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(ISM215) Why Brooks Brothers Moved Their Production SAP to AWS


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Many organizations that rely on SAP are challenged by supporting and scaling their on-premises mission-critical SAP environments. Whether extending on-premises environments or fully migrating, organizations running SAP can realize several compelling benefits from the cloud. Brooks Brothers, a leader in the fashion industry, chose the AWS Cloud as their target platform for SAP. Learn why Brooks Brothers decided to evaluate alternatives before investing in their on-premises infrastructure, the process they used to decide, and why they ultimately went with AWS. You’ll also learn how SAP and AWS are working together to support SAP customers, and hear about best practices from AWS SAP experts.

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(ISM215) Why Brooks Brothers Moved Their Production SAP to AWS

  1. 1. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Phillip Miller Director, IT Infrastructure & Technical Engineering , Brooks Brothers, Inc. October 2015 SAP on AWS Why Brooks Brothers Decided to Move Their Production SAP to the Cloud Steven Jones Sr Manager, Solutions Architecture, AWS ISM215
  2. 2. What to Expect from the Session • Business drivers, the solution, and IT constraints • Why cloud? • Why we chose AWS • Operational benefits (security, speed & agility, reliability) • SAP on AWS • Lessons learned • What’s next
  3. 3. Who is Brooks Brothers? History: In 1818, Henry Sands Brooks founded Brooks Brothers, the first ready-to-wear fashion emporium in America. Since then, we are proud to have become an institution that has shaped the American style of dress through fashion innovation, fine quality, personal service, and exceptional value in our products. Fun fact: Brooks Brothers has outfitted 39 of the 44 American Presidents, including Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. Our Mission: “To enhance the lives both within and beyond the communities we serve.” We do this by partnering with select local, national and international non-profit organizations related to men’s, women’s and children’s health issues as well as education and the arts.
  4. 4. Business Drivers Growing global business Strong desire for harmonized systems Need for a single view of the customer Integration with global point of sales / ERP solution
  5. 5. New Customer Contact Center Application SAP CAR on HANA New SAP CRM on HANA Integrate SAP SLT SaaS Data Cleansing & Analytics Legacy ERP Real time POS Data Telephony
  6. 6. Short time frame Capacity constraints Security & compliance Key Challenges Cost
  7. 7. How We View Cloud Differently
  8. 8. Selecting the Right Provider
  9. 9. Questions We Asked Ourselves • What would we do if selecting a co-location data center? • What infrastructure would we place for an on-premises data center? • How do we secure our current environments, and what would we do differently if we had a “do-over”? • What is the true Total Cost of Ownership? • Should we rethink the value equation (benefits divided by costs)?
  10. 10. Our Infrastructure Imperatives • Security: Protect the data, control access (should, does, could, did, protect from failure) • Network: View cloud services providers as an extension (replacement) of our data center • Speed & agility: Create more virtual hosts that have shorter life spans than ever before • Reliability & high availability: Deliver production-quality environments for non-production workloads • Cost: Reduce the long-term run cost for aging systems
  11. 11. Why We Chose AWS • AWS helped us meet our infrastructure imperatives • Deep SAP expertise (especially around HANA) • Operational excellence • Alignment with our value equation • Partner familiarity • Transparency & trust
  12. 12. • AWS data centers are secured with a variety of physical controls • Amazon VPC • Security groups secure by default, open ports / protocols as needed • Native support for disk encryption with Amazon EBS volumes • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) • Dual-factor authentication Security
  13. 13. Experience with Cloud Security “Based on our experience, I believe that we can be even more secure in the AWS cloud than in our own data centers.” – Tom Soderstrom, CTO, NASA JPL AWS provides the same, familiar approaches to security that companies have been using for decades with increased visibility, control, and auditability. Visibility View your entire infrastructure with a click Deep insight with AWS CloudTrail Control You have sole authority on where data is stored Shared responsibility model Auditability 3rd-party validation SOC 1 / SOC 2 / SOC 3 SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 PCI DSS Level 1 DIACAP & FISMA ISO 27001 / 9001 ISO/TS 16949 FedRAMP (SM) DoD CSM Levels 1-2, 3-5 MTCS Tier 3 FISMA HIPAA ITAR MPAA CSA FIPS 140-2 FERPA CJIS IRAP
  14. 14. Network Connectivity • Global AWS footprint allowed us to select regions closest to our developers, and ultimately to end users • Extended our on-premises network into Amazon VPC • Ability to get started quickly with secure VPN tunnel • Converted to AWS Direct Connect • AWS became just another segment on our network • End users can’t tell the difference between running in our data centers or on AWS!
  15. 15. VPC VPC Connection Options VPN Connection AWS Direct Connect VPN Connection  Encrypted IPsec hardware VPN connection between your network and VPC  Can create multiple VPN connections to one VPC  Fast and simple to set up Internet AWS Direct Connect  Dedicated network connection between your network and VPC  Can reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience  1 Gbps or 10 Gbps ports from AWS  Sub-1Gbps service from DX Partners
  16. 16. Brooks Brothers SAP Customer Contact Center Application Landscape Availability Zone VPC Subnet SAP HANA SAP HANA Corporate Data Center SAP ERP Users Call Center Supporting Systems Stores (POS) SaaS Provider (Data Cleansing) AWS Direct Connect SAP CRM (AS ABAP) SAP CAR (AS ABAP) SAP SLT r3.8xlarger3.8xlarge
  17. 17. Speed & Agility • New compute resources were literally a click away. • Regional availability of compute allowed us to locate resources near developers/users. • Ability to right-size our SAP systems to meet actual compute needs over time. • Dev/QA systems performed like production hardware! • AWS automated deployments for SAP HANA saved valuable time and resources.
  18. 18. SAP Sizing on AWS vs. Traditional Approach 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Demand Traditional AWS  CPU, memory, I/O performance on demand  CPU, memory, I/O performance at current prices Traditional planning horizon Planning horizon on AWS
  19. 19. Memory Optimized Name vCPU Memory (GiB) I/O Perf SAPS r3.8xlarge 32 244 10 Gigabit 31,920 r3.4xlarge 16 122 High 15,960 r3.2xlarge 8 61 High 7,980 r3.xlarge 4 30.5 Moderate 3,990 r3.large 2 15 Moderate 1,995  Use in 2-tier and 3-tier configurations  Certified instances for SAP HANA  Cluster networking available  Amazon EBS-optimized instances  Enhanced networking (SR-IOV) Check SAP Note 1656099 for more information General Purpose Name vCPU Memory (GiB) I/O Perf SAPS m4.8xlarge 40 160 10 Gigabit 44,280 m4.4xlarge 16 64 High 17,712 m4.2xlarge 8 32 High 8,856 m4.xlarge 4 16 High 4,428 m4.large 2 8 Moderate 2,214 Compute Optimized Name vCPU Memory (GiB) I/O Perf SAPS c4.8xlarge 36 60 10 Gigabit 37,950 c4.4xlarge 16 30 High 19,030 c4.2xlarge 8 15 High 9,515 c4.xlarge 4 7.5 High 4,758 c4.large 2 3.75 Moderate 2,379
  20. 20. X1
  21. 21. High Performance Systems for SAP HANA Scale-out Benchmarks RDBMS: SAP HANA 1.0 Technology platform release: SAP NetWeaver 7.31/7.4All benchmarks validated and published by SAP Number of HANA nodes Initial records (data load) Total cores Total memory (GiB) Ad-hoc navigation steps/hr 5 2 Billion 80 1220 177,590 14 5 Billion 224 3416 258,020 17 5 Billion 272 4148 303,270 “A 14-node system from Amazon Web Services (AWS) sets the record for SAP HANA scale-out in the cloud, validating it as an ideal solution for customers to cost-effectively consume SAP HANA.” ― SAP
  22. 22. Physical Host X AWS Hypervisor Virtual Machine Physical Host Physical Hardware Y AWS Hypervisor SAP or Database Virtual Machine • Running • Shutdown • SAP virtual machine is unavailable • Issue API call to start virtual machine • SAP virtual machine started on a new physical host • Amazon EBS persistent volumes are mapped by default SAP or Database Virtual Machine Physical Host Y AWS Hypervisor SAP or Database Virtual Machine • Running (new host) What About Hardware Refreshes? Change instance type using AWS console or API call Physical Hardware X AWS Hypervisor SAP or Database Virtual Machine Results: • Hardware upgrades in minutes! • No data migration required • Retain same IP addressing (VPC)
  23. 23. Automated SAP HANA Deployments AWS Quick Start for HANA provides an automated process to deploy a complete, production-certified, virtual SAP HANA appliance on the AWS cloud in less than 1 hour Uses AWS CloudFormation to provision all required AWS resources Configures network and security settings following best practices AWS Quick Start reference deployments are free ― pay only for the resources you use. Apply for up to US$1,000 in AWS promotional credit
  24. 24. Reliability & High Availability • Rock-solid • AWS offerings are designed for resiliency • Multiple backup/recovery options • Able to build solutions to meet our recovery objectives for each type of environment (dev/QA/prod) • Improves operational posture
  25. 25. Experience with Operational Reliability We have spent over a decade building the world’s most reliable, secure, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure. Service SLAs between 99.9% and 100% availability. Amazon S3 is designed for 99.999999999% durability. Availability Zones exist on isolated fault lines, flood plains, and electrical grids to substantially reduce the chance of simultaneous failure. The AWS Service Health Dashboard provides 24/7 visibility into the real-time operational status of all services around the globe. We are driven to remove any all causes of failure. Our goal is to make our operational performance indistinguishable from perfect.
  26. 26. Physical Host X AWS Hypervisor Virtual Machine Physical Host Physical Hardware Y AWS Hypervisor SAP Virtual Machine • Running • Host/hypervisor failure or loss of network connectivity • SAP virtual machine is unavailable • SAP virtual machine started on a new physical host • Amazon EBS persistent volumes are mapped by default SAP Virtual Machine Physical Host Y AWS Hypervisor SAP Virtual Machine • Running (new host) Amazon EC2 Auto Recovery Physical Hardware X AWS Hypervisor SAP Virtual Machine Result: • Better uptime numbers, no waiting for hardware repairs • Leverage hardware spares at no additional cost Cloud Watch Alarm Detect & Trigger Automatic recovery of an EC2 instance when underlying checks fail due to, among other things, loss of network connectivity, loss of system power, software issues on the physical host, and hardware issues on the physical host
  27. 27. Multi-AZ Concept for High Availability SAP on AWS High Availability Guide Availability Zone A Availability Zone B Availability Zone C Sample Region
  28. 28. Multi-Region Deployments for Disaster Recovery SAP environments can also be deployed in a multi-region deployment model, because AWS regions are dispersed and located in separate geographic areas.
  29. 29. Architect for Reliability & Availability Reduce Unplanned Downtime Resolve Unplanned Downtime Events More Quickly Increase Application Availability Reduce Employee Hours Needed to Support and Repair Reinvest Saved Time and Resources in Your Core Business
  30. 30. Cost • Ability to minimize wasted resources • Ability to have temporary throw-away systems • Look forward to built-in price drops • Flexible EC2 instance purchasing options for cost control
  31. 31. Why SAP on AWS? • SAP supported platform • Community of other SAP customers • Ability to change our direction at any time • Choice • Extensive partner ecosystem • Deep SAP expertise on the AWS team
  32. 32. CustomerAdoption 2008 2010 2012 2014 SAP as a Customer S4/HANA SAP IQ / ASE SAP HANA Platform Edition Afaria SAP Business Suite HANA One HANA Developer Edition SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) A1 / B1 RDS Solution s BOBJ SAP HANA for B1 BW on HANA BW on HANA Large Scale-out Clusters (4TB) Full Complement of SAP-supported Solutions SAP Livecache
  33. 33. SAP HANA Infrastructure Services SAP HANA Trials SAP HANA One SAP HANA Developer Edition Overview Quickly deploy and run SAP HANA systems on AWS using your existing licenses Free software trials of fully configured SAP solutions running on SAP HANA Fully featured SAP HANA virtual appliance on AWS with on- demand license sold by SAP via the AWS Marketplace Fully featured SAP HANA virtual appliance on AWS for individual developers Use Cases  Production and non-production  Non-production only  Production and non-production  Non-production only Supported HANA Scenarios  Native HANA applications  Data marts & analytics  Business Suite on HANA  BW & BPC on HANA  Business One on HANA  Business Suite Accelerator  ERP on HANA  CRM on HANA  BW on HANA  BPM and OPI on HANA  Best Practice for Insurance on HANA  Native HANA applications  Data marts & analytics  Native HANA applications  Data marts & analytics Key Benefits  Rapid provisioning  Replace CapEx with OpEx  No contracts or long-term commitments  Supported by SAP for production use cases  Free software trial  Accelerate evaluation and implementation of SAP software  No contracts or long-term commitments for infrastructure  Instant, self-serve access – up and running in 10 minutes  On-demand license  Start and stop when needed – reduce license and infrastructure cost  Community support  Free developer license  Easily accessible and rapidly deployable  Start and stop when needed – reduce license and infrastructure cost Licensing Bring Your Own License Free trial license On demand: $0.99 Free developer license Memory 244 GB – 1.22TB 244 GB 60 GB 17 GB | 32 GB | 68 GB Available AWS Quick Start Deployment SAP Cloud Appliance Library AWS Marketplace SAP SCN Broad range of options for SAP HANA Use Cases | $1.99 | $3.99 per hour | 122 GB | 244 GBup to 4TB
  34. 34.  SAP Implementation  AWS Onboarding  SAP OS/DB Migrations  SAP POCs  SAP Sizing  Architecture Planning  SAP Evaluations  Performance Tuning  SAP High Availability  SAP Hosting  Backup & Recovery  Account Management  Disaster Recovery  DB Administration  SAP BASIS  24/7 Help Desk  OS Admin & Patching  SAP Upgrades AWS partners provide a variety of SAP-specific services on top of the AWS platform. Consulting Services: Managed Services: Extensive AWS Partner Network
  35. 35. End Result Production go-live in record time (3 months) Transforming IT capabilities Highly secure / audit-compliant SAP solution More resources can be spent on our core competencies Improved job satisfaction for employees Bonus! We’ve built the foundation for faster time to value
  36. 36. Keys to Success
  37. 37. Engage Infrastructure Engineers
  38. 38. Motivate and Lead to the Cloud • Dispel negative myths (cloud = no need for engineers, my job will be outsourced, etc.) • Involve at the earliest point in the decision-making process that is feasible • Educate! • Encourage exploration (many services are low-cost or free for short-term use) • Reward
  39. 39. Design for the Desired Outcomes
  40. 40. Designing Important to get it right the first time! (If you make a mistake, the cloud services component cost is negligible, but the software installation & configuration is not.) “Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones.” -Herbert Simon
  41. 41. In Summary • Cloud first! Benefits outweigh perceived risks. • Engage technical teams early. • Design for the desired outcome. • Choose the right provider. • Proactively re-architect IT processes to take advantage of all AWS has to offer (security, speed & agility, reliability).
  42. 42. What’s Next? New ERP implementation project: • SAP Fashion Management (FMS) • Based on SAP HANA • Sandbox, dev, and QA environments already running on AWS • Other non-SAP workloads
  43. 43. SAP-related Resources on AWS • Case studies • Whitepapers • SAP notes • Support information • Service providers Contact us @
  44. 44. Thank you!
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