Keynote: Your Future With Cloud Computing - Dr. Werner Vogels - AWS Summit 2012 - NYC


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Dr. Werner Vogels discusses Cloud Computing Transformation along with customers Pinterest, PBS, CycleComputing, WashingtonPost and more

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Keynote: Your Future With Cloud Computing - Dr. Werner Vogels - AWS Summit 2012 - NYC

  1. Your Future with Cloud Computing Dr. Werner Vogels CTO,
  2. AWS Global InfrastructureGovCloud US West US West US East South EU Asia Asia (US ITAR (Northern (Oregon) (Northern America (Ireland) Pacific Pacific Region) California) Virginia) (Sao Paulo) (Singapore) (Tokyo) AWS Regions AWS Edge Locations
  3. Powering the Most Popular Internet Businesses
  4. Trusted by Enterprises
  5. The Scale of AWS: Amazon S3 Growth 905 Billion Peak Requests: 650,000+ 762 Billion per second Total Number of Objects Stored in Amazon S3 262 Billion 102 Billion 14 Billion 40 Billion 2.9 Billion Q4 2006 Q4 2007 Q4 2008 Q4 2009 Q4 2010 Q4 2011 Q1 2012
  6. Our Price Reduction Philosophy Scale & Innovation… … Drive Costs Down Attract More Invest in Customers Capital 19 Price Reductions Reduce Invest in Prices Technology Improve Efficiency
  7. The AWS MissionEnable businesses and developers to use web services to build scalable, sophisticated applications.
  8. Dr. Werner VogelsCTO,
  9. The Seven Transformations of Cloud Computing
  10. A common misconception: cloud computing is only about….Saving money Doing things faster
  11. Cloud Transforms what’s possible
  12. Transformation 1:Distributed Architectures Made Easy High Availability
  13. Building Distributed Architectureswith Traditional Infrastructure is Difficult
  14. Cloud Computing Makes This Easier Distributed Multi-AZ Building Loosely CoupledInfrastructure Services Blocks Process Coordination AWS Regions S3 EC2 SWF Instances DynamoDB SNS Availability Zones Elastic Load RDS Balancer SQS
  15. Architecture Templates for Common Patterns MICROSOFT
  16. … open source Simian Armycoming soon
  17. Thomas BurkePrincipal Engineer
  18. Washington Post Social ReaderFacebook App launchedSeptember 22, 2011First three months7 million installed usersSix month anniversary25+ mm users73% of users are under age 3546% are under age 2555% of users are female
  19. Social Reader Architecture Social Reader Reads Article Service Social Service Interest Analysis
  20. Article Service ELB Article Service ElastiCache SOLR RDS S3 Harvest, Classifier Pipeline
  21. Interest Analysis S3 EMR SDB
  22. Social Service ELB Social Service ElastiCache SDB
  23. Operations and Monitoring Auto Scaling CloudWatch CloudFront Simple Email Service EC2 AMIs
  24. Dr. Werner VogelsCTO,
  25. Transformation 2:Embracing the security advantages of shared systems
  26. Applications Flexibility to Choose the Right Your AppsSecurity Model for Each Application Infrastructure AWS Security Infrastructure SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, Every Customer Gets the ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ITAR, FISMA Moderate, FIPS 140-2 Highest Level of Security
  27. Kit, go fasterTransformation 3: From Scaling by Architecture … to Scaling By Yes Command Michael
  28. Scaling by Architecture: NoSQL Database Cluster Set up Config & Shard & Rinse &more servers Tune Repartition Repeat
  29. Scaling by Command with Amazon DynamoDB Amazon DynamoDB Data is automatically spread across enough hardware to deliver single digit millisecond latency.
  30. > Intro Video
  31. Transformation 4:A Supercomputer in the Hands of Every Developer
  32. Supercomputers Today are Privileges of the EliteExpensiveRationed timeOnly for the “highest value” jobs
  33. Supercomputers by the Hour… for Everyone. AWS built the 42nd fastest supercomputer in the world 1,064 Amazon EC2 CC2 instances with17,024 cores 240 teraflops cluster (240 trillion calculations per second) Less than $1,000 per hour
  34. Jason Stowe, CEO
  35. Helps do the science we’re capable of
  36. 30000 CycleCloud HPC Cluster Needed by Users 25000 20000# Cores 15000 10000 5000 0 2008 2008.5 2009 2009.5 2010 2010.5 2011 2011.5 Year
  37. 50,000-core CycleCloud Utility Supercomputer on AWS
  38. With Nimbus Discovery,looking at a cancer drug target
  39. How big is 50,000 cores? Why does this matter?
  40. (W.H.O./Globocan 2008)
  41. Every day iscrucial and costly
  42. Let’s look at drugdesigners trying to treat these diseases
  43. Develops leading computational chemistry algorithms
  44. Drug Design involves identifying protein targets
  45. Flickr: AMagill Which are like locks
  46. Then finding molecules that may fit
  47. Find the matches in millions of molecules
  48. But, internal HPC clusters are too small when you need them most… and too large every other time.
  49. Challenge: To run a virtual screen with ahigher accuracy algorithm & 21 million compounds
  50. 50,000-core CycleCloud on AWS
  51. Management Software CycleCloud HPC Cluster - Scales to 50,000+ cores - Automation & Error Handling Secure, HPC Massive Scale - Encryption & Key Mgmt Cluster Based upon workload - Elastic, Massive CPU/FS - Data scheduling, migrationUser Data & Chef Application Traditional Reporting & Shared (SW Aware Scheduler Audit FS config) Movement CC1/CCG EBS Instances S3 EBS
  52. Now I could bore you withinfrastructure details
  53. Details:
  54. Details:
  55. Details:
  56. Resource CountTotal Instances 6,742 ($20+ million datacenter spend)- c1.xlarge instances 5,435- c1.medium instances 779- cc1.4xlarge instances 297- cc2.8xlarge instance 231cores 51,132RAM 58.78-TBAWS Regions All (7: us-east, us-west1, us-west2, eu-west, sa-east, ap-northeast, ap-southeast )
  57. Metric Count Compute Hours of Work 109,927 hours Compute Days of Work 4,580 days Compute Years of Work 12.55 years Ligand Count ~21 million ligands Using CycleCloud & AWSThe impossible run finished in…
  58. 3 Hours…For $4828.85/hr
  59. Metric Count Compute Hours of Work 109,927 hours Compute Days of Work 4,580 days Compute Years of Work 12.55 years Ligand Count ~21 million ligandsInstead of $20+ Million in infrastructure: At Peak Cost: $4828.85/hr to run
  60. With Nimbus Discovery,already acquiring the “new leads”
  61. Every day iscrucial and costly...
  62. Utility Supercomputing can help
  63. Make impossible Big Science, possible.
  64. Dr. Werner VogelsCTO,
  65. Transformation 5:Experiment Often & Fail Quickly
  66. Traditional Infrastructure Drives up the Cost of Failure … Innovation SuffersHow many big tickettechnology ideas canyour budget tolerate?
  67. Experiment Often & Fail Quickly with AWS     Cost of failure falls dramaticallyPeople are free to try out new ideas   More risk taking, more innovation      
  68. Transformation 6:Big Data without Big Servers
  69. Attacking Big Data Problems Shouldn’t Be This Complicated Storing Massive Data Investing In Expensive Volumes Into A Huge Data Server Clusters To Process Warehouse The Data
  70. The Cloud Makes This a Lot Simpler Hadoop Clusters Amazon S3Amazon DynamoDB Amazon EMR Load Data in Organize & Visualize the Cloud Analyze Data Results 1 2 3
  71. Transformation 7:Mobile Ecosystem for a Mobile-First World
  72. Building MobileApplications on Your Own is Hard
  73. What Your Mobile App RequiresRich media experience Virtual goods economyMulti-device access RecommendationsLocation context aware Integration with social networksReal-time presence driven AdvertisementSocial graph based Premium supportUser generated content
  74. Cloud Mobile Ecosystem
  75. Jon BrendselVP of Products
  76. Iconic Brands
  77. PBS Video for iPad PBSKids Video for iPad Launched Nov ‘10 Launched April ‘11
  78. Fun With Numbers - February 2012 Total Video Mobile VideoUnique visitors: 30M/mo 115k unique visitors per dayVisits: 57M/mo 310k daily app opensPage views: 367M / mo 27% of hours watched, 40% of streamsVideo streams: 145M/moHours watched: 2.3M/mo
  79. Mobile Video Architecture5 AWS accounts377 EC2 machines71 ELBs295 Elastic IPs69 RDS databases387 EBS volumes173 S3 buckets20 CloudFrontdistributions
  80. Dr. Werner VogelsCTO,
  81. What’s New in the AWS Cloud Adam Selipsky VP of Sales, Marketing & Support
  82. AWS Pace of Innovation… 82 Including: AWS Oregon Region 61 Elastic Beanstalk (Beta) Including: Amazon SES (Beta) Amazon SNS AWS CloudFormation Amazon CloudFront Amazon RDS for Oracle Amazon Route 53 AWS Direct Connect 48 S3 Bucket Policies AWS GovCloud (US) Including: RDS Multi-AZ Support Amazon ElastiCache Amazon RDS RDS Reserved Databases VPC Virtual Networking Amazon VPC AWS Import/Export VPC Dedicated Instances Amazon EMR AWS IAM Beta SMS Text Notification 24 EC2 Auto Scaling AWS Singapore Region CloudFront Live Streaming Including: EC2 Reserved Instances Cluster Instances for EC2 AWS Tokyo Region Amazon SimpleDB EC2 Elastic Load Balance Micro Instances for EC2 SAP RDS on EC2 9 Amazon Cloudfront AWS Import/Export Amazon Linux AMI SAP BO on EC2 Including: Amazon EBS AWS Mngmt Console Oracle Apps on EC2 Win Srv 2008 R2 on EC2 Amazon FPS EC2 Availability Zones Win Srv 2008 on EC2 SUSE Linux on EC2 Win Srv 2003 VM Import Red Hat Enterprise on EC2 EC2 Elastic IP Addresses IBM Apps on EC2 VM Import for EC2 Amazon S3 SSE 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  83. …Continuing in the First Quarter of 2012 15 Amazon DynamoDB in Europe Storage Gateway in South America CloudFront Live Streaming Route 53 Latency Based Routing PHP and Git for Elastic Beanstalk CloudFront Lowers Content Expiration 7 RDS Increases Backup Retention IAM Password Management Amazon DynamoDB 6 IAM User Access to Account Billing AWS Storage Gateway Amazon Simple Workflow Service Amazon RDS Free Trial program Amazon RDS on Amazon VPC Amazon DynamoDB in Japan Amazon EC2 Medium Instances AWS IAM Identity Federation ElastiCache in Oregon and Sao Paulo 64-bit AMI on Small & Medium Windows Free Usage Tier Amazon S3 Lower Prices EC2 Linux Login from Console New Premium Support Features AWS CloudFormation for VPC Beanstalk Resource Permissions New AWS Direct Connect Locations New Osaka and Milan Edge Locations EC2, RDS, ElastiCache Lower Prices January February March
  84. AWS Direct Connect Private secure connection to AWS AWS Cloud Bypass the public Internet AWS Direct Connect High bandwidth and predictable Internet latency Corporate Data Center
  85. Amazon DynamoDB Non Relational (NoSQL) Database Fast & predictable performance Seamless Scalability Zero administration“Even though we have years of experience with large, complexNoSQL architectures, we are happy to be finally out of thebusiness of managing it ourselves.” - Don MacAskill, CEO
  86. AWS Storage Gateway Easily backup on-premises data to AWS Snapshots in S3 Amazon S3 Store snapshots in Amazon S3 for backup and disaster recovery Simple software appliance - no changes required to your on-premises architecture AWS Storage Gateway Your Data Center
  87. Amazon Simple Workflow Service Run application workflows and business processes on AWS Amazon SWF Manage processes across Cloud, mobile and on-premises environmentsCloud Mobile On Premises Use any programming language for workflow logic
  88. Amazon CloudSearch Fully managed search service Up and running in less than an hour Automatically scales for data and traffic Starting at less than $100 / month
  89. > Intro Video
  90. PHP & Git Deployment for AWS Beanstalk git push Elastic Beanstalk Run and manage existing PHP applications with no changes to application code PHPYour App Apache HTTP Server Amazon Provides full control over the Linux infrastructure and the software Elastic Load Balancer
  91. AWS Marketplace – Live Today! Find, buy and run software running on AWS More than 250 listings at launch Sell your software or SaaS app to our hundreds of thousands of customers
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  93. Thank You to Our SponsorsDiamond GoldSilverExpo