Enterprise Workloads on AWS


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This presentation from the AWS Lab at Cloud Expo Europe 2014 explores the solutions, support options and software licensing approaches that you can use if you chose to run your enterprise workloads on Amazon Web Services.

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  • “in this session you will learn how you can run popular enterprise workloads from Microsoft, Oracle and SAP on AWS. This session will discuss how you can run popular enterprise applications on AWS. We will discuss how you can  choose between installing and configuring your own applications or launching entire software stacks from Oracle, SAP and  Microsoft  in minutes by choosing from a large selection of pre-configured virtual machines images and templates. In  many cases, customers may be able to use their existing software licenses in the AWS cloud with no additional license fees.”
  • Can open by threatening to go through each of the building blocks I just wanted to start by explaining a few of the terms I will refer to as I go through this session (Need slides that graphically depict and look good:Note: EC2 = virtual machines RDS S3- object storage ( may not talk about S£ except in context of snapshots)CloudformationVPC
  • Speaker Notes: When launching an EC2 instance, you will initially begin by selecting and AMI and an Instance type (optionally an availability zone). You will then have to select various configuration options for your EC2 instance such as, the networking typology (EC2 Classic or VPC), what sort of storage devices you would like attached (number and sizes of EBS volumes, ephemeral drives), and whether or not you will be creating the storage devices from any S3 snapshots.
  • To summarise what Amazon RDS offers, across three ‘flavours’ of the service, you can think about the feature set in three main areas:DeploymentA choice of database engines and overall application compatibilityEase of deployment with pre-configured parameters and settingsManagementAutomated backups and disaster recoveryUser snapshots and cloning, plus software patching and upgradesScalingPush button scaling through the AWS management console 30,000 IOPS!
  • Speaker Notes:[Type your notes here]
  • Need opening graphic as intro
  • Mention scommgt pack, segway into reference implementationsRemoved security groups bullet point as that will detract from message as it was misleading as they should configure the windows firewall as well not a discussion for this slide ) cover in security slide
  • AWS does not need to be SVVP validated for customers to be fully supported running Microsoft workloads on AWS. As Microsoft explains: “SVVP does not apply to vendors that are hosting Windows Server or other Microsoft products through the Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement Program (SPLA). Support for SPLA customers is provided under the SPLA agreement by the SPLA hoster.”SVVP validation is not applicable to SPLA providers. Support for SPLA customers is provided under the SPLA agreement by AWS. AWS is fully committed to supporting our customers running Microsoft workloads on AWS.http://aws.amazon.com/microsoft/faq/
  • The purpose of these labs is to provide customers with the ability to quickly and easily explore the benefits of using Microsoft server software on AWS. Test Drive labs are developed by APN Consulting and Technology partners, and are provided free of charge for demonstrational purposes. Each Test Drive lab includes up to 5 hours of complimentary AWS server time and you can return here to try any or all of the Test Drive labs at any time, so feel free to experiment and explore.
  • http://aws.amazon.com/visualstudio/Your developers can use the same IDE’s they are used to
  • http://aws.amazon.com/visualstudio/
  • https://aws.amazon.com/windows/system-center/SCOM Versions 2012 and 2007 R2
  • Need opening graphic as intro
  • Probably need a bit more detail in this deck as graphic ( so grapjhic may be replaced
  • http://aws.amazon.com/solutions/global-solution-providers/oracle/labs/  it can also be reached through http://oracletestdrive.com
  • Need opening graphic as intro
  • SAP business suite products referenced ECC, SRMSAP netweaver products referenced BW
  • Enterprise Workloads on AWS

    1. 1. Running Enterprise Workloads on AWS Grace Mollison Ecosystems Solutions Architect
    2. 2. The AWS Cloud Tools to access services Cross Service features High-level building blocks Low-level building blocks
    3. 3. AWS - EC2 Terminology “Public” “Public” Default VPC Default VPC VPC VPC Instance AMI EBS EBS EBS EBS AZ Virtual Machine Configuration Running or Stopped VM EBS EBS Availability Zone EBS Snapshots S3 Buckets S3 Region
    4. 4. AWS - RDS Terminology Systems Benefits of Managed RDS is a fully managed relational database service that is simple to deploy, easy to scale, reliable and cost-effective Choice of DB Engines and Application Compatibility Ease of Deployment and Patching Automated Backups and Disaster Recovery User Snapshots and Cloning Push Button Scalability Monitoring and Automatic Host Replacement
    5. 5. AWS - CloudFormation Terminology AWS CloudFormation Template AWS CloudFormation RR 1 Web Servers App Master RR 2 Amazon Route 53 Elastic Load Balancer RR 3 Web Servers Web ASG CloudFront Distribution S3 Bucket Stack App Elastic Beanstalk ElastiCache Cluster RR 4 Standby
    6. 6. AWS - VPC www Public Subnet Internal facing systems Accessible only over VPN – access to internet over corporate connection Private Subnet Internet facing systems Assert control over networking layer VPN
    7. 7. VPN Router Router www Data center AWS Cloud IPSec tunnel via statically-routed or dynamicallyrouted (BGP) VPN
    8. 8. Direct Connect AWS Direct Connect Location Data center Amazon Partner Network suppliers can hook up the last leg AWS Cloud New York Los Angeles Washington DC San Jose Singapore Tokyo London Docklands Dublin Sao Paulo Sydney
    9. 9. Direct Connect Router Router AWS Direct Connect Location AWS Cloud Data center Dedicated connection Ethernet transport 1 Gbps/10Gbps ports
    10. 10. Maximize reliability www Router Router AWS Cloud Data center Direct Connect
    11. 11. Microsoft Workloads on AWS
    12. 12. • Improve Agility & Time-to-Market • Reduce infrastructure costs • Pay for only what you use • Align IT infrastructure to the way business operates • Leverage your Microsoft investment
    13. 13. AWS provides pre-configured Windows AMI’s to start running fully supported Windows Server virtual Machines in minutes
    14. 14. Windows-Based AMIs Microsoft Windows based Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) Over 20 Amazon published Windows and SQL AMIs Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2012 + SQL 2012 Standard, Web & Express Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 + SQL 2012 Standard, Web & Express Windows Server 2008 + SQL 2008 Standard, Web & Express Other Windows based AMIs….
    15. 15. Utilize Your Existing Windows Skill-Set and AWS • Full, real, licensed Windows Server OS - 2003, 2008, 2008r2, 2012 all via our Microsoft SPLA licensing means no CAL’s required - SQL Server Standard via SPLA as well • VPC for static, user-defined networks • Easily install services that you know - AD, ADFS, SCOM, WSUS, SQL, MS Exchange, SharePoint, etc.
    16. 16. Licensing... by the hour. * Prices subject to (typically downward) change
    17. 17. Microsoft Licensing Models on AWS Two models of licensing Pay-as-you-go – AMI pricing includes software • Windows Server • SQL Server Standard BYOL – use existing licenses on AWS • SQL Server Enterprise • SharePoint Server • Other Microsoft Windows Server products Microsoft “License Mobility through Software Assurance” gives Microsoft Volume Licensing customers the flexibility to deploy Windows server applications with active Microsoft Software Assurance on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Increase flexibility to deploy your on-premises workloads on the AWS Cloud without additional licensing fees.
    18. 18. Microsoft Support On AWS • AWS is a Microsoft service provider and a Gold Certified Hosting Partner. • AWS today provides first tier support for a wide range of Microsoft technologies including all versions of Microsoft Windows Server from 2003 onwards, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Exchange. • If a problem is identified with a Microsoft product on AWS that expands beyond AWS technologies, then AWS works closely with Microsoft support to provide a coordinated support experience for customers. • AWS has a Premier Support agreement with Microsoft.
    19. 19. References General info on AWS and License Mobility for a variety of MS server products: http://aws.amazon.com/windows/mslicensemobility/ Detail on AWS and License Mobility with SQL Server: http://aws.amazon.com/windows/mslicensemobility/sql/ FAQ on AWS and Microsoft: http://aws.amazon.com/microsoft/faq/
    20. 20. Microsoft workloads Reference Implementation guides Implementation guide resources • Guide • Reference Architecture • Set of CloudFormation scripts to automate installation SharePoint • http://aws.amazon.com/articles/9982940049271604 • http://media.amazonwebservices.com/AWS_SharePoint_Reference_Implementation_Guide.pdf Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) and SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups in the AWS Cloud • http://media.amazonwebservices.com/AWS_WSFC_SQL_Server_AlwaysOn.pd • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVBbaZQO6YAf Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 in the AWS Cloud: • Planning & Implementation Guide http://media.amazonwebservices.com/AWS_Exchange_Planning_Implementation_Guide.pdf
    21. 21. Windows Server Cluster-Based SQL Server 2012 HA in AWS Remote Admin & Mgmt Users Elastic IP’s (Public Route) NAT Instance Elastic IP’s (Public Route) RDGW Instance NAT Instance Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) Cluster Node WSFC Configuration Node WSFC Configuration SQL Server Instance Instance Network Name AlwaysOn Availability Group Secondary Replica Availability Group Listener Virtual Network Name Storage Storage Primary DC/DNS Rerplica DC/DNS Availability Zone 1 Availability Zone 2 AWS Region Private IP’s (Private Route) Private IP’s (Private Route) SQL Server Instance Instance Network Name Primary Replica RDGW Instance
    22. 22. SharePoint Reference Implementation Public Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet IIS & SharePoint Web Front End Central Admin & SharePoint Services Application Tier Availability Zone 1 Primary DB SQL Server Primary DC/DNS Database Tier Active Directory Database Tier Active Directory NAT Remote Admin RDGW Web Tier Users ELB Web Tier IIS & SharePoint Web Front End Internet Gateway Application Tier Central Admin & SharePoint Services Mirror DB Backup DC/DNS RDGW Witness NAT Public Subnet Private Subnet Private Subnet Availability Zone 2 AWS Region Private Subnet Private Subnet
    23. 23. Deploy SharePoint Farm in 6 Steps • Technical Article “Deploy a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Server Farm in the AWS Cloud in 6 Simple Steps”: • Builds upon the SharePoint Reference Implementation White Paper • http://aws.amazon.com/articles/9982940049271604 • AWS CloudFormation Templates for each step: • Launch the network and Active Directory stack • Launch the database stack • Launch the app stack • Launch the web stack
    24. 24. Microsoft Exchange 2010 Reference Implementation
    25. 25. Microsoft Test Drive Program http://aws.amazon.com/testdrive/microsoft/
    26. 26. Window and .NET Developer Center One stop for all tools, documentation, scripts, videos, and sample code to help you run .NET on the AWS Cloud http://aws.amazon.com/net/ Develop Manage Connect Learn Design, Build, and Run .NET on AWS Automate and Scale Windows on AWS Get connected and join the community of developers running Windows and .NET on AWS Expand and Explore the possibility for .NET on AWS • • • AWS SDK for .NET AWS Toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET container for deploying on AWS Elastic Beanstalk • AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell • Community Forum • AWS on Github • Links to valuable articles • Sample code to download
    27. 27. AWS SDK for .NET Includes APIs for many AWS services • AWS Toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio • Visual Studio templates • AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell • AWS CloudFormation Template Editor • AWS .NET Library • C# code samples
    28. 28. Visual Studio with AWS
    29. 29. Visual Studio with AWS
    30. 30. AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell
    31. 31. AWS Management pack for Microsoft System Center • AWS Management Pack is an extension to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager that enables you to view and monitor your AWS resources directly in the Operations Manager console • Single pane of glass to view and monitor your resources, whether they are on-premises or in the AWS cloud. • AWS resources that can be monitored using the AWS • Management pack: • Amazon EC2 instances ( windows & Linux) • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes • Elastic Load Balancing • AWS CloudFormation Stacks • AWS Elastic Beanstalk Applications
    32. 32. Oracle Workloads on AWS
    33. 33. Oracle Database on AWS Can use instances with up to 4 cores and 1 GB Memory Express Edition Can use instances with up to 8 cores and any amount of memory Standard Edition One Can use instances with up to 16 cores and any amount of memory Standard Edition Can use any instance type Enterprise Edition • Oracle Database 9i, 10g, and 11g fully supported on EC2 • All Editions of Database Supported on EC2 including
    34. 34. Amazon RDS for Oracle • • • • • Making it easy to setup, operate & scale relational databases in the cloud Deploy a pre-configured, resizable “Database Instance” in minutes via the AWS Management Console Let Amazon RDS manage automated backups, software patching, replication for fault tolerance and read scaling Compatible with existing DB apps and tools Pay by the hour (rates vary by DB Instance class and region)
    35. 35. Other Oracle Database Products on AWS All of these Oracle Products are fully supported on EC2 TimesTen Oracle NoSQL Coherence MySQL MySQL MySQL MySQL Community Edition Enterprise Edition Standard Edition Cluster CGE Data Active Data Golden Guard Guard Gate RMAN Enterprise Manager
    36. 36. Oracle Fusion Middleware on AWS All of these Oracle Products are fully supported on EC2 Oracle SOA Suite WebCenter OBIEE Identity and Access Management Business Process Management Suite WebLogic Suite Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Master Data Management Suite Business Rules
    37. 37. Oracle Enterprise Applications on AWS All of these Oracle Products are fully supported on EC2 Oracle E-Business Suite JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Siebel JD Edwards World Hyperion PeopleSoft Applications Agile PLM Oracle Fusion Applications Primavera InQuira ATG Web Commerce
    38. 38. Oracle License Portability to AWS All Oracle Software licenses are fully portable to Amazon Web Services EC2 • Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) • Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) • Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Processor & Socket Licensing: • Standard Licenses - 0.25 core multiplier = 1 license for 4 virtual cores on EC2 • Enterprise Licenses - 0.5 core multiplier = 1 license for 4 virtual cores on EC2 • Oracle Cloud Licensing Policy http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/pricing/cloud-licensing-070579.pdf
    39. 39. Hybrid Architecture with Oracle and AWS Customers can run part of their application on-premises or in their own data center and part of it in AWS. Connectivity to AWS can be enhanced with DirectConnect
    40. 40. Oracle Secure backup – Cloud Module  Oracle Secure Backup (OSB) Cloud Module allows customers to backup Oracle Databases directly to Amazon S3 using the Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)  Data is compressed and encrypted in flight and at rest using Oracle Advanced Security module.  Licensed by number of concurrent backup channels  Works equally well for databases hosted in Amazon EC2 or in the customer’s data center.  Amazon.com uses this technology for backing up its own Oracle Databases
    41. 41. Oracle Test Drive Program AWSTestDrive.com
    42. 42. SAP Workloads on AWS
    43. 43. AWS / SAP Alliance SAP has been an AWS customer since 2008 AWS is an SAP Global Technology Partner Most SAP products are now certified for production deployment on AWS
    44. 44. SAP Solutions Certified for Production on AWS  SAP Business Suite  SAP Business All-in-One  SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions  SAP Business One  SAP BusinessObjects BI  SAP Afaria  SAP Afaria Cloud  SAP HANA One Certification requirement only applies to production use cases. Any SAP application can be run on AWS for non-production use cases. SAP Note #165609 contains the latest information regarding SAP product, landscape and platform support on AWS
    45. 45. SAP Certified Operating Systems and Databases Operating Systems SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 or higher Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 or higher Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher Databases IBM DB2 Version 9.7 or higher SAP MaxDB Version 7.8 or higher Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher Sybase ASE or higher
    46. 46. Amazon EC2 SAPS SAP SD 2-Tier Benchmark Instance Type Cores Mem SAPS High Memory 2-XLarge 4 34.2 3,700 High Memory 4-XLarge 8 68.4 7,400 16 60.5 22,000 Cluster Compute 8-XLarge SAP SD 3-Tier Benchmark Instance Type # of Instances Type Cluster Compute 8-XLarge 1 DB Cluster Compute 8-XLarge 1 CI Cluster Compute 8-Xlarge 6 DI Total SAPS: 90,330
    47. 47. SAP Software and Licensing on AWS Bring-Your-Own Software and License  Primary model for most SAP applications on AWS  Existing SAP licenses can be used on AWS Software and License Included  AWS Marketplace  SAP Trial Images & Developer Editions  AWS / SAP Test Drive Program
    48. 48. SAP HANA on AWS SAP HANA One Premium Business Developer Overview SAP HANA One, plus SAP Cloud Integration (HCI) and approval to load SAP source data Fully featured SAP HANA virtual appliance on AWS Fully featured SAP HANA virtual appliance on AWS for individual developers Use Cases Production and non-production All SAP HANA use cases supported including SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse on HANA Production and non-production Analytics acceleration Data merging Temporary event-based analytics Self-service BI Prototypes and proofs-of-concept Non-production only Develop, test and demo applications on top of the HANA platform Learning environment Key Benefits Instant provisioning Enterprise Support included Annual subscription pricing – economical for 24x7 customers Data Services included Instant, self-serve access – up and running in 10 minutes Start and stop when needed – reduce license and infrastructure cost Community support Free developer license Easily accessible and rapidly deployable Pay-per-use infrastructure License Annual subscription On-demand - $0.99 per hour Free Developer License Available from SAP HANA Marketplace AWS Marketplace SAP SCN
    49. 49. SAP on AWS Pricing Example Sample SAP Test/Demo system:  1 EC2 instance (VM): 4 cores x 15 GB memory  Online M-F 8AM-8PM: 240 hours p/month  Persistent storage: 200 GB  Backup storage: 300 GB Component AWS Resource Quantity Unit Cost Virtual Machine m1.xlarge - SLES 11 240 hours $0.58 p/hour Primary Storage EBS volume 200 GB $0.10 p/GB p/month $20 Backup Storage S3 storage 300 GB $0.095 p/GB p/month $29 Network & IO Data Transfer & IO * Pricing based on US-East region as of 6/5/2013 Monthly Cost $140 $9 Total Monthly Cost: $198 An AWS Simple Monthly Calculator pre-populated with the above resources can be viewed here
    50. 50. AWS Partner Network: SAP Partners APN SAP partners provide a variety of SAP specific services on top of the AWS platform Consulting Services: SAP Implementation AWS Onboarding SAP OS/DB Migrations SAP POCs SAP Sizing Architecture Planning SAP Evaluations Performance Tuning SAP High Availability SAP Hosting Backup & Recovery Account Management Disaster Recovery DB Administration SAP BASIS 24/7 Help Desk OS Admin & Patching SAP Upgrades Managed Services:
    51. 51. How SAP Customers and Partners Use AWS Extend Existing IT Infrastructure to the AWS Cloud  Run SAP Test, Training, Demo, POC and Sandbox systems on AWS  Migrate SAP DEV and QAS landscapes to AWS  SAP Document and Data Archiving to AWS Cloud Storage  Temporary infrastructure for SAP upgrades and OS/DB migrations  DR site for on-premises SAP production environments  Migrate SAP legacy systems to AWS Host Complete SAP Environments on the AWS Cloud
    52. 52. SAP is an AWS customer Cloud Usage at SAP SCN - posted by Frank Stienhans on Sep 30, 2011 “More and more I hear that the significant infrastructure cost saving is actually less interesting compared to the empowerment of our user base. Counting minutes instead of weeks.” Training in the cloud – feedback from a great year SCN - posted by Bruno Ranchy on Dec. 14, 2011 “Beyond the flexibility that the cloud provides, there’s another great asset that has had a tremendous impact on the attendees: performance! We consistently received great comments from the attendees on the performance of the systems.” Example class: BPC NW 10.0 Mega Elite Training  130 students each had their own dedicated BPC system on AWS  130 systems launched with a single mouse click from one AMI (template)  Instances only online from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM to save cost (automated via EC2 API)
    53. 53. Hybrid IT SAP Deployment SAP Production landscape runs in customer’s own datacentre SAP Development & Quality Assurance landscape runs on AWS DEV QAS ECC ECC BW BW SRM SRM PRD ECC BW Customer Data Centers SRM VPN or Direct Connect Secure connectivity between datacentre & AWS Virtual Private Cloud
    54. 54. Cloud Appliance Library (SAP CAL) • Quickly deploy demo, test &training systems • Full SAP Business Suite • Deploy in under 1 hour • Uses existing AWS account http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-33187
    55. 55. Full SAP Deployment on AWS Customer runs DEV, QAS & PRD on AWS Customer LAN DEV QAS PRD ECC ECC ECC BW BW BW SRM SRM SRM VPN or Direct Connect Secure connectivity between LAN & AWS network Virtual Private Cloud
    56. 56. AWS and SAP Managed Services Options “Self Managed” “Infrastructure Hosting” “Managed SAP Hosting” SAP Hosting Services SAP Hosting Services SAP Hosting Services  SAP BASIS Administration  SAP Installation/Operation  SAP Upgrades/Patching  SAP Monitoring  SAP BASIS Administration  SAP Installation/Operation  SAP Upgrades/Patching  SAP Monitoring  SAP BASIS Administration  SAP Installation/Operation  SAP Upgrades/Patching  SAP Monitoring Infrastructure Services Infrastructure Services Infrastructure Services  OS Admin/Patching  Backup & Recovery  Network & Security  Monitoring  OS Admin/Patching  Backup & Recovery  Network & Security  Monitoring  OS Admin/Patching  Backup & Recovery  Network & Security  Monitoring Infrastructure Infrastructure  Facility  Servers  Storage  Network Infrastructure  Facility  Servers  Storage  Network = Customer = Service Provider  Facility  Servers  Storage  Network = AWS
    58. 58. Thank You!