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According to the ITU, the Internet of Things is defined as a global infrastructure for the information society, enabling advanced services by interconnecting (physical and virtual) things based on existing and evolving interoperable information and communication technologies.

Such a phenomenal infrastructure, demands strong skills, and presents large opportunities for the AWS Ecosystem. With our customers in mind, we will have AWS Principal Business Development Manager - Mark Relph, presenting IoT Case Studies and the AWS IoT Platform.

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  1. 1. IoT With Amazon Web Services Mark Relph Head Of Global Business Development, AWS IoT
  2. 2. Focus on differentiation
  3. 3. Move from risk-laden up-front expense to flexible variable expense Stop guessing at capacity planning Go global in minutes Get rid of time-consuming, expensive tasks Remove complicated infrastructure management that adds little business value GE Oil & Gas is migrating 500 applications, and more than 750TB of data, to the cloud by the end of 2016 as part of a major digital transformation, helping it attain a 52% reduction in TCO and greater speed to market.
  4. 4. And focus on your core mission Lower the time spent on infrastructure Dedicate more resources to innovation Concentrate on new business initiatives “Our goal is to move at the speed of business. Our customers’ needs change constantly, and we need to be able to adapt to that.” Keith Homewood – Cloud Product Owner, Nordstrom
  5. 5. Deploy faster wherever you like
  6. 6. Build for speed, build for scale Consistent, single-digit millisecond latency NoSQL database at any scale Highly Scalable Fully ManagedFast, Consistent Performance Event-driven Programming Fine-grained Access Control Document & Key-Value Structures BMW built its new car-as-a-sensor service in only six months using DynamoDB and other services. With AWS, it can adapt to rapidly changing load requirements that can scale up and down by two orders of magnitude within 24 hours and will process data from 100,000 cars by 2018. BMW
  7. 7. Things are Becoming Connected Now Not too long from now Soon After Source: Pretty much everyone
  8. 8. Smart City…Circa 1931
  9. 9. The “Internet of Things” (plural)
  10. 10. The customer has many identities
  11. 11. Purpose != Measurement != means NOT EQUAL btw btw = By The Way
  12. 12. Things are NOT static assets
  13. 13. Products That Get Better With Time Sonos connected speakers have evolved using data over the last ten years without the customer replacing anything
  14. 14. Budgeting Resource Allocation Logistics Predictive Maintenance Emergency Preparedness Customer support Demand estimation Traffic The Spark For Hundreds Of New Applications
  15. 15. Devices Network Security Data Collection Smarts 1 The Heavy Lifting With IoT
  16. 16. AWS Platform For IoT App Backend API Gateway Lambda Edge Service CloudFront Companion Apps Analytics RedShift Data Storage S3 SDKs C, iOS Android Machine Learning Machine Learning DynamoDB APN Partner Solutions Kinesis Ingestion, Protocols & Security Device Shadows Mobile Hub EMR Reference Hardware Rules Engine AWS IoT
  17. 17. AWS IoT
  18. 18. Our Strengths • Focus on Security, End to End • It’s a Serverless, managed service • Built on modern architecture: messages, events, rules, functions – at scale • Front door to all of AWS • Any Chipset • Any Operating System • Expansive Protocol Support • Cost follows usage
  19. 19. Hardware
  20. 20. Starter Kits Launched 10 Starter Kits, Powered by AWS at reInvent
  21. 21. Routing Noise
  22. 22. Device Gateway
  23. 23. Publish / Subscribe Standard Protocol Support MQTT, HTTP, WebSockets Long Lived Connections Receive signals from the cloud Secure by Default Connect securely via X509 Certs and TLS 1.2 Client Mutual Auth
  24. 24. Sensor Messages Standard Protocol Support MQTT, HTTP, WebSockets Topic / Channel Message routing hierarchy. Control over full tree Payload (JSON) Customer Defined JSON payload
  25. 25. Finding the Signals
  26. 26. Extracting the value from messages • Filter messages with certain criteria • Move messages to other topics • Move messages to other systems • Transform the payload of messages • Predict messages based on trends • React based on messages
  27. 27. Rules Engine
  28. 28. Rules Engine • Familiar SQL syntax • SELECT * FROM topic WHERE filter • Functions • String manipulation (regex support) • Mathematical operations • Context based helper functions • Crypto support • UUID, timestamp, rand, etc. • Execute Simultaneous Actions
  29. 29. new: Elasticsearch Integration
  30. 30. new: Predict Function
  31. 31. AWS IoT Device Shadow
  32. 32. AWS IoT Device Shadow
  33. 33. 1. Device Publishes Current State 2. Persist JSON Data Store 3. App requests device’s current state 4. App requests change the state 5. Device Shadow sync’s updated state 6. Device Publishes Current State 7. Device Shadow confirms state change AWS IoT Device Shadow Flow
  34. 34. AWS IoT Device Shadow - Simple Yet Powerful { "state" : { “desired" : { "lights": { "color": "RED" }, "engine" : "ON" }, "reported" : { "lights" : { "color": "GREEN" }, "engine" : "ON" }, "delta" : { "lights" : { "color": "RED" } } }, "version" : 10 } Device Report its current state to one or multiple shadows Retrieve its desired state from shadow Mobile App Set the desired state of a device Get the last reported state of the device Delete the shadow Shadow Shadow reports delta, desired and reported states along with metadata and version
  35. 35. Customer Example – Rachio Sprinkler Control Actions Connected Sprinkler Controller Lambda Function Easily calibrate soil, vegetation, slope, sun exposure, and nozzle types. Choose From National And Personal Weather Stations To Get The Most Accurate Weather Data Available. No One-size-fits-all Experience - You Have The Freedom To Make Adjustments Over Time And Tune Your Rachio To Your Unique Landscape.
  36. 36. Security
  37. 37. new: Bring Your Own Certificate • Use Certificates issued by your own CA • Existing certificate issuance infrastructure • Use certificates already on-board • Limited Internet connectivity from assembly / manufacturing locations • Seamless provisioning of devices • 8 new API calls to support management of certificates
  38. 38. New Model for Building Applications Web Model IoT Model Endpoints/API calls Workflows Backends RESTful Synchronous Topics / Pub-Sub Rules Functions Event Driven Asynchronous
  39. 39. The Evolution To Serverless Computing OS, Language, Infra Coupled OS & Language Coupled Completely Decoupled Monolithic n-tier Service Oriented Containerized Micro-Services Cloud Native 90s – 00s ~2010 2020~2015
  40. 40. AWS Lambda – Run code without the hassle - No Servers to manage: Run code in the cloud like a simple function call - Sub-second metering of usage: Pay only for what you use - Don’t worry about scaling: AWS will manage the servers needed to run your functions, so you can focus on content - Stay flexible after launch: Add functionality without having to touch software on the device itself (node.js / Java / Python)
  41. 41. Messages & Events = Context & Magic Companion Apps Lambda AWS Services User Legacy System Alexa Things
  42. 42. Demo Time!
  43. 43. Demonstration Amazon LightShow
  44. 44. Demonstration Amazon Echo Orchestrator AWS Cloud Audience with smartphones Smartphone OR Laptop
  45. 45. Demonstration Virtual Button Virtual Light Bulb
  46. 46. Amazon Alexa AWS IoT LightShow Smartphones AWS IoT Amazon Elasticsearch Serverless Javascript IoT Controller Serverless Javascript IoT Client AWS Lambda Serverless Certified !!! Smartphone OR Laptop
  47. 47. Use your smartphones now !! Smartphone Location ServicesWiFiMobile Data
  48. 48.
  49. 49. To summarize !
  50. 50. Amazon LightShow User Interaction Analyse & Visualize Communicate Authenticate Storage & Content Delivery Web Dashboard User Smartphone Amazon Alexa AWS IoT Amazon Elasticsearch Amazon Cognito Amazon S3 Amazon CloudFront
  51. 51. Solution Examples Assisted Vehicles Traffic & Parking Transportation Energy & Utilities Waste Management Public Safety Citizen Connection
  52. 52. Predictive Maintenance A comprehensive set of diagnostic and operational insights to evaluate and monitor equipment and system performance, identify assets at risk of failure, and avoid costly downtime
  53. 53. AWS IoT Button – Limited Release Programmable Dash Button An easy way to get started with the Internet of Things, based on the Amazon Dash button hardware, the AWS IoT button is a developer kit that can be programmed to control internet-connected devices and services. This programmable Wi-Fi button is designed to help developers learn how to use AWS IoT, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Notification Service and other Amazon Web Services. Use the button to count items, track usage, initiate a call, send alerts or start and stop a process. Eliminate the hassle of writing device-specific code; code in the cloud to configure your button's single, double, and long clicks.
  54. 54. How does it work? Invoke a Lambda function Put object in an S3 bucket Insert, Update, Read from a DynamoDB table Publish to an SNS Topic or Endpoint Publish to a Kinesis stream Kinesis Firehose > Redshift Republish to AWS IoT AWS IoT
  55. 55. AWS IoT to AWS Lambda to SNS Lambda Function AWS IoT Rules Engine PolicyPrivate Key & Certificate Button Rule SDK AWS IoT AWS Services Execution Role Policy SNS Topic PermissionAction SNS Topic Subscription Rule: “Select * from ‘iotbutton/+’ Event Source Function SMS or Email
  56. 56. Mobile and IoT
  57. 57. Mobile = Companion Apps For IoT Wearables Home Automation Apps Industrial Control Equipment Companion Apps
  58. 58. Mobile Hub – Making It Easier
  59. 59. BUILDING VOICE EXPERIENCES Be Ready For Your Customers Whenever They Ask For You
  60. 60. V O I C E W I L L B E E V E RY W H E R E
  61. 61. MEET ECHO The First Endpoints of Alexa The Echo is the first and best-known endpoint of the Alexa Ecosystem… The Echo was built to make life easier and more enjoyable. We also recently launched Fire-TV with Alexa integrated directly into the device. Bringing Alexa and voice to two of the best selling products on & FIRE TV
  62. 62. Create Great Content: ASK is how you connect to your consumer THE ALEXA ECOSYSTEM Supported by two powerful offerings A L E X A V O I C E S E R V I C E Unparalleled Distribution: AVS allow your content to be everywhere Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) & Natural Language Understanding (NLU) A L E X A S K I L L S K I T
  63. 63. The Power Of Voice: Alexa Alexa Voice Services Amazon Echo Alexa Skills KitIoT Apps, Back End System, Big Data, Machine Learning, Storage Companion Apps Lambda AWS IoT Voice Control • Alexa - With the Alexa Skills Kit, you can easily build and add your own skills to Alexa. • AWS IoT manages the connection devices and integration with ASK, as well as other backend systems and companion apps. • Build skills for Alexa using AWS Lambda. Simply write the code using and upload it as a Lambda function. • Alexa Voice Service brings voice- powered experiences to any connected devices.
  64. 64. AWS IoT & Dash Replenishment Service • DRS enables connected devices to reorder consumable goods thru Amazon when supplies run low. Orders fulfilled and supported by Amazon • AWS IoT can manage the connection to the device and integration with DRS, as well as other backend systems and companion apps. Apps, Big Data, Machine Learning DRS Devices / Buttons Companion Apps Lambda AWS IoT
  65. 65. Thank you. Mark Relph Head Of Global Business Development, AWS IoT