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Deploying SAP Workloads on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS


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Come and learn how customers are deploying SAP/HANA applications on RHEL on AWS. The on-demand AWS cloud model offers agile and flexible access to compute and storage resources that are certified for running SAP applications. Red Hat and AWS are partnering to offer SAP customers a reliable, flexible secure platform for their SAP landscapes while improves business agility while improving efficiency and reducing cost.

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Deploying SAP Workloads on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS

  1. 1. Deploying SAP Workloads on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS
  2. 2.  AWS Overview  SAP on AWS Overview  Red Hat Overview  Red Hat – SAP Alliance  Red Hat on Amazon Web Services  Customer Success Agenda
  3. 3. Collaborating with Red Hat and AWS  Red Hat and AWS provide a complete, enterprise-class computing environment that is both simple and scalable  AWS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives your organization access to a secure and easy to manage platform to meet the changing needs of your business  Red Hat and Red Hat Enterprise Linux brings you cost-effective security, reliability, and performance
  4. 4. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, comprised of more than 70 services, that enables customers to run virtually any application: from enterprise applications like SAP to social games and mobile apps AWS Global Infrastructure Compute Storage Database Network Application Services Deployment & Administration Amazon Web Services
  5. 5. Core AWS Services for SAP On-demand resizable compute capacity in the cloud 40+ different VM configurations, 20+ are benchmarked and certified for SAP solutions Windows, SUSE Linux, and Red Hat Linux operating systems A logically isolated section of the AWS cloud where you can launch AWS resources in a virtual network that you define. VPN connection provides secure connectivity between your VPC and on-premises systems and users Persistent block level storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instances EBS volumes offer the consistent and low-latency performance needed to run workloads like SAP S/4HANA Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Secure, durable and highly-scalable, object/file storage in the cloud Low cost backup storage for your SAP systems Only pay for what you need, with no minimum commitments or up-front fees Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Compute NetworkStorage A monitoring service for AWS cloud resources and the applications you run on AWS Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring
  6. 6.  SAP has been an AWS customer since 2008  AWS has been an SAP Global Technology Partner since 2011 AWS SAP Alliance Strong partnership with a history of collaboration and rapid innovation SAP CUSTOMERS
  7. 7. AWS Global Infrastructure 14 38 Regions Availability Zones
  8. 8. Increase Speed Innovate Faster Reduce Costs * Pricing based on US-East region as of 08/14/2016  Rapid Provision: Create new HANA systems through AWS Quick Start in <1 hr  Grow (or shrink) as you go: Scale-Up or Out your configuration in <1 hour  Expertise: SAP, AWS and joint partner ecosystem  Secure: Innovate while maintaining a secure environment  Simplify: Clone and upgrade systems with ease  Consume: Provision new SAP innovations through SAP’s Cloud Appliance Library (CAL)  Low Cost of Entry: 2TB for 40 hours <$700*  Flexible pricing: Achieve up to 72% discount on X1 for 3 year commitments Customer Benefits Accelerating the Digital Transformation Journey
  9. 9. SAP Business Applications S/4HANA NEW BW/4HANA SAP Business Suite SAP Business Warehouse SAP Business All-In One SAP Business One SAP BusinessObjects SAP Database & Mobile Solutions SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise SAP IQ SAP Replication Server SAP Mobile Secure Sybase Unwired Platform Databases SAP HANA Editions SAP MaxDB Database (7.8+) SAP ASE ( IBM DB2 (9.7+) Microsoft SQL Server (‘08 R2+) NEW Oracle 11g (or higher)* *Oracle Linux required (OSS Note: 2358420) and My Oracle Support (MOS) Note 2174134.1 SAP Solutions on AWS
  10. 10. MEMORY OPTIMIZED Name vCPU Memory (GiB) Network Bandwidth SAPS x1.32xlarge 128 1952 20 Gigabit 131,500 x1.16xlarge 64 976 10 Gigabit 65,750 r3.8xlarge 32 244 10 Gigabit 31,920 r3.4xlarge 16 122 High 15,960 r3.2xlarge 8 61 High 7,980 r3.xlarge 4 30.5 Moderate 3,990 r3.large 2 15 Moderate 1,995  Use in 2-tier and 3-tier configurations up to hundreds of thousands of SAPS  *Certified instances for SAP HANA  Amazon EBS-optimized instances  Enhanced networking  Check SAP Note 1656099 for more information GENERAL PURPOSE Name vCPU Memory (GiB) Network Bandwidth SAPS m4.10xlarge 40 160 10 Gigabit 47,320 m4.4xlarge 16 64 High 17,712 m4.2xlarge 8 32 High 8,856 m4.xlarge 4 16 High 4,428 m4.large 2 8 Moderate 2,214 COMPUTE OPTIMIZED Name vCPU Memory (GiB) Network Bandwidth SAPS c4.8xlarge 36 60 10 Gigabit 37,950 c4.4xlarge 16 30 High 19,030 c4.2xlarge 8 15 High 9,515 c4.xlarge 4 7.5 High 4,758 c4.large 2 3.75 Moderate 2,379 HANA Platform: Certified instances SAPS ratings
  11. 11. Single node OLAP (incl. BW/4HANA & BWoH) OLTP (incl. S/4HANA & SoH) liveCache BPC Scale-out up to 14 TB OLAP (incl. BW/4HANA & BWoH) Based on SPS11 (or later) core-to-memory relaxation for OLAP, as of SPS11 customers can make full use of RAM X1: Certifications for SAP HANA
  12. 12.  SAP HANA Virtual appliance delivery  SAP Certified Configurations  Automated infrastructure provisioning for SAP HANA  Follows AWS and SAP best practices  Self service and customizable  AWS Quick Start reference deployments are free - pay only for the resources you use  Provision Infrastructure and deploy SAP HANA in minutes vs weeks or months SAP HANA Quick Start Reference Deployment
  13. 13. Disaster Recovery Backup/recovery in remote region Asynchronous – HANA system Replication to remote region SAP HANA on AWS High Availability and Disaster Recovery Guide at For additional information see: High Availability Amazon EC2 Auto Recovery Synchronous – HANA System Replication to second AZ* *HSR Options Replicate to non-prod instance Replicate to same sized instance and preload data for fast recovery Replicate to smaller instance and turn of preload option. Resize secondary on failure & save $$. SAP HANA HA/DR – Unprecedented Flexibility
  14. 14. Customer Success Story:
  15. 15.  Needed a more agile way of testing and implementing new business ideas.  Needed the ability to deliver solutions globally  Leadership team worked with the IT organization to help them understand their cloud journey and get their buy-in  Launched new SAP HANA systems in hours instead of weeks using AWS SAP HANA Quick Start Reference  Running SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) and SAP CRM in production – Powered by SAP HANA  Saved thousands in data center costs, freeing up capital to invest back into the business  Secured highly sensitive customer data Brooks Brothers is a leading U.S. retailer of fashion and accessories. Using AWS ... we can be more nimble, which opens up many more possibilities for our business. SAHAL LAHER EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT AND CEO “ Brooks Brothers runs mission-critical SAP Solutions on AWS
  16. 16.  Needed a better way to track and model promotional costs (“trade spend”) to improve the bottom line—and needed to be able to run more than 1 trade-spend simulation/day  Running SAP Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning (TPM) – Powered by SAP HANA  By using SAP HANA on AWS, Kellogg estimates it will save $900,000 over 5 years versus traditional on-premises infrastructure alternatives  Increased business agility: Company can run dozens of trade spend simulations each day, and decreases deployment time by 30x  Leveraged existing SAP HANA software license investment on AWS  Familiarity and Accessibility of the AWS platform enabled engineers to easily apply their existing knowledge and infrastructure skills Kellogg produces breakfast foods for more than 180 companies worldwide, with annual revenue of almost $15 B. Using AWS saves us $900,000 in infrastructure costs alone, and lets us run dozens of simulations a day so we can reduce trade spend. It’s a win-win. STOVER MCILWAIN SENIOR DIRECTOR OF IT INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING “ Kellogg Uses AWS to Save $900,000 over 5 Years Over Using On-premises Infrastructure
  17. 17. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA on AWS
  18. 18. TRUSTED IN THE INDUSTRY Collaborating with AWS 9years Had a fix within 1 calendar day of being public 98%of critical vulnerabilities THE OPEN ORGANIZATION Of Fortune 500 companies trust Red Hat 90% More thanOver To enterprise users 99.999%uptime Red Hat
  19. 19. About Red Hat  Leading developer and supplier of open source software for Enterprise IT  High growth, billion dollar, S&P 500 index company  Globally active in all major vertical markets with strong channel & direct delivery models  Offers comprehensive portfolio of products and services
  20. 20. Red Hat Delivers Exceptional Price & Performance Open Source Quality & Innovation Operational Flexibility Alignment with Customer Requirements
  21. 21. Direct Connect VPC VM Import/Export CloudFormation Identity & Access Management AWS CLOUDYOUR DATACENTER Red Hat and Amazon Web Services partnership extends your existing datacenter
  22. 22. Running Red Hat on AWS  Pay-as-you go: Provision resources on-demand without long-term commitments or upfront costs  Reserved instances: Lower your cost by choosing reserved instance with all up-front, partial up-front, or no up-front payment method  Bring your own license (BYOL): Use Red Hat Cloud Access to move current RHEL subscriptions to Amazon EC2
  23. 23. Red Hat and SAP
  24. 24. Red Hat and SAP  24x7x365 support from a single point of contact  Streamlined incident response and resolution  Red Hat maintains full-time engineering presence on-site at SAP  SAP has access to pre-release versions of Red Hat software  SAP software is tested against development versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  25. 25.  Provides one data management and application platform for all solutions  Offers standardization across all workloads (not just SAP); creates an agile infrastructure designed for scale  Delivers a flexible, stable, and secure foundation for your entire SAP infrastructure including SAP HANA  Helps standardize and accelerate development of apps for SAP for existing, or new solutions, like IoT Red Hat Solution for SAP
  26. 26.  Ready-to-use, fully supported SAP ecosystem  Works across physical, virtual, and cloud environments  Runs transactional and analytic workloads on the same platform  Handles Big Data in real-time  Compatible between releases to ensure businesses can proceed uninterrupted Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA is going to open up the reporting on SAP. We’ll be able to tell people, ‘Yes, we can build that report for you,’ rather than, ‘No, that will shut our system down.’ It’s positive for IT, and it’s positive for the business.” ROBERT MUIRHEAD, MANAGER OF ERP “ Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA
  27. 27. SAP HANA on AWS Use Cases Production Support Systems (Development & QAS) Non-Production Systems (Training, POC prototypes) Production Systems and Disaster Recovery
  28. 28. RHEL for SAP HANA Benefits Performance: Tuned specifically for SAP HANA to provide optimal performance for transactional and analytical workloads Availability: Automated SAP HANA replication and failover to help ensure continuous availability of business- critical HANA applications Quality, Security, and Stability: Committed to delivering the highest-quality software for enterprise deployments
  29. 29. What’s Next?
  30. 30. Resources Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA enterprise-linux-sap-hana SAP on AWS Whitepapers SAP HANA Case Studies SAP HANA on the AWS Cloud SAP on Red Hat Community Wiki
  31. 31. Q&A
  32. 32. THANK YOU!