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Lessons Learned on Capgemini’s COMPLETE Managed Services Platform (DMG208) | AWS re:Invent 2013


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(Presented by Capgemini)
In this session Capgemini discusses how their enterprise customers leverage AWS using the COMPLETE platform to deploy and manage applications such as SAP, Business Information Management Elastic Analytics, and mobility solutions. This session also shows detailed AWS architectures they are delivering to clients and how Capgemini is using AWS infrastructure internally.

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Lessons Learned on Capgemini’s COMPLETE Managed Services Platform (DMG208) | AWS re:Invent 2013

  1. 1. Lessons Learned on Capgemini’s COMPLETE Managed Services Platform Capgemini November 14, 2013
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda COMPLETE Overview ……………………………………………………………….. ……………………….……………Joe Coyle AWS + Capgemini COMPLETE Managed IaaS and Enabling Platform ………………………………………………………………………..Tom Vacca and Dharmesh Chovatia Transforming SAP into a PAAS: Capgemini OnePath Solutions …………………………………………………………………………………………………..George Steel Elastic Analytics and AWS: How Flexibility, Scalability and Savings Meet Your Complex Analytics Needs ………………………..……………………….. ………………………………………………Dorman Bazzell Game Changer in Enterprise Mobility Management: Afaria Cloud Powered by AWS ……….………………………………………………………………………………………Josean Mendez
  3. 3. AWS + Capgemini COMPLETE Managed IaaS & Enabling Platform Thomas Vacca and Dharmesh Chovatia
  4. 4. COMPLETE (Cloud Orchestration Management PLatform End To End) Decide ► Design ► Build ► Integrate ► Migrate ► Run ► Support Applications (SAP, Mobility, BIM, Microsoft, Oracle, Supply Chain) Application Management & Testing Services Security and Compliance Service Automation COMPLETE Service Management Usage and Accounting High Availability Monitoring Server, Storage, Network Hardware Platform/Virtualization Management Cloud Infrastructure Abstraction & Aggregation Layer
  5. 5. Capgemini COMPLETE – What’s Inside Build Data Import/Export Design Migration Services OS Patching Remote Access SSL VPN Reporting Usage Metering by Hr & GB Application Templates Resource Tagging Custom API Development COMPLETE Billing / Charge Back by Service Corporate Network Extension Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network Routing Monitoring AWS IaaS Resale High Availability OS Hardened AMIs Service Level Management Public/Private IPA Management Capacity Analysis Self Service with Workflow Orchestration & Automation Scheduling Run Auto Scaling Backups Virus Protection Firewall & Security Group Incident / Request Management Change Management CloudFormation Scripting Capgem i ni ’s cl oud pl at f or m Service Catalog Load Balancing Disaster Recovery Support
  6. 6. COMPLETE – Managed Environment
  7. 7. COMPLETE Enabling Platform for Enterprise Applications • Application Template AMI Catalog • Meets Enterprise Operational & Security Standards • Quick start capabilities for demos, POCs, project sandbox & development • Automation & Orchestration of end to end solution • Flexibility & Scalability of both infrastructure & application • Integrates well into on-premise and cloud solutions • Reduce infrastructure & application deployment times • Infrastructure, Application & Testing Management Services • Reduced TCO • Increased speed to deploy
  8. 8. SaaS Use Case: The Problem Software Not SaaS Friendly Globally Available • The S/W was designed for onpremise installation • Currently customer has limited datacenter options • No Multi-tenancy • The customer base is global • Limited capability to share resources like reporting and database • Regulations dictate geographical colocation Easy to Evaluate and Use • Provide facility for trials • Trials have to be fully automated end-toend for efficiency • The solution should be a SaaS Cost Effective • Internal or external hosting too expensive • No or minimal CapEx • No long term contracts • Easy to scale without initial investment • Minimal development
  9. 9. SaaS Use Case: The Solution SaaS Portal Capgemini REST API AWS API AWS API Virtual Private Cloud Capgemini Backend AWS Cloud
  10. 10. COMPLETE REST API Functionality – Made it Possible Provision Infrastructure  Auto register to monitoring, patching and anti-virus Conduct Operational Workflow  Uses AWS API & AWS CloudFormation to  Provide audit data  Provision Instances, EIPs, Security Groups, NACLs and volumes  Provision DNS via Amazon Route 53  Configure instances via AWS API custom scripts COMPLETE Capgem i ni ’s cl oud pl at f or m API Provide Detailed Customer Info  Leverage AWS API to collect environment information  Parse and translate the AWS API responses  Respond with parsed data and internally stored data  Automate Trials to Production migrations using AWS API and custom scripts  Conduct Backups and Recovery  Automate Rapid Recovery
  11. 11. Transforming SAP into a PAAS: Capgemini OnePath Solutions George Steel
  12. 12. Why OnePath? 1 • Financial/Cash Flow Flexibility: Client pays for all software, implementation, hosting, and application support on a recurring monthly basis. Our Operating Expense Models can eliminate capital expenditures otherwise required for license purchase, service delivery infrastructure, and implementation. Preserving working capital eliminates the need to tap into existing lines of credit, thereby avoiding risk to the enterprise credit ratings and the potential increase in the cost of capital for the enterprise. 2 • Reduced Complexity: The level of complexity is dramatically reduced due to the bundling of software and services. This includes the entire lifecycle from installation through ongoing support and operations. 3 • Lower Overall Cost and Quicker Time to Value: Value is generated more rapidly by leveraging Capgemini’s existing infrastructure, experience, and business process best practices via our accelerated solutions. In addition, without the traditional up front investment, payback is much faster than traditional approaches. We can craft deals that pay for themselves...Typically, account receives a positive cash flow from project after being live for less than 4 months.
  13. 13. Capgemini’s OnePath Offerings License  Our OnePath offering can include nearly all SAP software products  OPEX and CAPEX Models available. Implement Best Practices for:  Oil & Gas, Energy, and Energy Services  CPG, Food, Beverage, Durable Goods, and Cosmetics  Retail  Wholesale Distribution  Capgemini has a portfolio of 9 SAP licensing agreements which is very unique and gives us optimal flexibility.  Able to bundle SAP software with our services.  Able to sell software to any size enterprise.  Gold Level Partner in PartnerEdge Channel Program.  Charter member of the MCaaS Program.  Pharma, Life Sciences and Medical Device  Manufacturing, Automotive Suppliers, and Mill Products  HANA, BOBJ, BW, Mobility, HCM, CRM, and Procurement  Certified Solutions with SAP  Each solution compatible with our Global Process Model  Each solution SaaScapable Infrastructure Offsite Public (Virtual Private) Cloud Run Staff Augmentation Operate F&A BPO Offsite Private Cloud Procurement BPO Offsite Traditional Outsourced Full Application Management HR BPO Onsite Private Cloud Onsite at Client Datacenter  Flexible delivery models by our COMPLETE business platform  Scalability via public or private Cloud, on or offpremise  Certified Global SAP Cloud Services Partner SAP License Maintenance Support Levels 1-3  Certified: Application Managed Services Partner (AMS), Run SAP Partner, and Support Center of Expertise  Flexible support options including per ticket, hours based, or SLA pricing Afaria BPO  True “Platform-based” BPO  Drive hard dollar savings to fund the SAP implementation and lock in recurring long-terms saving
  14. 14. Capgemini’s SAP CERTIFIED Solutions CPGPath for CP Food, Beverage, Durable Goods & Cosmetics Companies      DistributionPath for Wholesale Distribution Companies EnergyPathSM for Energy, Oil & Gas and Energy Services Companies LifeSciencesPath for Pharma, Life Sciences and Med Device Companies RetailPath for Retail Companies MFGPath Manufacturing & Mill Products Companies AutoPath for Automotive & Automotive Suppliers All built on industry leading practices and business processes All contain Capgemini industry enhancements – tested, reviewed and certified by SAP All include industry reference models, solution templates, layouts, reports, test scenarios and scripts All are designed to bring quick results and ROI All are highly scalable – and will grow with the customer HCM EDGE – HR LOB Solution for all Companies CRM EDGE – CRM Solution for all
  15. 15. Elastic Analytics and AWS: How Flexibility, Scalability and Savings Meet Your Complex Analytics Needs Dorman Bazzell
  16. 16. Overview: Elastic Analytics - End to End Business Analytics in the Cloud AWS Cloud Elastic Analytics provides clients with an easily adaptable mix of technologies, sources and solutions that can be enabled for them in a fraction of the time and cost of building a traditional Business Intelligence or Big Data solutions. The solution is able to combine large source sets of structured and unstructured data using existing ETL technologies and AWS’s Hadoop based solution Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) to extract and merge the data into highly optimized analytics engines. Capgemini customers are then be able to leverage this environment to gain immediate business insights and from their data. AWS Cloud Cycle 30 AWS Configuration
  17. 17. BIM AWS Offering • BIM’s Elastic Analytics (EA) provides 3-D top to bottom, end to end, success based solution • EA on AWS can reduce TCO costs to as low as $1000/year per terabyte of data • BIMs core components on AWS platforms give clients the speed to handle the most demanding analytics needs • BIM’s merges existing client sources with new Big Data sources to create new insights • Offer components include POC, Education, Heat Map / BI Summit and BI / Managed Service Development and Implementation AWS Cloud
  18. 18. What Problems Do Capgemini/AWS Solutions Solve? Capgemini/AWS Solution Problem Capgemini  Reduce Existing CAPEX Spend  Collaboration between Service Line and STAT team with focus on Capgemini’s best technologies and sector solutions  Bottlenecks in Procuring Hardware to Meet Time to Market Requirements  Client is Mandated to Build a Cloud Strategy  Uneven or rapidly growing computing needs  TCO must be reduced  Industrialized solutions and architectural design in virtual private clouds to meet security and scalability needs  Unique software licensing from key vendors  Detailed Monthly Pricing of Infrastructure and Deployment Timelines Amazon Web Services  Technical Expertise  Joint sales collaboration with Capgemini  Access to AWS marketplace for Capgemini sponsored offerings such as Test Drive programs  Early access to new technologies and offerings
  19. 19. AWS BIM Go to Market Use Cases • Creating Amazon Redshift Reporting Data Warehouses to handle specific reporting requirements with minimal data transformation • Data warehouse on demand to handle surge or event driven requirements – End or quarter reporting – Monthly sales reporting – Periodic usage such analysis for clinical trials, budget cycles, mergers and acquisitions and campaign management – Data feeds that are weekly or monthly only • • • • • • Big data end to end solutions Testing COEs Development quick start support and POCs Data warehouse capability for mid sized companies Data warehouse/operational reporting for TELCO as a Service Shifting CAPEX costs to OPEX costs
  20. 20. Game Changer in Enterprise Mobility Management: Afaria Cloud Powered by AWS Josean Mendez
  21. 21. Capgemini’s Enterprise Mobility Orchestrator is an end-toend Mobile Services Framework Mobile Customer Enterprise Mobility Targets Mobile Worker Machine-toMachine Enterprise Mobility Orchestrator Strategy Mobile Applications Managed Mobility Mobile Platforms Reselling Vendor Ecosystem Capgemini is a Mobility vendor to watch, May, 2012. Capgemini is profiled as "Major Player" in IDC's Enterprise Mobility Consulting Services MarketScape, May 2013.
  22. 22. Our vision for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Millions devices – billions apps/docs – trillions “things” Richness Internet of Things EMM Services e.g. TEM Secure Content Management Mobile Applications Management Mobile Device Management Reach
  23. 23. Revolutionary Afaria in the Cloud offering takes away the headache of MDM SaaS Mobile Device Management 1.11 per device per month Afaria with Analytics Enterprise Support Global Cloud
  24. 24. Free 30-Day Trials with Easy Self Sign-up
  25. 25. Afaria Cloud on AWS End-user Portal Tablet Front-end Smartphone Admin Portal At AWS At the customer Lifecycle Servers Dedicated Shared Afaria Server Self-Service Portal Admin Portal BOBJ Database Certificate Portal Optional Active Directory/LDAP Certificate Authority Quick Start Updates/Patches Backup/Restore Gold image Automated Automated
  26. 26. Please give us your feedback on this presentation DMG208 As a thank you, we will select prize winners daily for completed surveys!