The New World of IT


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The New World of IT

  1. 1. AWS Empowers Businesses - The New World of IT - Andy Jassy Senior Vice President Amazon Web Services June 20, 2012
  2. 2. Amazon’s Three Businesses Consumer Business Seller IT Infrastructure (retail) Business Business Tens of millions of active Sell on Amazon websites Cloud computing customer accounts infrastructure for hosting Use Amazon technology web-scale solutions for your own retail website Eight countries: US, UK, Germany, Japan, Leverage Amazon’s Hundreds of thousands of France, Canada, China, massive fulfillment center registered customers in Italy network over 190 countries
  3. 3. How did Amazon Get into Cloud Computing? We’d been working on it for over a decade
  4. 4. How did Amazon Get into Cloud Computing? We’d been working on it for over a decade Development of a platform to enable sellers on the Amazon global infrastructure
  5. 5. How did Amazon Get into Cloud Computing? We’d been working on it for over a decade Development of a platform to enable sellers on the Amazon global infrastructure Internal need for centralized, scalable deployment environment for applications
  6. 6. How did Amazon Get into Cloud Computing? We’d been working on it for over a decade Development of a platform to enable sellers on the Amazon global infrastructure Internal need for centralized, scalable deployment environment for applications Early forays into web services proved developers were hungry for more
  7. 7. Led to Pursuing a Broader Mission Enable businesses and developers to use web services* to build scalable, sophisticated applications. *What  people  now  call  “the  Cloud”
  8. 8. AWS Platform Overview Deployment & Administration App ServicesCompute Storage Database Networking AWS Global Infrastructure
  9. 9. AWS Global InfrastructureSecure, redundant Cloudinfrastructure for global companiesand global apps Regions Deployment & Administration Availability Zones App Services Compute Storage Database Networking Edge Locations AWS Global Infrastructure
  10. 10. AWS Networking ServicesExtend your enterprise infrastructureto the AWS Cloud Amazon Virtual Private Cloud VPN to Extend Your Network Topology to AWS Deployment & Administration AWS Direct Connect Private, Dedicated Connection to AWS App Services Compute Storage Database Amazon Route 53 Networking Scalable Domain Name Service AWS Global Infrastructure
  11. 11. Compute ServicesScalable Linux and Windowscompute services Amazon EC2 Virtual Servers in the AWS Cloud Deployment & Administration Auto Scaling App Services Rule-driven scaling service for EC2 Compute Storage Database Amazon Elastic Load Balancing Networking Virtual load balancers for EC2 AWS Global Infrastructure
  12. 12. Storage ServicesScalable and Durable High Performance Cloud Storage Amazon S3 Redundant, High-Scale Object Store Deployment & Administration App Services Amazon Elastic Block Store Persistent block storage for EC2 Compute Storage Database Networking AWS Storage Gateway AWS Global Infrastructure Seamless backup of enterprise data to S3
  13. 13. Database ServicesScalable and Durable HighPerformance Cloud Storage Amazon DynamoDB High Performance NoSQL Database Service Deployment & Administration Amazon RDS Managed Oracle, MySQL and App Services Microsoft SQL server Compute Storage Database Networking AWS Global Infrastructure
  14. 14. AWS App ServicesHighly abstracted services Amazon CloudFrontthat replace software for Global Content Delivery Servicecommonly needed applicationfunctionality Amazon CloudSearch Managed Search Service that Automatically Scales Amazon ElastiCache Deployment & Administration Managed Memecached service App Services Amazon Elastic MapReduce Big Data Analytics Service Compute Storage Database Amazon SWF Networking Simple Workflow Service AWS Global Infrastructure Amazon SNS Amazon SQS Amazon SES Notifications Queuing Email
  15. 15. Ecosystem App Services3rd party highly abstracted services Securitythat replace software for commonly Servicesneeded application functionality…  and  already  run  on  AWS Log Analysis Services Deployment & Administration Developer Services App Services BI Compute Storage Database Services Networking Test Services AWS Global Infrastructure
  16. 16. Deployment & Administration AWS EcosystemServices to provision, scale and AWS Management Consolemanage AWS resources Web-based management interface AWS IAM Identity & Access Management Amazon CloudWatch Automated monitoring & alerts Deployment & Administration AWS CloudFormation App Services Automated AWS resource provisioning Compute Storage Database AWS Elastic Beanstalk Java, PHP, and .NET App deployment & management Networking AWS Global Infrastructure
  17. 17. What are Customers Running on AWS? Enterprise Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IBM Applications Line-of-Business (LOB) Apps E-Commerce Web Web Sites Applications Gaming Big Data & Analytics for Consumer Web High Performance Genome Sequencing Computing Large Scale Batch Processing Backup & Recovery Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery & Archive Archive
  18. 18. Hundreds of Thousands of Customers in 190Countries
  19. 19. Large Partner Ecosystem System Integrators Independent Software Vendors
  20. 20. The Scale of AWS: Amazon S3 Growth 1 Trillion 905 Billion Peak Requests: 650,000+ 762 Billion per second Total Number of Objects Stored in Amazon S3 262 Billion 102 Billion 14 Billion 40 Billion 2.9 Billion Q4 2006 Q4 2007 Q4 2008 Q4 2009 Q4 2010 Q4 2011 Q1 2012 June 2012
  21. 21. Each day AWS adds the equivalent servercapacity to power Amazon when it was a global, $2.76B enterprise (circa 2000)
  22. 22. AWS  Pace  of  Innovation… 82 Including: AWS Oregon Region 61 Elastic Beanstalk (Beta) Including: Amazon SES (Beta) Amazon SNS AWS CloudFormation Amazon CloudFront Amazon RDS for Oracle Amazon Route 53 AWS Direct Connect 48 S3 Bucket Policies AWS GovCloud (US) Including: RDS Multi-AZ Support Amazon ElastiCache Amazon RDS RDS Reserved Databases VPC Virtual Networking Amazon VPC AWS Import/Export VPC Dedicated Instances Amazon EMR AWS IAM Beta SMS Text Notification 24 EC2 Auto Scaling AWS Singapore Region CloudFront Live Streaming Including: EC2 Reserved Instances Cluster Instances for EC2 AWS Tokyo Region Amazon SimpleDB EC2 Elastic Load Balance Micro Instances for EC2 SAP RDS on EC2 9 Amazon Cloudfront AWS Import/Export Amazon Linux AMI SAP BO on EC2 Including: Amazon EBS AWS Mngmt Console Oracle Apps on EC2 Win Srv 2008 R2 on EC2 Amazon FPS EC2 Availability Zones Win Srv 2008 on EC2 SUSE Linux on EC2 Win Srv 2003 VM Import Red Hat Enterprise on EC2 EC2 Elastic IP Addresses IBM Apps on EC2 VM Import for EC2 Amazon S3 SSE 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  23. 23. …Continuing  in  the  First  Half  of  2012 15 Amazon DynamoDB in Europe 12 Storage Gateway in South America CloudFront Live Streaming Route 53 Latency Based Routing 9 EMR Supports Hive 0.8.1 RDS Oracle Enterprise Manager PHP and Git for Elastic Beanstalk VM Export for Amazon EC2 CloudFront Lowers Content Expiration CC8 XL Available in Amazon VPC 7 RDS Increases Backup Retention CloudFormation Support for VPC AWS Console Enhancements for ELB RDS MySQL Read Replica in VPC 6 IAM Password Management DynamoDB Available in 3 New Regions Elastic Beanstalk Available in the EU Amazon DynamoDB IAM User Access to Account Billing Elastic Beanstalk Available in Tokyo AWS Storage Gateway SES Announces Domain Verification Amazon Simple Workflow Service Amazon RDS Free Trial program DynamoDB Launches BatchWriteItem Amazon RDS on Amazon VPC CloudFront Dynamic Content Support Amazon DynamoDB in Japan Amazon EC2 Medium Instances Introducing AWS Marketplace AWS IAM Identity Federation Billing Alerts Using CloudWatch ElastiCache in Oregon & Sao Paulo 64-bit AMI on Small & Medium AWS Announces CloudSearch Windows Free Usage Tier API and IAM for Storage Gateway Amazon S3 Lower Prices EC2 Linux Login from Console Reserved Cache Nodes for ElastiCache New Premium Support Features Managed Services for Win Developers AWS CloudFormation for VPC Beanstalk Resource Permissions Live Smooth Streaming for CloudFrontNew AWS Direct Connect Locations RDS Oracle Multi-AZ Enhancements New Osaka and Milan Edge Locations EC2, RDS, ElastiCache Lower Prices January February March April May
  24. 24. AWS Global Infrastructure GovCloud US West US West US East South EU Asia Asia (US ITAR (Northern (Oregon) (Northern America (Ireland) Pacific Pacific Region) California) Virginia) (Sao Paulo) (Singapore) (Tokyo) AWS Regions AWS Edge Locations
  25. 25. Spiegel.TV runs on AWS “By  the  end  of  this  year,  we   will have served over 1 billion static objects over Amazon CloudFront. It is hard to argue in cost savings because most of our business would have been impossible without the usage  of  cloud  computing.”   Nikolai Longolius CEO of schnee von morgen
  26. 26. Wooga uses AWS to power Monster World Currently running several social games on AWS, including Monster World. Supporting over 2 Million active users, with only two backend developers
  27. 27. Fraunhofer using AWS For Highperformance Computing The Competence Center for High-performance Computing provides solutions for industry customers ranging from financial institutions to the oil and gas industry.
  28. 28. New World of IT
  29. 29. Old World:High Cap Ex
  30. 30. New World:Variable Expense
  31. 31. Old World:Charge as much as you can
  32. 32. New World: Low variable expenseOnly pay for what you use
  33. 33. Scale  &  Innovation  … …  Drive  Costs  Down Attract More Invest in Customers Infrastructure Improve 20 Price ReductionsReduce Economies ofPrices Scale Lowers Our Costs
  34. 34. Old World:Guess on capacity needs
  35. 35. New World: Scale seamlessly upShed capacity as you wish
  36. 36. Predicting Infrastructure Need is Difficult Actual Usage Compute Power Customer Dissatisfaction Predicted Usage Waste Time
  37. 37. Old World: Need a New Server?See You in 2 or 3 Months
  38. 38. New World:Spin up hundreds, even thousands of servers in minutes
  39. 39. Example: Video App on AWS 5,000 Number of EC2 Instances 0 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  40. 40. Old World:Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting
  41. 41. Old World: Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting Large Capital Expenditures Underutilized IT Assets Patching Software Out of Datacenter SpaceScaling down as needed Slow IT Deployments Scaling up quickly Contract negotiation Managing physical growth
  42. 42. New World:Focus IT resources on whatdifferentiates your business
  43. 43. Old World Myth:Cloud Computing = Virtualization
  44. 44. Cloud Computing is More Than Just Virtualization Cloud On-Premise Computing Virtualization Self-Service Infrastructure  ? Convert CapEx into Variable Expense   Low Variable Costs   Pay Only for What You Use   Easily Scale Up and Down   No infrastructure to Manage  
  45. 45. Thank You!
  46. 46. Project & Usage External Cloud Enablement Project Usage AWS Footprint - Focus: IT Automation on IaaS - 276 Cloud Appliances 1,100 new SAP systems > 600 SAP employees as direct users - Enables unlimited # systems in clouds from >16 countries 42,086 EC2 Instance Hours - Weekly Feature Extensions >10,000 SAP systems provisioned 39 TB EBS Storage - Cost Savings based on 3 TB S3 Storage 1. Less expensive Hardware Hosting 2. IT Process Automation Top 3 Consuming Departments – Avg. Cost Saving Rate: 77% Customer Workshops Customer Trainings Customer Demos 215 SAP Systems 111 SAP Systems 118 SAP Systems $ 15 / SAP system $ 42 / SAP system $ 76 / SAP system 26 hrs / SAP system 82 hrs / SAP system 119 hrs / SAP system Status: Productive Status: Pilot + Ramp up Status: Productive + Ramp up Source: SAPAccurate as of 12/8/2011 47