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AWS Summit Sydney 2014 | The Path to Business Agility for Vodafone: How Amazon made us "boring" - Session Sponsored by Dius


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As part of Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA)’s company-wide mission to win back customers, the VHA Digital Products division, with the help of DiUS, built a strategic internal agile development and innovation capability. By leveraging AWS, VHA now has the powerful ability to be more responsive, to experiment, fail-fast and in turn, to deliver an improved customer experience across all digital touchpoints.

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AWS Summit Sydney 2014 | The Path to Business Agility for Vodafone: How Amazon made us "boring" - Session Sponsored by Dius

  1. 1. The Path to Business Agility “How Amazon made us Boring” AWS Summit Sydney 2014
  2. 2. Agenda •  Why boring •  Why agility •  Why cloud •  Why continuous •  Why stop
  3. 3. Today’s format Some business reasoning, technology frameworks & engineering practice
  4. 4. Our Vision 4 “There has to be a better way”
  5. 5. So… Why boring? • Multiple release per week • 5 minute deployments to prod • Single click environment builds “If it hurts, do it more often” – Jez Humble So now it’s all a bit
  6. 6. What does agility mean For technology, we need to be more effective - It’s all about building better brakes For business, the world it’s a changing - The winners will be the people who can constantly learn and adapt
  7. 7. Why cloud and in particular AWS Cost is a factor, but… Its all about REDUCING waste
  8. 8. It’s ok to fail. Deal with it. Your infrastructure and apps need resiliancy, visibility and immunity
  9. 9. Infrastructure Resiliancy Autoscaling, Autohealing
  10. 10. Visibility with monitoring Splunk, New Relic
  11. 11. Immunity to others’ failure Circuit breaker, feature degradation
  12. 12. Sleep easy
  13. 13. Sleep easy
  14. 14. Continuous delivery enablers Automate, automate, automate Make infrastructure a non event Take technology out of the picture
  15. 15. GM of Digital Channels 15 Vinnie Picture red button
  16. 16. Why can’t we deploy at midday?
  17. 17. One click environments
  18. 18. Infrastructure as code
  19. 19. Automated testing Unit, integration, acceptance, canary, smoke...
  20. 20. Always deployable master Use feature toggles/branches
  21. 21. Build artifacts once
  22. 22. Build pipeline Gated quality control
  23. 23. Zero downtime deployments Several approaches possible
  24. 24. “Done” means “released”
  25. 25. Deployments are a non-event Anyone can do it (really)
  26. 26. Deployments are a non-event Anyone can do it (really)
  27. 27. Mixed platform ecosystems Amazon is not just for bespoke Rails Apps You need to know when to compromise How can we leverage AWS capabilities and services for COTS
  28. 28. COTS Automation They said we were crazy...
  29. 29. Challenges with COTS products Hard  coded  server  lists   Non-­‐disposable  servers   Product  configura7on  not  always  scriptable   Presenta7on  informa7on  in  footer  
  30. 30. What’s next Micro services 30 Splunk for business Cross platform CI More frequent change Big Data and Spot instances
  31. 31. PaaS / NoOps Zero to Hero in less than 1 day
  32. 32. Immutable Servers Don’t try to change me, love me as I am…
  33. 33. Foundation Image Standard operating platform delivered as AMI for downstream projects
  34. 34. The future: Docker / LXC Lightweight kernel level containers
  35. 35. Application kick-start Tooling to generate a project skeleton plus all supporting infrastructure for a new app
  36. 36. The dream 1. Enter project name 2. Generate 3. Deploy
  37. 37. The dream 1. Enter project name 2. Generate 3. Deploy
  38. 38. Thank you Questions? Charles Blaxland @ampedandwired Craig Rees