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How to Plan a Migration to AWS: The Cox Automotive Story


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Are you finding it challenging to plan your cloud migration without an understanding of the inner workings of your current IT environment?

CloudHealth Migration Assessment simplifies the process of migrating assets from your data centers to the AWS Cloud by analyzing usage and performance of on-premises workloads. CloudHealth then makes recommendations on instance types, region, reservations, and associated projected costs for those workloads.

Join the upcoming webinar with CloudHealth Technologies, Cox Automotive, and AWS to learn how Cox Automotive was able to efficiently model their workloads for migration and optimize their infrastructure once they were running on the cloud. Post migration, Cox was able to further leverage CloudHealth to automate programmatically and optimize cost and performance of AWS services including Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and Amazon EBS.

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How to Plan a Migration to AWS: The Cox Automotive Story

  1. 1. How to Plan a Migration to AWS: The Cox Automotive Story Carmen Puccio, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services Joe Kinsella, CTO and Founder, CloudHealth Technologies Jason Cornell, Senior Manager, Cloud Operations, Cox Automotive July 18, 2017
  2. 2. Today’s speakers Joe Kinsella CTO and Founder CloudHealth Carmen Puccio Solutions Architect Amazon Web Services Jason Cornell Senior Manager, Cloud Operations Cox Automotive
  3. 3. AWS Cloud Platform Carmen Puccio, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
  4. 4. What sets AWS apart? Building and managing cloud since 2006 90+ services to support any cloud workload History of rapid, customer-driven releases 16 regions, 43 availability zones, 76 edge locations 61 proactive price reductions to date Thousands of partners; 3,800+ Marketplace products Experience Service Breadth & Depth Pace of Innovation Global Footprint Pricing Philosophy Ecosystem
  5. 5. Scale Consumes 40% of US internet bandwidth at peak hours Security Believes they can be more secure on AWS than in any private data center Cost-Effectiveness Has reduced total cost of IT ownership by 52% High-Performance Has reduced latency by more than 90% What are Customers Achieving with the AWS Cloud?
  6. 6. Barriers to Cloud Adoption Existing Investments Skeptical Stakeholders Upfront Costs Application Interdependencies Fear of Downtime During Migration Lack of Cloud Expertise Even if you’re ready to adopt, some real barriers make migrating quickly and cost-effectively a challenge:
  7. 7. Overcome These Barriers with AWS and APN Partners APN Migration partners can help you: Determine your migration strategy Get a clearer roadmap to achieving your desired end-state Reduce project timeline, cost, and risk Keep your people focused on business innovation
  8. 8. Opportunity evaluation Operations and optimization Discovery, analysis, and planning Design Migration, integration and validation AWS Migration Process
  9. 9. AWS Core Migration Services  AWS Application Discovery Service  AWS Server Migration Service  AWS Database Migration Service  AWS Import/Export Snowball  AWS Snowball Edge  AWS Snowmobile Asset Discovery/Migration Data Transfer
  10. 10. CloudHealth Migration Assessment to AWS Joe Kinsella, CTO and Founder, CloudHealth Technologies
  11. 11. 1,500+ 190+$86M About CloudHealth Technologies Venture capital raised Employees Boston (headquarters), San Francisco, Washington DC, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Singapore 600+ Direct Customers Channel Customers Partners 80+ Global Presence
  12. 12. $3.6B Our Management Metrics 1.1B in cloud spend managed per year API calls per assets 99.99% yearly platform uptime 600M Per Month… $50 million in monthly RI purchases 1.2 million policies evaluated 365,000 emails sent Per Day… 14 million instances 600PB Amazon S3 usage 8TB bills processed 400,000 perspectives / groups 3,000 reports generated
  13. 13. Industry Trends – Migration is a Top Priority Base: 149 I&O decision-makers at US enterprises that have adopted public cloud Source: Forrester's Global Business Technographics Infrastructure Survey, 2016 28% 25% 24% 22% 22% Using multiple deployment types (e.g., public, private, hosted private, etc) Migrating existing workloads into a public cloud Building net-new applications in cloud environments Migrating existing workloads into a hosted private cloud Migrating existing workloads into a private cloud Please select your top three most important cloud strategy objectives
  14. 14. Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of CloudHealth, April 2017 Base: 108 US IT decision-makers responsible for public cloud (IaaS) strategy at firms migrating workloads to public cloud IaaS 18% 21% 34% 29% 36% 38% Industry Trends – Challenges with Migration 48% 43% 43% 41% 39% 36%Migration cost Run cost Business satisfaction Performance Timing Agility On as scale of 1 to 5, how successful were the following aspects of your most recent migration effort to the public cloud? 1 or 2: We met a few of our goals related 4 or 5: We met or exceeded
  15. 15. Opportunity evaluation Operations and optimization Discovery, analysis, and planning Design Migration, integration and validation How CloudHealth Helps Solve These Challenges
  16. 16. How CloudHealth Helps Solve These Challenges  Provides cost analysis for assets that are candidates for cloud migration  Agentless or Agent-based to provides recommendations on asset types, region, costs  Based on usage profile of individual assets
  17. 17. How the CloudHealth Migration Assessment Works Including agent vs agentless architecture  Aggregator needs to be installed in Customer’s environment  1 Aggregator per vCenter Server VMware vCenter Server VM Manage Vmware vSphere Vmware vSphere Vmware vSphere Aggregator CloudHealth VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM
  18. 18. Match Workloads and Migration Strategies Fewest dependencies Over-provisioned infrastructure Less critical workloads Low hanging fruit workloads: Lift and shift Refactor (partial or full) Transition to SaaS or PaaS Workload migration strategies:
  19. 19. Cloudhealth Can Help Manage Across Your Entire Hybrid Environment Data Centers VMware Bare metal Public Clouds AWS Private Clouds VMware Visibility Optimization Governance Assets Costs Usage Performance Configuration Security
  20. 20. Cox Automotive and CloudHealth on AWS Jason Cornell, Senior Manager, Cloud Operations, Cox Automotive
  21. 21. Cox Automotive is a leading provider of products and services that span the automotive ecosystem worldwide. Our goal is to simplify the trusted exchange of vehicles and maximize value for dealers, manufacturers and car shoppers. We’ve built the industry’s strongest family of more than 25 brands to provide industry-leading digital marketing, financial, retail and wholesale solutions to help our clients thrive in a rapidly changing automotive marketplace. About Cox Automotive
  22. 22. 34,000+ About Cox Automotive 40,000+ team members clients Autotrader & Kelley Blue Book 73% Use Autotrader or MOSTRECOGNIZED BRANDS OF ALL CAR BUYERS Our Vision: Transform the way the world buys, sells and owns cars
  23. 23. Why Are We Migrating To AWS? Bring new products and services to market faster Focus team members on more strategic initiatives Reduce data center footprint Reduce data center infrastructure refresh impacts
  24. 24. Pre-migration Planning and Analysis Process  Which data centers?  Which solutions should be rehosted or replatformed?  What will they cost?  Where to migrate to?  Who will do the work?
  25. 25. Leveraging CloudHealth for Pre-migration Planning and Analysis  Needed an agentless approach – migrating tens of thousands of VMs across more than 50 different environments  CloudHealth Migration assessment helps determine what the cost for Rehosted and Replatformed workloads to AWS would be  Help plan and budget for AWS costs  With many different constituents and stakeholders, provides a unified approach to determine migration costs across all teams and departments  Speed & ease of use - ability to determine rehosting costs for an entire data center in minutes.  Saves time – no more spreadsheets!
  26. 26. Our Current Architecture APP 2 APP 1 CH Aggregator CH Aggregator Data Center 1 Data Center 2.50+
  27. 27. Our Planned End-State Architecture APP 2 APP 1 CH Aggregator CH Aggregator Data Center 1 Data Center 2.50+ APP 1 APP 2
  28. 28.  How to migrate more than 10,000 servers and 1,000 TB of storage from 50+ data centers to AWS?  Phased approach details Migration Strategy and Timeline
  29. 29. Where Are We Now?  Mid-migration, current status  Currently migrating targeted solutions with a focus on a dozen data centers
  30. 30. Benefits We’ve Seen So Far Can analyze an entire datacenter environment for quick macro level understanding of costs. All team members using the same model for cost estimates increases accuracy and reduces confusion CloudHealth’s migration assessment right sizes workloads before we move them. Modeling migration planning in CloudHealth instead of spreadsheets or other homegrown solutions Can deploy new workloads in minutes, not weeks. Speed and ease Improved accuracy Reduced spend Saved employee time Faster deployment in the cloud
  31. 31. Next Steps  Work with other Cox Automotive solution groups, to share best practices and learnings as they migrate to AWS as well – Training and enablement is key  Continue to manage across hybrid infrastructure with CloudHealth – Ability to report on cost and usage of infrastructure by line of business and team is critical – Managing RI purchases – Automated cleanup of unused resources
  32. 32. Q&A  Carmen Puccio, Solutions Architect Amazon Web Services  Joe Kinsella, CTO and Founder CloudHealth Technologies  Jason Cornell, Senior Manager, Cloud Operations, Cox Automotive
  33. 33. Trial Offer Start your 14-Day Free Trial with CloudHealth in AWS Marketplace