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GMG204 TinyCo’s Best Practices for Developing, Scaling, and Monetizing Games with AWS and Amazon - AWS re: Invent 2012


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TinyCo is a game studio that powers and monetizes hit titles such as Tiny Village and Tiny Pets. In this session they will share their best practices for developing engaging titles that work across mobile platforms. TinyCo has learned how-to scale their AWS app servers and databases to handle viral demand, and they will talk about what they learned while they were developing their gaming platform and code libraries. Additionally, TinyCo was successful marketing and monetizing their game with the Amazon Appstore and Kindle Fire, and they will explain how-to integrate with Amazon’s in-app purchasing service.

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GMG204 TinyCo’s Best Practices for Developing, Scaling, and Monetizing Games with AWS and Amazon - AWS re: Invent 2012

  1. 1. • Freemium Mobile Games• We move quickly
  2. 2. • Typically have 130+ EC2 Instances running• 20 billion requests• 400 TB of data delivered• 25,000 instance-hours• 175,000,000 analytics events per day• All of this, and it’s supported by a team of just 5 back-end engineers
  3. 3. • Our attitude• Our technology• Our people
  4. 4. Happier players Better monetization• Higher retention on Android • Higher ARPDAU on Android• Higher engagement on Android • Higher ARPPU on Android
  5. 5. D7 retention +12% higher on Android vs. iOS for cross-platform gamesAmazon vs iOS D7 retention (for the last 3 months)
  6. 6. D7 engagement +7% higher on Android vs. iOS forcross-platform gamesAmazon vs iOS D7 engagement, average # of active days played per week (for the last 3 months)
  7. 7. Benefits Challenges• Metrics are GREAT on Kindle • Device specific bugs• High quality devices showcase • Design & UI considerations for TinyCo artwork different devices• Quick submission process enables • User acquisition us to release to users faster• Griffin engine allows us to deal • Lower user volumes with device fragmentation better• Payment flows and Prime Accts from Amazon increase ARPU and ARPPU
  8. 8. Tiny VillageStrategy 9
  9. 9. Low-priced Mid-priced High-priced version version version 16% 34% 52% New Users New Users 84% Existing Users 66% 48% Existing UsersExisting Users
  10. 10. Higher level players spend more on items # of Paying Users 1.4X with higher returnsRan a limited time mini-game with premium Avg. user spend 1.3X features Resulted in higher returns and happier Revenues 1.9X players
  11. 11. Optimize User Experience• UI optimized for different devices, screen sizes, aspect ratios• Adapt to different frame rates• Native performance
  12. 12. Three approaches:Single Platform DevelopmentWrite for one platform. Release on one platform.Multi-Platform DevelopmentWrite everything twice. Release on both platforms.Cross-Platform DevelopmentWrite it once, Release everywhere.
  13. 13. Anatomy of a Cross Platform System:Shared game engine Single game code
  14. 14. Shared game engine Single game code
  15. 15. • Powering Each Game• All on Amazon EC2 Instances• Static Assets
  16. 16. • We are Data Driven • Analytics is key to understanding user behavior • AB Testing • Advertising
  17. 17. analyticssophisticated system
  18. 18. • Analytics Data Pipeline • Data comes from several places• The whole pipeline is run on AWS
  19. 19. • Analytics • Vertica database • Tableau software for visualization of data • Other AWS Technologies in use:
  20. 20. The advise Im going to give isnt for everyone. Someassumptions Im making about you:
  21. 21. Correctly predicting every scenario in which you may failis hard.Monitoring how your systems are currently working ismuch easier than predicting how theyre going to work insome unknown future scenario
  22. 22. AWS can react quickly. That benefit is lost if you, too,cannot act quickly.Investment in automation is a good thing, focus on twoareas:
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