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Enterprise Transformation through Cognizant’s XaaS fabric on AWS (ENT222) | AWS re:Invent 2013


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(Presented by Cognizant) Unlocking the true value of the AWS cloud is not a one-size-fits all task. As a Premier Consulting Partner, we have worked with a number of enterprises on their journey towards the AWS cloud. As a best practice, we have developed tools and frameworks to assist along the way. Join our experts as we discuss practical examples of AWS implementations, based on which you can help your organization run better and run different.

-Cloud Stepz is a structured factory based process framework that helps clients migrate their application workloads to a cloud environment. It covers three major phases of the cloud journey, which are Strategy & Roadmap, Workload Assessment, and Migration Foundry.
-Cloud360 hyperplatform is a manager of enterprise cloud services that abstracts and governs private, public, and legacy IT assets and delivers a superior, on-demand service experience.
-assetSERV makes digital content management easy for large enterprises. Its cloud-based platform delivers tailored, on-demand marketing content that can be accessed and managed anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

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Enterprise Transformation through Cognizant’s XaaS fabric on AWS (ENT222) | AWS re:Invent 2013

  1. 1. Enterprise Transformation through Cognizant’s XaaS Fabric on AWS Jai Venkat, Ramesh Panuganty, Anthony Prakash November 14, 2013
  2. 2. Cognizant Cloud Mission *Anything-as-a-Service Why? What? Business Agility through XaaS* Hybrid IT infrastructure across on-premises and cloud Applications that easily adapt to change, faster to deploy and are optimal at resource usage Business solutions consumed on-demand, paid as opex. Eg.. SaaS, BPaaS Automated monitoring and governance across heterogeneous cloud platforms and apps • Lower cost of additional capacity • Enhanced customer experience • Lower cost of non-core operations • Automated, flexible management • Shorter Time-to-provision new resources • Faster time-to-decision • Faster expansion of business • Lower cost of monitoring • Faster monetization of innovation • Reduced downtime • Higher utilization of existing resources • Faster time to deploy changes Cloud accelerates agility by reducing procurement costs, increasing the pace of innovation and scaling resources on-demand.
  3. 3. Cloud Enablement Journey Discovery, Analysis, Planning Current assets, future state needs, cloud suitability, risk assessment, landing zones and roadmap definition Cloud Strategy & Roadmap Services o o Define what should move, to where and when Build a roadmap towards future state – cloud transformation Cloud Steps Cloud Strategy Management Workload Assessment Governance Security Provisioning Workflow Policies Migration On-Boarding Applications Re-host Replace Re-engineer Integrate Enablement Set Up Awareness Hybrid Setup Pilot Templates Guidelines Adapters & Wrappers Cloud Application Services o o o o o o o Structured workload assessment Create scalable and resilient architectures Factory-based migration (Migration Foundry) SaaS-enable apps Hybrid IT Enable brokerage services Validation Cloud Plus Cloud Management Monitoring SLAs Metering Billing Cloud Management Services o o o o o Enable zero touch management Self-provisioning Auto scaling on-demand Service assurance Lower admin costs Cloud360
  4. 4. Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Transformation Fabric Transformation Consulting Services Strategy, Envisioning, Business Case, Planning, Architecting, Change Management Implementation Services Configure, Build, Extend, Integrate, Test, Deploy Cloud-enabled Business Process Transformation Efficient & Innovative Business Processes Leveraging BPaaS & SaaS Cloud-enabled Application Platform Transformation Agile Applications Leveraging PaaS Cloud-enabled Data Center Transformation Flexible Data Center Leveraging IaaS Sales Marketing Customer Experience Human Capital Management Financials Management Supply Chain New Business Insights Mobility Process Enablement Collaboration Cognizant IP/Business cloud Application Engineering Virtual Infra Management Application Migration & Integration Advanced/ Hybrid IaaS Applications offered as XaaS Data Center XaaS Managed Services Operations, Support, Billing, Change Management
  5. 5. Enterprise Cloud Transformation Services Infrastructure FOR Cloud Cloud Infrastructure Services Planning, building, managing infrastructure for cloud • Dedicated data center services • Virtual data center services • Virtual desktop infrastructure services Approach TO Cloud Applications ON Cloud Cloud Application Services • Re-hosting, re-engineering, replacing and integrating applications to/on the cloud • XaaS workloads: HPC, Storage, Environments, COTS products etc. Cognizant Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Transformation Fabric Cloud Strategy & Roadmap Services Current State Assessment, Future State Cloud Strategy Definition and Cloud Adoption Roadmap Definition to cover all the right steps before the leap to Cloud. Software FROM Cloud Cloud Software Services Cloud enablement (setup, customization, integration & testing) of process-led functional solutions customized by industry • CRM, HCM, SCM, ERP Management OF Clouds Cloud Management Services Partner Ecosystem XaaS Enabled Enterprise Transformation Solutions Monitoring, management, automation & metering of hybrid IT environments
  6. 6. Cloud Steps • Transformation Framework that enables faster and risk-less adoption of cloud services
  7. 7. Cloud Transformation Framework Cloud Steps What? A structured ‘factory based’ process framework that helps clients’ migrate their application workloads to a cloud environment. Workloads How? Discovery Analysis Plan Cloud Migration Foundry Where? Select Setup Migrate Validate AWS Cloud Manage Optimize Governance Detailed Workload Assessment Program Management Strategy & Roadmap Definition
  8. 8. Cloud Strategy & Roadmap Services A consultative service offering that helps clients take the right steps before the leap to cloud. This offering helps analyze the current state of business and technology, identify suitability to adopt cloud and define the roadmap to embrace cloud, all while employing the precise checks and balances for successful cloud adoption. Current State Feasibility Assessment Future State Cloud Strategy Definition Cloud Roadmap Definition Clarify and enhance the program vision, capture requirements, evaluate current assets, assess suitability for cloud model. Define future state cloud adoption strategy based on business and technical drivers, goals and objectives. Develop an overall cloud implementation roadmap to achieve the defined future state.
  9. 9. Cloud Strategy & Roadmap Services Current State Feasibility Assessment Future State Cloud Strategy Definition Cloud Roadmap Definition Cloud Benefits Cloud Vision Target & Transitional Architectures Prioritize Initiatives & Programs Information Cloud Risks Improvement Opportunities Solutions towards Target Architecture Apply Budgetary, Organizational and other Constraints Application Quality of Service and SLA (including Security) Quality of Service and SLA (including Security) Cloud ROI Planning / Assessment High Level Business Case (optional) Infrastructure Architectural effort for the cloud model Cloud Service Identification Cloud Platform Selection Develop High Level Roadmap Other Factors Architecture Domain Business Organization & Processes Org & Processes- Current State Maturity Org & Processes-Target & Transformational Maturity States Organizational Adoption Strategy & Steps
  10. 10. Detailed Workload Assessment Discovery • What types of applications do I have across the enterprise? • What key attributes need to be considered for an analysis for cloud suitability? Plan • • What categories of workloads do I have? • Analysis • What applications/ workloads are most suitable candidates for cloud migration? What is the best migration strategy for my workloads? Which applications display common attributes? • Can I organize my workloads into groups, for accelerated migration in a phase-wise manner? • How do I plan the migration effort – schedule & resources?
  11. 11. Cloud360
  12. 12. Hyperplatform with Integrated Features Provisioning & Orchestration Metering & Chargeback Monitoring & AutoRemediation Analytics & Advisor 12
  13. 13. Transform IT to be more Strategic & Agile Service Mgmt. for Application 2 Service Mgmt. for Application 1 Service Mgmt. for Application 3 On-demand Self-Service 24x7 Managed Services Operations & Governance ITSM Application Operations for Cloud Scale Operations Any Application, Any Platform. Best Experience, On-Demand Transform IT into a strategic business advantage Dynamic infrastructures – managed and delivered on-demand Cloud360 Services Service Deployment Policies & Automation HA & Auto Remediation On-Premises Analytics & Optimization Measured Services Cloud Integration Future Proof Service Management Hybrid IT Cloud360 Infrastructure Platforms 13
  14. 14. Transformation of IT to Meet 3 Goals Custom Applications Commercial Applications Cloud360 Dev/Test Environments Application Availability Any Application, Any Platform, On Demand Application Performance Security and Compliance On-Demand Self Service Consumption & Budgets Virtual Machines Storage Virtual Machines On-Premises Storage Cloud 14
  15. 15. Differentiators Application centric approach & life-cycle management Policies & Automation of Operations Integrated IT Management & Operations Transformational services End-to-end services, one point of contact SaaS, on-premises solutions Grounds-up design for industry best platforms Premium partner for industry best providers Hub & spoke model data-centers Cloud360 hyperplatform is a manager of cloud services that abstracts, governs and delivers the best service, and on-demand experience to enterprises. 15
  16. 16. Manage your cloud environments… on the go Mobile App Web App  Mobile app is available on multiple platforms  Well-organized, intuitive controls for management and monitoring  View & manage applications that are deployed  Responsive layout that works across browsers, devices, and OS  Switch across clouds environments  Refreshing user experience  Provision new applications with a single click  Application operations for common use  Dashboard view of application status Web Services, Scripting & CLI  Ease in integration with existing tools  RESTful APIs for bulk action  Ease in automation  Scheduling of operations  Access independent of operating system 16
  17. 17. Xi Policy Configurator Examples If If LIST (EBSVolume (“Provider Name” = myAWS AND “Volume ID” = vol-12345 AND “Snapshot Count” > 10)) is NOT EMPTY LIST (Event ((Status = Open AND Severity = Critical AND Device = CPU), Instance (“Deployment Name” = production AND “Instance Group Name” = webserver)) > 70 Do Do “Retain EBS Snapshots” (latest 10) SCALEOUT(“app profile.scaleout”) Ensures retention of only the latest 10 Snapshots of a specific volume in AWS environment Performs scale out when more than 70% of VMs in a Webserver resource pool of production environment are in critical CPU state If LIST (EBSSnapshot (“Creation Date”< -10d)) =! EMPTY Do If “Delete EBS Snapshots” COUNT (Instance (“Deployment Name” = Production AND “Instance Group Name” = Webserver)) >= 20 Delete Snapshots older than 10 days for any EBS volume AND OPERATION (Instance (“Deployment Name” != Production AND “Instance Group Name” = Webserver), “Create Instance”) = TRUE If “Restrict the operation” Do Do Restricts any user from creating or powering on VMs, in non ProductIon Environment, if number of powered on VMs are greater than 20 Consumption metering (“Compute Date” > -24h AND Usage (“Compute Date” = -30d) > 50) Notify the Owner (Usage (Top 5)) Restrict any provisioning operation If the consumption metering in last 24 hours is 50% over the last 30-day average, notify the user and also the top 5 users with highest burn rate 17
  18. 18. Key Customer Benefits of Managed Cloud Services Pay-By-Use Pay-by-use Managed Services Pricing Model Instant Service for service On-Demand applications on-demand Applications (vs. fixed monthly billing) (vs. 6-8 weeks of eBonding) Faster On-Boarding of new Faster on-boarding New Cloud platforms cloud Platforms One-view ofView of Unified application Application Information availability (vs. very long service enablement and Increased Agility setup) On-Demand & Continuous On-demand Metrics/Reports (vs. combining multiple reports/audits) (vs. Project Mgmt. Effort) Outcome-Based Services Outcome-based (vs. Response/Resolutiontimes for (vs. response/resolution times for incidents) Better Control Reduced Costs Better Governance Increase Productivity Management Simplicity 19
  19. 19. Integrated Solution: Recovery as a Service Reduced Costs Deploy disaster recovery while activating Amazon EC2 only as needed for test and failover Faster Recovery Orchestrate the entire recovery process and restore your operations much faster More Reliability With more automation and ease of use, perform testing more often and ensure that your recovery plan works reliably Easy to Setup and Scale Leverage the scalability provided by Amazon EC2 and the ease of setup provided by NetApp and Cloud360 Predictable Operating Expense With a pay-as-you-go model of AWS, pay for your Amazon EC2 resources only when you use them and avoid upfront Capex for your application servers Portal Access Deploy disaster recovery from any location at any time In Partnership with Amazon VPC AWS Direct Connect AWS Direct Connect Facility On-Premises Secure Private Connectivity SnapMirror® 20
  20. 20. assetSERV
  21. 21. The Need for Digital Asset Management Organizations: Divisions: Types: Uses: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sales Marketing Engineering Human Resources Product Development Geographies Subsidiaries Languages Cultures Images Videos Documents Drawings Logos Internet Mobile Advertising Brand Marketing In 40 months, digital assets rose 1320% across industries *Henry Stewart DAM LA 2012 Conf.
  22. 22. How do organizations…. …control spiraling budgets for digital asset creation and infrastructure complexity …leverage and collaborate on digital assets across languages and geographies The solution: …reduce time-to-market for creation and distribution of digital assets …simplify / unify processes and infrastructure for global digital asset management
  23. 23. assetSERV Product Overview
  24. 24. assetSERV Product Overview Business Support Desk Application Support Desk Cognizant Interactive Single Source Support Cognizant BPO Services Platform Asset Management Distribution Infrastructure AWS Storage, Compute & Network Workflow
  25. 25. assetSERV Architecture Signiant Applet (Accelerated Distribution) Signiant Relay assetSERV portal Applet contacts widget to retrieve configuration file for connecting to Signiant Relay MediaBeacon Web Server Apache Authenticated End Users MB Core DAM Storage (Twin Strata Cloud Application Server Tomcat HTTPS: Secure data exchange between user and platform Database MS SQL Server Appian Server Other Data Centers IDM (Identity Management) HTTP LDAP’s SAML 2.0: Federation with external client Authentication provider ACTIVE DATA FLOW PASSIVE DATA FLOW assetSERV SSO Service Provider LDAP’s User DataStore Open DJ Signiant Transfer Engine
  26. 26. Preview
  27. 27.
  28. 28. assetSERV Value Deployed Solution AssetSERV Economies of Scale with Additional Users Price per user • CAPEX vs. OPEX Benefit Solution Costs • Price per user Value per user Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3 250 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 • Significant CAPEX versus OPEX benefit • License costs per user decline drastically as multiple divisions are onboarded and user base grow
  29. 29. assetSERV Success Stories Automotive Replaced current hosted DAM solution with feature-rich and scalable assetSERV for their global community of 17,000 users and 500,000 assets Consumer Goods Created a Brand Book iPad application driven by assetSERV for 7 global brands and launched an enterprise marketing DAM for brand management Life Sciences Leveraged assetSERV for sales collateral creation and management solution, enabling delivery via iPad for 5 global brands in 22 European countries Info, Media, & Entertainment assetSERV will streamline end-to-end management of magazine publishing process for 40+ titles and 300+ editions worldwide
  30. 30. To recap… • From strategy to implementation to maintenance, Cognizant can help you on your journey to the AWS cloud. • Stop by Booth #500 to learn more about how we transform enterprises with our cloud services and products.
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