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AWS Summit 2011: Customer Presentation - Advanced Innovations


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AWS Summit 2011: Customer Presentation - Advanced Innovations

  1. 1. Oracle Fusion and the Amazon Cloud Journey and Destination Michael Higgins, SVP I/T June 2011
  2. 2. Advanced Innovations Ltd.» End-to-end Virtual Supply Chain Management» SME - $100M FY 2012 projected revenue» 46 Staff in 5 Global locations: » Alexandria, VA. USA – Sales and Corporate » Huntsville, AL. USA – Customer Management, NPI and Engineering » Chicago, IL. USA – Customer Management, NPI and Engineering » Shenzhen, China - Operations » Limerick Ireland – Customer Management, I/T, Finance and Engineering
  3. 3. Advanced Innovations Ltd. Web 2.0 Self-service • Order Entry / Management Design • Accounting Inquires • Shipment Tracking Partners • Inventory Management • Design Collaboration • Document Management • Payment Processing • Wiki & Forums Business-to-Business Parts • EDI (ANSI / EDIFact) • EDI (CSV, Proprietary) Suppliers • Secure Document Exchange AdvancedCustomers Extended Reach Innovations Proactive Notifications • Advance Shipment Notice Data Manufacturing • Factory Build Progress • Shipment Location / Status Partners • Invoices Due • Payments Received Advanced Capabilities • Production Planning • Inventory & Capacity Planning • What-if Modelling Transport Logistics
  4. 4. Business Strategy» What we want to do » Grow Revenue by 50% per year for next the 3 to 5 years » Do this with only a 10-15% growth in Staff numbers over that time period » Offer Staff, Customers and Partners a very high value-add application experience » Take “raw” data (B2B, web self-service, etc.) and transform it into Information » Engage new Customers and Partners by offering our enhanced Portal capabilities » Make it very hard to walk away from AI !!» How we are going to do it » Orchesphere – Our I/T Vision » Outsource I/T model --- Support, Development and Infrastructure » Run an Opex based I/T Infrastructure Budget » Cloud Computing (Amazon EC2) » Oracle Software » SOA Fusion Middleware » Web Center » Beehive – email and collaboration » Ebusiness Suite, Business Intelligence, Agile PLM and B2B Engine
  5. 5. Aligning the Business Vision and I/T» Orchesphere » Provide integrated Web 2.0 services to Staff and Business Partners » Be the easiest place in the world to do B2B (EDI) » Become the “” of Virtual Supply Chain Management » If you can buy a book at Amazon, you can manage your supply chain at AI » Become the Portal of choice for our Customers and Partners» How are we doing it » Decouple Oracle Applications from their static forms » Ebusiness Suite, OBI, Oracle Agile (PLM) and Beehive (Collaboration) » Deliver enhanced web services via Oracle Fusion Middleware (SOA) » Web Portal and Self-service applications » B2B via highly flexible and automated EDI services» Do all of this with zero Servers and a small in-house I/T Staff » Software: O/S, Database, Middleware and Applications - Oracle » Infrastructure: Cloud Computing – Amazon Web Services (EC2) » Outsourced I/T Support and Development
  6. 6. The Destination» We deliver all of our I/T Services from the AWS Cloud…» Using the Oracle Fusion 11g Middleware Technology Stack…» To present Ebusiness Suite, BI, PLM and Collaboration…» To over 45 staff and 30 Business Partners globally…» With an Infrastructure TCO reduction of 45%...» Because we own Zero: Servers, Storage Arrays, Switches, Firewalls, Proxies, HVAC systems, Racks, etc…» I have an I/T Staff of just 2….» …And we focus on Business Functionality not Plumbing !!
  7. 7. The AI Operating Environment» Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.4 (AWS Kernel)» Oracle Enterprise Database 11g» Oracle Fusion / SOA Middleware 11g» Oracle Beehive 2.0.1» Oracle Identity Management with Federation / SSO» Oracle Web Center» Oracle eBusiness Suite R12» Oracle Agile R9» Oracle Business Intelligence EE 11g» Oracle Enterprise Repository & Registry (governance)» Oracle Grid Control 11g» Oracle UPK – Training tool» (Microsoft Active Directory)
  8. 8. AWS Cloud Production Architecture
  9. 9. Selecting a Cloud – The Journey Begins» March 2009 – Initial Cloud Investigations» Criteria for Selection » Must be Opex based model (pay-per-use) » Must not required I/T Specialists to configure and operate » Must have a diverse Global presence » Must be able to support the AI Operating Environment » Must have an outstanding 7x24x365 Support Model » Must have a solid financial history and backing» May 2009 – Amazon Web Services Selected
  10. 10. The Road to Amazon» AWS Vendor Selection – May 2009» Planning and Design Phase » Architecture review with Oracle corporation » Support Model review - Oracle and Amazon » Proof-of-Concept with Oracle and Amazon (enterprise database) » Security Review with external consultants » TCO Calculations » Business Case presentation for AI Board of Directors» Milestones » First Applications testing in the Cloud - June 2009 » Architecture model compatibility sign-off - August 2009 » First Production delivery from the Cloud - October 2009 » 100% Delivery from the Cloud in Q1 2011
  11. 11. I/T Hurdles and Perceptions» Data Security in the Cloud » External Review of Security at AWS – 100% pass ICT-SSTS 09 » Opt-in Security Model, better than existing (legacy) delivery» Change of Architectures and Development » Cloud does not support some advanced Oracle technologies » E.g. Real-application Clusters (RAC) – assumes server proximity » Mindset: You get what you get – Server Virtualization Architecture » E.g. Intel, AMD, etc. Server Hardware» Reliability and Business Continuity » You can’t even visit your servers – AWS Data Centres locked-down » Must re-architect for Server failure, Failover, and Continuity» I/T Job Role Changes » FUD – New roles, new business focus, new skills required » Tech Support Manager becomes Services Delivery Manager
  12. 12. End-user Buy-in» Communicate the Change » Describe the Cloud and Cost-benefits» Address Security and Access concerns » The Cloud is 7x24x365 and available everywhere » They are still our Servers » It’s still an Oracle database» Deliver the same or better ICT services » Leverage the global footprint of AWS (latency) » Build, Test and Demonstrate Business Continuity » Make the changes incremental not big-bang » Opportunity to enhance end-user support services
  13. 13. Final Thoughts» Upside » The Cloud is secure and reliable » There is great flexibility and scaling in the model » The TCO savings are significant » Budgeting becomes more predictable » Opens many new opportunities for I/T staff» Risks » Does require new skills and I/T role changes » Does require new Architecture models » Is not clearly understood in the industry » What is Cloud: SaaS, PaaS, On-demmand, Gmail, etc.
  14. 14. THANK
  15. 15. Advanced Innovations Enhances Customers’ Corporate Agility» Unique blend of local support and low cost design, build & delivery services» Ability to deliver a complete, integrated product lifecycle management model (pre- design to end-of-life)» Reduced Time-to-Market» Rapidly scalable operations» Direct management of quality» Let the Brand owner focus on the Brand 15
  16. 16. Enterprise Architecture Presentation – Web Center Enhanced Shipment Inventory BOM Manage Order Landing Customer Data Form Tracking Form Management Form Entry Form RFQ Form Entry Form Pad Web 2.0 ..... Business Functions - BPEL Order Billing Inventory Engineering Sourcing Order Shared Workflow Entry Payables Management Documents RFQ Tracking Folders Notifications ..... Web Services from Oracle and Bespoke Workflow & Notification Services Message & Routing Bus - OSB Data Transformation Service XML Parser Event Manager Validate Get Write Get Write Get Write Send Build Login Customer Customer Order Order Part Part Email RFQ ..... Technology Layer Oracle Oracle Oracle Doc Outside Active MS Oracle EDI Telecom CAD eBusiness BI Beehive Man Web Dir Office Agile Gateway SMS CAM .....CustomerOrderFinance Oracle Oracle Oracle MySQL Internet MSSQL Folders Oracle Internet PSTN Folders 16