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AWS Customer Presentation - Gotuit


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AWS Start-Up Event NYC: Dan Gill, VP Business Development, Gotuit talks about their use of AWS for WWE 25th Anniversary video mash-ups.

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AWS Customer Presentation - Gotuit

  1. 1. Gotuit: Video Metadata Management System (VMMS) Overview for Amazon AWS Tour May 2009 © 2009 Gotuit Media Corp., All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Gotuit Overview  Critical Need for Video Optimization Gotuit Glance  Search & Discovery  Navigation & Personalization  Founded in 2000  Syndication & Monetization  Leader in Video Metadata  Metadata Is Video’s Third Ingredient  Broadband, Mobile, TV  Images, Sound, Metadata  Early, Broad, and Deep IP  The Scene Is The New Unit of Video  Video Metadata Management System (VMMS)  Authoring: Gotuit VideoMarker Pro™  Management: Gotuit Metadata Services™  Consumption: Gotuit PowerVideo Suite™  Software-as-a-Service Gotuit Overview for Amazon AWS 2
  3. 3. Value Proposition for Broadband Publishers More Visits x Greater Session Time x More Video Products x More Targeted Ads = Optimized Content Monetization Gotuit Overview for Amazon AWS 3
  4. 4. VMMS: Scalable, Cloud-Based Architecture Metadata Metadata Metadata Authoring Management Consumption Gotuit Metadata Services XML Publishers CDN Viewers • Gotuit-Enabled Player Environments • Metadata Display & Source Videos Navigation - MPEG-2 - 3GPP • Ad Insertion & Targeting - Flash - h.264 • Video Search - Move Networks -… • User Remix Creation Gotuit Overview for Amazon AWS 4
  5. 5. The Challenge: WWE Smash-Ups  World Wrestling Entertainment  User remixing contest to drive interest in Wrestlemania 25  Subject to large spikes in traffic due to live TV promotion  Must be up 100% Gotuit Overview for Amazon AWS 5
  6. 6. WWE Smash-Ups: User-Defined Remixing Gotuit Overview for Amazon AWS 6
  7. 7. Gotuit Enabled on the Cloud  RightScale front end  Auto-scaling  Load-balancing  Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)  User registration and login  Ratings/voting  Remix metadata processing  Video search  Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS)  Primary metadata database  Slave/failover database  Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)  Incremental EBS snapshots  Nightly EBS snapshots  CDN for video streaming (Level3 or Akamai) Gotuit Overview for Amazon AWS 7
  8. 8. Lessons Learned  Advantages  Very easy to bring up environments for development and QA  Deploying new code updates much simpler  Pay on a usage basis = lower overall costs  Confident that the system could scale, based on both activity and time-based triggers  Disadvantages  Definite learning curve, having RightScale support helped a lot Gotuit Overview for Amazon AWS 8
  9. 9. Excellent Results  More customers and more traffic on same infrastructure Gotuit Overview for Amazon AWS 9
  10. 10. Gotuit – Video Unleashed Thank you. Dan Gill VP Sales & Business Development Gotuit Media Corp 617-504-8497 Gotuit Overview for Amazon AWS 10