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Creating a Data Driven Culture with Amazon QuickSight - Technical 201


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Data drives good business decisions and a data-driven culture can help organisations increase profitability and reduce costs.

Amazon QuickSight is a very fast, cloud-powered Business Intelligence (BI) service that makes it easy for all employees to build visualisations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from their data.

Speaker: David McAmis, Consultant, Amazon Web Services

Published in: Technology
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Creating a Data Driven Culture with Amazon QuickSight - Technical 201

  1. 1. ©  2016,  Amazon  Web  Services,  Inc.  or  its  Affiliates.  All  rights  reserved. David  McAmis,  Big  Data  &  Analytics  Consultant Amazon  Web  Services Creating  a  Data-­Driven  Culture  with   Amazon  QuickSight Technical  201
  2. 2. 95%  of  the  1.2  zettabytes of  data  in  the  digital   universe  is  unstructured 70%  of  this  is  user-­ generated  content   Unstructured  data  growth   explosive,  with  estimates   of  compound  annual   growth  (CAGR)  at  62%   from  2008  – 2012.   Source:  IDC GB TB PB ZB EB Unconstrained  Data  Growth
  3. 3. Gartner:   User  Survey  Analysis:   Key  Trends  Shaping   the  Future   of  Data  Center  Infrastructure   Through   2011   IDC:  Worldwide  Business   Analytics  Software   2012–2016   Forecast  and   2011   Vendor   Shares   Available  for  Analysis Generated  Data Data  Volume  -­ Gap 1990 2000 2010 2020 Availability  is  a  Major  Issue
  4. 4. Moving  from  what  we  THINK to   What  we  KNOW Data  Drive  Culture
  5. 5. Data  Drive  Culture Data  is  an   Asset Data  is   Accessible Fact-­Based   Decision  Process
  6. 6. Data  is  an  Asset Data  is  an   Asset • Valuable • Registered • Tracked • Maintained • Accessible • Retired
  7. 7. Data  is  Accessible Data  is Accessible • Centralised Data  Store • Data  Catalogue • Ability  to  Easily  Explore  Data • Automated  Provisioning • Automated  Access  Control • Accessible  by  a  Wide  Range  of   Tools/Technologies
  8. 8. Fact-­Based   Decision  Process Fact-­Based  Decision  Process • Define  the  Problem • Obtain  Relevant  Data • Analyse and  Share  Data • Make  a  Decision • Evaluate  the  Results
  9. 9. What  is  Amazon  QuickSight?
  10. 10. Very  Fast Cloud-­Powered BI  Service  for  1/10th the  Cost   Traditional  BI  Software Amazon  QuickSight
  11. 11. $9   per  User  per  Month With  1  Year  Commitment
  12. 12. Business  User Sign-­in First  Analysis  in  About  60  Seconds
  13. 13. Data  Prep Metadata SuggestionsConnectors SPICE QuickSight  API Business  User QuickSight  UI Mobile  Devices Web   Browsers Partner  BI  products Amazon S3 Amazon   Kinesis Amazon   DynamoDB   Amazon   EMR Amazon   Redshift Amazon   RDSFiles Third-­party
  14. 14. Innovations Easy  Exploration  of  AWS  Data Fast  Insights  with  SPICE   Intuitive  Visualisations and  Transitions  (AutoGraph) Native  Mobile  Experience  (iOS/Android) Secure  Sharing  and  Collaboration  (Stories)
  15. 15. How  do  I  SPICE  up  my  Data?
  16. 16. Easy  Exploration  of  AWS  Data • Securely  Discover  and  Connect  to  AWS  Data   • Quickly  Explore  AWS  Data  Sources • Relational  databases  (Amazon  RDS,  Amazon  RDS  for   Aurora,  Amazon  Redshift) • NoSQL  databases  (Amazon  DynamoDB) • Amazon  EMR,  Amazon  S3,  files  (CSV,  Excel,  TSV,   XLF,  CLF) • Streaming  data  sources  (Amazon  DynamoDB,   Amazon  Kinesis) • Easily  Import  Data  from  any  Table  or  File   • Automatic  Detection  of  Data  Types
  17. 17. Fast  Insights  With  SPICE • Super-­fast,  Parallel,  In-­memory  optimised,   Calculation  Engine • 2  to  4  x  Compression  Columnar  Data • Compiled  Queries  with  Machine  Code   Generation • Rich  Calculations   • SQL-­like  Syntax • Fully  Managed  – No  Hardware  or   Software  to  License
  18. 18. Intuitive  Visualisations with  AutoGraph • Automatic  Detection  of  Data  Types • Optimal  Query  Generation • Appropriate  Graph  Type  Selection • Ability  to  Customise the  Graph  Type • Very  Fast  Response
  19. 19. Fast  to  Get  Started Fast  Insights   with  SPICE Easily  Explore   any  AWS  Data Easy  to  Use  and  Share Effortless  Scale Low  Cost
  20. 20. Low  Cost Standard  Edition   Ad-­hoc  analysis,  data  connectors,   sharing,  embedding,  mobile  experience   +  10  GB  of  SPICE  storage Enterprise  Edition Standard  Edition  +  Active  Directory   integration,  user  access  control,  encryption   at  rest,  2X  throughput $9 $18 Per  User  Per  Month Per  User  Per  Month
  21. 21. Pricing  Details Standard  Edition Enterprise  Edition Subscription Annual Monthly Annual Monthly Price  per  user  per  month $9 $12 $18 $24 SPICE  Capacity  (GB)* 10 10 10 10 Additional  SPICE   GB-­month $0.25 $0.38 *  Per  user  SPICE  capacity  is  pooled  across  all  users  in  an  account.  As  an  example,  a  customer  with   100  user  subscriptions  will  get  1,000  GB  of  SPICE  capacity  for  the  account.
  22. 22. Creating  a  Data-­Driven  Culture  with   Amazon  Quicksight • Make  Required  Data  Available  to  Users • Automate  Data  Collection/Provisioning • Determine  Best  Platform/Tool  to  Surface   Data  for  Analysis • Leverage  Existing  Skills/Expertise  Across   the  Business
  23. 23. Amazon  QuickSight DEMO
  24. 24. Amazon  QuickSight  Demo ü First  Analysis  in  60  Seconds ü Creating  Analyses ü Working  with  Stories ü Creating  Dashboards ü Filtering  Data ü Working  with  Data  Sets
  25. 25. Data  Driven  Culture Data  Driven:  Creating  a  Data  Culture  (O’Reilly) Amazon  QuickSight QuickSight  Product  Page QuickSight  Announcement  (Video) QuickSight  FAQ’s Resources
  26. 26. AWS  Training  &  Certification Intro  Videos  &  Labs   Free  videos  and  labs  to   help  you  learn  to  work   with  30+  AWS  services   – in  minutes! Training  Classes In-­person  and  online   courses  to  build   technical  skills  – taught  by  accredited   AWS  instructors Online  Labs   Practice  working  with   AWS  services  in  live   environment  – Learn  how  related   services  work   together AWS  Certification Validate  technical   skills  and  expertise  – identify  qualified  IT   talent  or  show  you   are  AWS  cloud  ready Learn  more:
  27. 27. Your  Training  Next  Steps: ü Visit  the  AWS  Training  &  Certification  pod  to  discuss  your   training  plan  &  AWS  Summit  training  offer ü Register  &  attend  AWS  instructor  led  training ü Get  Certified AWS  Certified?  Visit  the  AWS  Summit  Certification  Lounge  to  pick  up  your  swag Learn  more:
  28. 28. Thank  You!