWS has a limit of 20 per instance • We had to adjust our methodology to make this environment work efficiently – 1 disk per ASM disk group – No partitioning the disk for multiple disk groups
  12. 12. Technology Challenges – Security Challenge : Security
  13. 13. What does this look like as an entire solution?
  14. 14. Deployed Disaster Recovery Solution Managed Cloud for AWS
  15. 15. Benefits • TaylorMade’s EBS system is the life blood of the company. Having an offsite backup and the ability to recover within the RTO give a sense of security. • Gained a trusted partner in Datapipe – Cloud was the next step – Latest technology offerings – Effectively an Extension of the TaylorMade team
  16. 16. Questions
  17. 17. NEW YORK