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How to Migrate to AWS in 30 Days with Logicworks


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When organizations decide to migrate their workloads to AWS, they want to minimize cost, time, and disruption while also ensuring that their new environment lays the groundwork for competitive advantage and company growth. Logicworks addresses all of those variables by thoroughly analyzing organizations’ business and technology goals, timeline, and compliance requirements. In our upcoming webinar, AWS, Logicworks, and Partylite, an international party planning company, discuss the launch of Partylite’s PCI DSS compliant, 1000+ VM workloads on AWS in just 30 days. Logicworks takes a software-focused approach to their managed services model by leveraging a combination of AWS tools such as CloudFormation and CloudTrail with a proprietary automation framework to help you quickly design and deploy a dynamic cloud environment.

Join us to Learn:
• The value of software-defined framework vs. lift-and-shift migration to AWS
• The ins and outs of an Infrastructure as Code approach methodology
• A step-by-step path to achieving cloud-enabled DevOps and IT maturity

Who Should Attend:
Information Architects, Enterprise Architects, DevOps Managers, Senior Technical Managers in Engineering and Operations

AWS Speaker: Sai Reddy Thangirala, Solution Architect

Partner Speaker Name: Phil Christensen, Sr. Solutions Architect, DevOps, Logicworks

Customer Speaker Name: Sandy Duphily, Former Director of Worldwide Technology, PartyLite

Published in: Technology
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How to Migrate to AWS in 30 Days with Logicworks

  1. 1. How to Migrate to AWS in 30 Days with Logicworks Sai Reddy Thangirala, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services Joseph Rahimzadeh, Sr. Solutions Specialist, Logicworks January 24, 2017
  2. 2. Today’s speakers Joseph Rahimzadeh Sr. Solutions Specialist Logicworks Sai Reddy Thangirala Solutions Architect Amazon Web Services
  3. 3. AWS Cloud Platform Sai Reddy Thangirala, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
  4. 4. What sets AWS apart? Building and managing cloud since 2006 70+ services to support any cloud workload History of rapid, customer-driven releases 16 regions, 42 availability zones, 68 edge locations 51 proactive price reductions to date Thousands of partners; 2,700+ Marketplace products Experience Service Breadth & Depth Pace of Innovation Global Footprint Pricing Philosophy Ecosystem
  5. 5. Challenges of AWS Migration Scale Consumes 40% of US internet bandwidth at peak hours Security Believes they can be more secure on AWS than in any private data center Cost-Effectiveness Has reduced total cost of IT ownership by 52% High-Performance Has reduced latency by more than 90% What are customers achieving with the AWS platform?
  6. 6. Barriers to Cloud Adoption Existing Investments Skeptical Stakeholders Upfront Costs Application Interdependencies Fear of Downtime During Migration Lack of Cloud Expertise Even if you’re ready to adopt, some real barriers make migrating quickly and cost-effectively a challenge:
  7. 7. Overcome these barriers with AWS and APN Partners APN Migration partners can help you: Determine your migration strategy Get a clearer roadmap to achieving your desired end-state Reduce project timeline, cost, and risk Keep your people focused on business innovation
  8. 8. Opportunity evaluation Operations and optimization Discovery, analysis, and planning Design Migration, integration and validation AWS Migration Process
  9. 9. AWS Core Migration Services  AWS Application Discovery Service  AWS Server Migration Service  AWS Database Migration Service  AWS Import/Export Snowball  AWS Snowball Edge  AWS Snowmobile Asset Discovery/Migration Data Transfer
  10. 10. PartyLite and Logicworks on AWS Joseph Rahimzadeh, Sr. Solutions Specialist, Logicworks
  11. 11. Challenges ofAWS Migration  Take advantage of scalability of AWS  Improve cost efficiency  Re-architect and re-think IT operations  Maintain or improve availability and security  A short timeframe  A limited budget  An inexperienced team  Legacy apps You Want To… But You Have…
  12. 12. Today’s Agenda 1. How to deal with imperfect migration conditions 2. Step-by-step migration process 3. The value of re-architecting vs. lift-and-shift 4. Where to supplement your in-house team in the most impactful areas
  13. 13. PartyLite Case Study      
  14. 14. Sudden Challenge PartyLite had just one month to complete the migration to AWS. 30 Days
  15. 15. Dealing with Imperfect Migration Conditions Clearly define roles, responsibilities, milestones, and timelines Dedicate resources Find a partner with existing expertise and migration framework Design with an eye towards future growth / changes where possible
  16. 16. Cloud Strategy & Migration Managed Cloud Cloud Security DevOps Automation About Logicworks Logicworks designs, builds, automates, and manages enterprise cloud environments.
  17. 17. 1 Opportunity evaluation 5 Operations and optimization 2 Discovery, analysis, and planning 3 Design 4 Migration, integration and validation PartyLite’s Migration Process
  18. 18. Stage 1: Opportunity Evaluation Standard Evaluation:         
  19. 19. Stage 2: Discovery, Education, Planning 1. 2. 3. 4. AWS Application Discovery Service
  20. 20. Stage 2: Discovery, Education, Planning  
  21. 21. Stage 2: Discovery, Education, Planning AWS PCI DSS Attestation of Compliance Logicworks Attestation of Compliance Customer Attestation of Compliance
  22. 22. Stage 3: Design AWS Design Best Practices:  Design for constant change  Design for failure  Reduce manual work  Central design > Ad hoc builds  Security by design
  23. 23. Static, Hard-to-Change Systems “Snowflake” Servers Manual Updates and Spreadsheet Chaos Manual, Reactive Security Management Infrastructure as Code Repeatable, Modular Templates Configuration Management Proactive Error Correction Stage 3: Design
  24. 24. Network Infrastructure Automation (Build Out & Orchestration) Configuration Management (OS Configuration and Enforcement) Deployment Automation Storage Compute Puppet / Chef / Ansible Puppet / Chef / Ansible, AWS CodeDeploy, Jenkins, Docker, CoreOS, GitLab, Bamboo, Anthill Pro, Team City Application Code Troposphere, AWS CloudFormation Client-Managed Logicworks Automation
  25. 25. Stage 3: Why Automate? Accelerate cloud adoption Focus staff on revenue- generating activities Extend standard cloud SLAs: 100% uptime Reduce human error and time to recover
  26. 26. Stage 3: Design AWS EC2 AWS S3 AWS ELB AWS VPC and VPC Peering MS SQL Server on AWS EC2 AWS CloudWatch AWS CloudTrail AWS CloudFormation
  27. 27. Stage 4: Migration, Integration, Validation Image creation 3rd party tool installation Environment build-out Instance fine-tuning Data importing Testing
  28. 28. Stage 5: Operations and Optimization 24x7x365 NOC Incident Management Database Management Security Management OS Support, Patching, etc. AWS Enterprise Support Senior DevOps Engineering Project Management Backups and DR Logicworks collaborates with PartyLite’s team to manage day-to-day operations.
  29. 29. Business Benefits of AWS
  30. 30. Operational Benefits of Working with Logicworks Total time of the project was greatly reduced 24x7 front line support to monitor and act on critical issues Support and train teams as they learn AWS No need to find and retain quality AWS engineering talent
  31. 31. Q&A Joseph Rahimzadeh Sr. Solutions Specialist Logicworks | Phil Christensen Sr. Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer Logicworks | Sai Reddy Thangirala Solutions Architect Amazon Web Services