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How Icelandair Group Leveraged APN Partner IBM & AWS to Streamline Backup Deployments


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Managing backup and recovery systems can be complex, especially with the volume of data being produced by modern businesses. IBM Spectrum ProtectTM simplifies this process by delivering an intuitive and comprehensive data protection solution that makes it easy to take advantage of the AWS infrastructure. It only takes a few minutes to migrate IBM Spectrum Protect backup storage to Amazon S3. You can deploy IBM Spectrum Protect on AWS to protect cloud-hosted data, or serve as a replicate site for on-premises backups. Built-in performance and efficiency features make it easy to migrate business class backups to the cloud and still meet recovery objectives. By scaling with the data it protects, IBM Spectrum Protect can help you to stay on top of backup and recovery with less complexity and cost.

Icelandair Group, one of the largest companies in Iceland, looked to migrate their mission critical services to AWS, including their backups. Managed service provider, Nyherji helped Icelandair Group execute this plan using IBM Spectrum Protect. With IBM Spectrum Protect, Icelandair Group was able to deploy backups on AWS in a fraction of the time it took using their on-premises infrastructure, while also protecting and recovering business data without any investments in on-premises or recovery center infrastructure. Attend our upcoming webinar with Icelandair, Nyherji, and IBM to learn more.

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How Icelandair Group Leveraged APN Partner IBM & AWS to Streamline Backup Deployments

  1. 1. How Icelandair Group Leveraged APN Partner IBM & AWS to Streamline Backup Deployments Isaiah Weiner, Sr. Mgr. Solutions Architecture, Amazon Web Services Greg Tevis, Customer Solution Architect, IBM Elísabet Halldórsdóttir, Director IT Operations, Icelandair Pétur Eyþórsson, Resiliency Offerings Manager, Nýherji May 9th, 2017
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Isaiah Weiner Sr. Mgr. Solutions Architecture Amazon Web Services Greg Tevis Customer Solution Architect IBM Elísabet Halldórsdóttir Director IT Operations Icelandair Group Pétur Eyþórsson Resiliency Offerings Manager Nýherji
  3. 3. Backup & Recovery on AWS Isaiah Weiner, Sr. Mgr. Solutions Architecture, Amazon Web Services
  4. 4. AWS Backup and Recovery Process  Creates a point in time copy of data on primary storage  Stored in alternate location  Multiple copies of data to select from Use Cases  Data loss  Recovery for purposes of audit/compliance  Logical errors
  5. 5. Common Backup and Recovery Challenges High Cost Building and maintaining on-premises storage hardware is expensive Compliance Meeting compliance regulations for long-term data storage and archiving is difficult to achieve with traditional backup and recovery Manual Backup Difficult to manually backup, especially as storage needs scale up
  6. 6. Benefits of AWS for Backup and Recovery Scalable Automatically scales up and down Low Cost Allows you to pay only for what you use Secure Encrypt data and tightly control access Easy to Maintain No need to buy or maintain on- premises hardware Integrated Optimize your storage solutions by integrating multiple AWS services
  7. 7. AWS Backup & Recovery Services AWS Storage Gateway Seamlessly enables hybrid cloud storage with local integration and optimized data transfer Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Object storage designed to store and access any type of data Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration Transfer Acceleration leverages Amazon CloudFront’s globally distributed edge locations, by routing data as it arrives at an edge location to Amazon S3 over an optimized network path.
  8. 8. AWS Backup & Recovery Services (continued) AWS Snowball Secure petabyte-scale data transport solution reducing network costs and transfer times for transferring large amounts of data to the cloud AWS Snowball Edge Secure 100TB data transfer device with on-board storage and compute capabilities AWS Snowmobile Exabyte-scale data transfer service to move extremely large amounts of data to the cloud (up to 100PB per Snowmobile) via a secure 45-foot long ruggedized shipping container. Amazon Glacier Highly durable and low-cost storage service for archiving small to large amounts of data
  9. 9. APN Partner Benefits for Customers Easy Configuration Rapid Recovery Incremental Backup and Block Level Backup Cost-Effective Policy Based Backups Asynchronous Replication
  10. 10. Greg Tevis, Customer Solution Architect IBM
  11. 11. YEAR/RANK 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 9/9 9/9 7/9 5/9 5/9 3/9 2/9 1/9 © 2016 by The Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. Relative Ranking of Cloud Usage as an IT Cost Containment Measure
  12. 12. Cloud Infrastructure Use Cases © 2016 by The Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. For which of the following purposes does/did your organization use cloud infrastructure services? (Percent of respondents, N=319, multiple responses accepted)
  13. 13. Realized Benefits of Cloud-based Data Protection Services 34% 34% 36% 36% 37% 38% 40% 41% 42% 49% Reduced or eliminated on-premises data protection… Improved compliance Reduced or eliminated on-premises support contract… Reduced power and cooling costs Reduced backup and restore windows Reduced complexity within our IT environment Reduced or eliminated on-premises data protection… Reduced IT personnel costs Improved security Improved recoverability and reliability of backups What benefits – if any – has your organization realized as the result of using cloud-based data protection services? © 2016 by The Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.
  14. 14. The Original Cloud Backup Use Case Benefits Challenges Cloud infrastructure  Backup data is off-site  Pay as you go model. No backup infrastructure to buy and manage  100% Operating Expenses. No capital needed Backup server and storage Your data  Backup and restore performance is limited by network bandwidth  Restore activity can generate high cloud fees  Limited service levels may not meet business requirements Managed Service Provider Ideal for small businesses, small projects and remote offices
  15. 15. 4 Ways Clouds Can Relieve Backup Pressure Backup from on-premises to cloud Disaster Recovery in the cloud Protect cloud-hosted data Long term archiving for backup data
  16. 16. Key Considerations for Cloud Data Protection  Manage SLAs and data governance the same as when data and backups were on-site  Cloud offers more options to optimize costs and services  You’re still responsible for your data  What parts of data protection should you continue to manage?  Act like a service provider, or choose a service provider?  How will you audit results?  Recovery time objectives  Time to complete compliance audits  Disaster Recovery testing  Total cost of ownership © 2016 Cobalt Iron | Confidential
  17. 17. Managed Service Provider (MSP) Example: Nýherji  Nýherji is the largest IT Service provider in Iceland, supporting Icelandair Group and other large enterprises  Nýherji incorporates Amazon S3 into their Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS) offerings, which use IBM Spectrum Protect  Backups can be stored outside the country effortlessly and securely  The ability to move data to the AWS Cloud provides an additional layer of safety, resiliency, and peace of mind “IBM Spectrum Protect provides the flexibility of using multiple cloud storage infrastructures for backup data, which gives our customers confidence about data resiliency and has enabled us to expand our business” Finnur Oddsson, CEO
  18. 18. Icelandair Group Elísabet Halldórsdóttir, Director IT Operations
  19. 19. Meet Icelandair Group  Founded in 1937 and is Icelands´s largest corporation.  Icelandair Group comprises nine subsidiaries in aviation and tourist services that cover a wide range of the industry‘s value chain. OUR VISION  is to unlock Iceland's potential as a year-round destination, to strengthen Iceland´s position as a connecting hub and to maintain our focus on flexibility and experience
  20. 20. Desired Outcomes Move customer-facing applications to AWS Respond to changes in demand faster Increase business resiliency
  21. 21. Why Did Icelandair Group Choose AWS? Global Reach Icelandair Group was able to deploy their services over multiple Availability Zones to reduce latency and enhance uptime Rapid Scalability AWS enables Icelandair to manage IT capacity more efficiently by scaling on- demand, and paying only for what they use Business Resiliency AWS’s global infrastructure allows Icelandair to take advantage of multi-Region deployments for increased business resiliency
  22. 22. Backup and Recovery Backups  Significant data center workload  Significant opportunity for cloud migration Nýherji’s solution  Strong technical foundation: AWS S3 + IBM Spectrum Protect  Nýherji’s field-proven best practice configuration of IBM-SP  Rapid deployment with no CapEx  A proven process to audit backups and restores
  23. 23. Factors in Decision to Use Spectrum Protect on AWS  AWS S3: Cost effective, scalable, and trusted  IBM Spectrum Protect:  Efficiency: Deduplication and Compression deliver efficient use of bandwidth and storage  Security: 256bit TLS 1.2 encryption of data, at rest and in transit  Familiarity: Already a trusted part of the local Data Center  Cost effective, scalable, trusted  Nýherji  Managed services provider for Icelandair since 2000  Technical expertise  Proven track record
  24. 24. Why IBM Spectrum Protect? Built-in AWS integration Removes need for on-premises backup infrastructure Accelerates deployment of AWS backup storage
  25. 25. Opportunities  Protection of EC2 workloads  DR to Cloud using VMware on AWS  Continued development of customer facing applications in AWS  Continued development of AWS S3 as a backup repository for selected workloads
  26. 26. Nýherji Pétur Eyþórsson , Resiliency Offerings Manager
  27. 27. Testing of IBM Spectrum Protect and AWS Test 1 Backup Server Deployment Results: Deployment time reduced from 72 hours to 10 minutes Test 2 VMware Backup Interface Deployment Results: VMware interface is intuitive enough that VMware Administrators did not require special skills or training Backups Test 3 Results: Backup throughput easily scaled up until network connection was saturated, meeting or exceeding reliability and performance requirements Restores Test 4 Results: Reliability requirements were met or exceeded, due to changes in IBM Spectrum Protect
  28. 28. Conclusions of Tests  Essential processes operate as expected, when using AWS  Traditional, resource heavy, on-site backup solutions can be replaced or complimented by using IBM-SP to AWS S3  IBM-SP’s compression and deduplication achieved 81% (1:5) reduction in volume during tests – a key differentiator in backup-to-cloud viability  IBM-SP’s VMware plugin, coupled Nýherji accelerated deployment package, makes solution accessible to general IT Staff
  29. 29. Q&A Isaiah Weiner Greg Tevis Elísabet Halldórsdóttir Pétur Eyþórsson
  30. 30. Thank You  ESG Analyst Paper:  Blog Post:  Blog Post:  IBM Spectrum Protect – Case Study Video:  IBM Spectrum Protect - Product Page:  Self-guided Live Demo: