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(DVO206) How to Securely Scale Teams, Workloads, and Budgets


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"Are you a CISO in cloud or security operations and architecture? The decisions you make when migrating and securing workloads at scale in the AWS cloud have a large impact on your business. This session will help you jump-start your migration to AWS or, if you’re already running workloads in AWS, teach you how your organization can secure and improve the efficiency of those deployments.

Infor’s Chief Information Security Officer will share what the organization learned tackling these issues at scale. You’ll hear how managing a traditional large-scale infrastructure can be simplified in AWS. You’ll understand why designing around the workload can simplify the structure of your teams and help them focus. Finally, you’ll see what these changes mean to your CxOs and how better visibility and understanding of your workloads will drive business success.  Session sponsored by Trend Micro."

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(DVO206) How to Securely Scale Teams, Workloads, and Budgets

  1. 1. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Jim Hoover, Chief Information Security Officer Matt Yanchyshyn, Sr. Manager, Solutions Architecture Adam Boyle, Director of Product Management, Cloud Workload Security October 2015 DVO206 Lessons from a CISO How to Securely Scale Teams, Workloads, and Budgets
  2. 2. Takeaways Scale workload security Level up security teams Improve CxO visibility
  3. 3. Jim Hoover, CISO
  4. 4. 3,500+Customers in the cloud 8+ PBData in the Infor cloud 45m+Users 6300+Sites Infor at Scale in the Cloud
  5. 5. Iron to APIs
  6. 6. Data Center Security Challenges Lots of different groups Lots of different tools Nothing speaking the same language
  7. 7. “Security in the Cloud” Concerns Tools Security controls Compliance
  8. 8. The Infor Security Stack in AWS Cloud AWS cloud Shared responsibility Compliance
  9. 9. Best Practices for Large-Scale Security 1. Segment your AWS environment 2. Control access and segregate duties 3. Monitor for unexpected behavior
  10. 10. Your organization Project Teams Marketing Business Units Reporting Web & Mobile Dev / Test Analytics Internal Enterprise Apps Amazon S3 Amazon Glacier Storage/ Backup Large-Scale Security Best Practice #1 Segment your AWS environment
  11. 11. • Multi-factor authentication • Federation and single sign-on • Fine-grained access control • Restrict human access AWS account owner Network management Security management Server management Storage management Large-Scale Security Best Practice #2 Control access, segregate duties
  12. 12. • AWS CloudTrail • API and console usage • AWS Config • Infrastructure history and changes • Amazon CloudWatch • Resource metrics and log monitoring • AWS Billing and Cost Management Large-Scale Security Best Practice #3 Monitor for unexpected behavior
  13. 13. Team Works
  14. 14. Data Center Security Operations Challenges Security team Application teams
  15. 15. Security Operations Skill Development Security ops Cloud security DevOps
  16. 16. Security Operations in AWS Cloud Cloud security DevOps Application teams
  17. 17. AWS Security Rock Star Cookbook 1. AWS-specific security knowledge • 2. Analytics: Threat intelligence; log analysis at scale • 3. DevSecOps: The ability to quickly and continuously respond to new threats as they emerge • engineering
  18. 18. CxO Visibility
  19. 19. CxO Visibility at Scale CISO CIO COO CFO
  20. 20. In Summary Simplicity & visibility = scale SecOps: Do more with less CxO: Visibility & compliance
  21. 21. Thank you!
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