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Getting Started with AWS Mobile Services


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AWS provides a range of services to help you deliver mobile apps that can scale to millions of users and reach global audiences. In this session, Amit Patel, General Manager of AWS Mobile Services, will share our vision, customer trends and the latest additions to AWS Mobile Services. We’ll also be joined by Jeffrey Jagoda, Solutions Architect – Cloud, from Wawa Food Markets. He’ll share how Wawa Food Markets has been developing unique and innovative mobile solutions on AWS.

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Getting Started with AWS Mobile Services

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Amit Patel, GM AWS Mobile Development August 11, 2016 Getting Started with AWS Mobile Services
  2. 2. 4 Million+ Mobile apps in the App Store and Google Play 18 Weeks Average time to build mobile apps 25% Apps abandoned after first use Source: App Annie 2016 Recode 2016
  3. 3. Unique features Time to market Scale, performance, & reliability App quality
  4. 4. Your infrastructure Your app
  5. 5. Fulfilling customers’ daily lives Jeffrey Jagoda / August 11, 2016 / AWS NYC Summit
  6. 6. Store Locator Fuel Prices Nutrition Wawa Card & Reload Pay in-store GET GREAT REWARDS! Fast. Easy. Rewarding. A better way to Wawa!
  7. 7. Amazon Web Services Wawa Data Center 3rd Parties & Payment B2B Partners EC2Elastic Load Balancing S3 RDS Route 53 Enterprise Service Bus Enterprise Applications Customers Fast. Easy. Rewarding. Connecting customers
  8. 8. 12 months from Sprint 0 to Production An Enterprise Design to Mobile Backend PCI Compliant Architecture Component-based Architecture / Decouple Internet Scalable (Consumer Growth) Extreme Agility and Flexibility Over 45 New Technologies A digital transformation story
  9. 9. Associates in action
  10. 10. FASTER • Speed to Market • Internet Enablement • Simplify Management • Dynamically Adapt • Infrastructure as Code • AWS Marketplace Launching into the clouds
  11. 11. In production nearing 2 years! Working with Amazon and our developers to evolve the design: Mobile Analytics, Serverless (Lambda), Device Testing (Device Farm) *Using AWS for other use cases Fast. Easy. Rewarding. Lift off & beyond
  12. 12. Develop > Deliver > Engage
  13. 13. …..….
  14. 14. Get out of box scalability, flexibility, & security Use your favorite { language, IDE, toolchain } Pay as you go Scalability Security & ComplianceFlexibility
  15. 15. Easily add and manage the services you need Authenticate users Analyze user behavior Store and share media Synchronize data Deliver media Amazon Cognito (Sync) Amazon Cognito (Identity) Amazon S3 Amazon CloudFront Store data Amazon DynamoDB Amazon RDS Track retention Amazon Mobile Analytics Send push notifications Amazon SNS Mobile Push Run server-side logic AWS Lambda Device Farm Test your app Amazon Mobile Analytics AWS Mobile SDKs AWS Mobile Hub
  16. 16. Develop > Deliver > Engage
  17. 17. Test on real devices
  18. 18. Continuously deliver quality applications …
  19. 19. Monitor app health and nip issues in the bud
  20. 20. Develop > Deliver > Engage
  21. 21. Generate insights to drive informed decisions Analytics on usage, retention, and monetization Flexible app instrumentation and custom analytics Integrated mobile and web analytics
  22. 22. Effectively engage your users Message users via email, SMS, mobile push or desktop push Enable direct and broadcast messaging Automate user messaging with APIs
  23. 23. Develop > Deliver > Engage Quickly and Easily AWS will manage the infrastructure High Quality Applications Intelligently, proactively, and completely
  24. 24. … Find, try, purchase, and install mobile software in minutes on AWS Marketplace …
  25. 25. Demo
  26. 26. Thank You!