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RMG207 Introduction to AWS CloudFormation - AWS re: Invent 2012


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AWS CloudFormation makes it easy to deploy and manage the lifecycle of applications running in AWS. This session walks through an end-to-end scenario, creating a stack with a set of AWS resources and deploying the application files and packages. Once deployed we’ll walk through how you can change the stack to reflect operational changes or application requirements and finally use CloudFormer to create a CloudFormation template from AWS resources already running in your environment.

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RMG207 Introduction to AWS CloudFormation - AWS re: Invent 2012

  1. 1. StackDefine template Create stack Update stack
  2. 2. Predictable and repeatable deployments
  3. 3. AWSCloudFormationResources …Core services
  4. 4. Keep your resources in sync with your applicationrequirements
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Define template Stack operation Bridge External resource Customizable and extensible
  7. 7. • RMG206: Introduction to AWS Elastic Beanstalk• TLS301: Deploying to the AWS Cloud with Visual Studio• TLS303: How to Deploy Python Applications on Elastic Beanstalk• TLS402: Develop, Deploy and Debug with Eclipse and the AWS SDK for Java
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