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Commercial Vehicle AWS Cloud Service 商用車 AWS 雲端服務


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Commercial Vehicle AWS Cloud Service 商用車 AWS 雲端服務

  1. 1. © 2020, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates.
  2. 2. © 2020, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. Terry Hsieh Commercial Vehicle AWS Cloud Service
  3. 3. Intro to RTC Capital: NT$40,000,000 General Manager: Terry Y.H. Hsieh Address: 6F, No. 40, Wuquan 1st Road, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan Internal & External Video Recording Driving Assistance Dangerous Driving Recognition Anomalous Driving Manage Speech Recognition Reporting of traffic violations Recorded Cases for Evaluation Real-time monitoring Cloud-storage Analytical reports Driver behavior analysis DVR for Driving Vision Assistance FCW/LDW/BSD Smart bracelet surveillance Alcohol Detector Tire-pressure monitoring system Cloud-based Computing platform ADAS Equipment AI Image recognition APTS Prediction Schemes for Real-time bus arrivals Arrival Prediction Operation Management Real-time Bus Info App Record and Manage Big data
  4. 4.  疲勞駕駛頻傳  無法痛下決心採購 ADAS設備  現行車載錄影設備, 人工抽檢異常  事件辨識演算法複雜 非運輸業專業  缺乏有效管理營 運者與司機之間 的資訊流  車輛的稼動率低 大眾運輸業者 遊覽車業者 貨運業者  配合司機APP、管理者即 時掌控  AI辯識取代費時 人為抽檢  引進雲端車載 影像監控系統  整合車輛與司機訊息  開發自動派車系統  ADAS設備租賃方案  提供疲勞提醒之多重 感測整合方案 Industry Pain Points
  5. 5. Vehicle Installation Instruction Anti-frontal clash FCW/LDW Driver status monitor DVR Camera TPMS 77GHZ radar TPMS sensor 8 channel DVR Blind spot 24GHZ radar H.265? HUD Device TPMS sensor Driver Smart bracelet 4G/5G OBU/DVR API Gateway API Gateway IoT Core IoT Core
  6. 6. Mobile VMS system
  7. 7. Dangerous Driver Behaviors monitor device Using mobile phones With AI, in-vehicle DVR can automatically detect driver misconducts through algorism for deep learning.。 Driver fatigue Smoking Face recognition (developing) Dangerous driving
  8. 8. ‘CAPTAIN’ Video Inspection & Analysis Situations need to be analyzed regarding the Captain: • Smoking while driving” • Using cellphone while driving • Driving with seat belt unfastened • Driver fatigue by yawning and dozing Smoking Using mobile seat belt unfastened Fatigue
  9. 9. ‘CAPTAIN’ Video Inspection & Analysis Situations need to be analyzed in the carriage • head count of boarding and alighting passengers (at every stop) • head count of seated passengers • passengers falling or inclining at a brake slam
  10. 10. Out-of-bus Visuals Inspection & Analysis Situations need to be analyzed regarding actions out of the bus • Skip stop (at a hand-waving passenger) and identify shapes of signposts • posterior exposing and reporting of illegally parking cars at a bus stop • Run red lights, including right and left turns without permission
  11. 11. “Commendable Driver” Visuals Inspection & Analysis  Commendable driver behavior  Assist wheelchair-bound passengers  Clashes Reporting (through automated selection ) with cash rewards
  12. 12. ADAS main feature Target: large-sized vehicles, buses and coaches, logistics and delivery • Lanes Drifting Alarming System (compulsory for new cars from Jan. 1st, 2019) • Front collision warning • Blind spot detection Solutions to driver fatigue inspection • Wearing Bio-smart bracelet • Measuring heart rate of driver • Monitoring the physical conditions of the driver • Building database of driver health data on cloud
  13. 13. RTC (Real-time cloud) AWS schema Operator Driver / Staff Client APP Vehicle Equipment + + Internet 4G / 5G Vehicle machine Sim Card AWS IoT Core IoT shadowIoT MQTT protocol IoT rule DynamoDB RDSLambda S3 API Gateway AWS Cloud SDK S3 Website Bucket
  14. 14. 設備資訊手機APP監控中心戰情中心統計分析數位大餅 AWS Cloud interface administration
  15. 15. Cloud interface management - Vehicle by Area Surveillance center
  16. 16. Cloud interface management - Multi-vehicle Surveillance center
  17. 17. Cloud interface management - History route
  18. 18. Cloud interface management - Electronic Fence
  19. 19. Cloud interface management – Onsite center
  20. 20. Cloud interface management – Surveillance center
  21. 21. Smart New Green Detecting Wristband  controls physical strength and analyzes work-out needs  monitors sleep quality  prevents driver fatigue and provides alarming signals  Bluetooth connecting for immediate reminders of missing calls
  22. 22. Web Interface administration - Cardio rate analysis
  23. 23. TPMS web interface administration
  24. 24. Function: 1. FIS expiration semi-conductor detecting technology from Japan. 2. Quick screening 3. ITRI authentication on Gas production, with strict quality control 4. Light-weight and short, space save. Alcohol Detectors Bluetooth Alcohol Detectors Name: Bluetooth Breath Alcohol Detectors Code: WHISKY Model: RTC -1000 Method: FIS expiration semi-conductor detecting technology from Japan Result display: Red/Orange/Greed LED display on panel or on cellphone (with APP showing figures and conditions) (to be set according to the laws of the country where it is manufactured) Measurement range: 0.00~0.50 mg/L (BAC figures about 2100 times that of mg/L) APP display exactitude: 0.01mg/L APP connection: Bluetooth 4.0 Battery: AAA *1 for 500-1000 uses (subject to battery types and power storage) Operation environment: 0-40°C (without sweating) Storage environment: -10-40°C (without sweating) Shape and size: pen-shaped, 120mm long x 15mm wide Weight: 15g (no battery) Material: Anti-scratch Nylon / ABS
  25. 25. Cloud interface management - Alcohol test data
  26. 26. Liquor data displays via App
  27. 27. “Driver” APP intro Refueling record Urea filling record Alcohol test record
  28. 28. Setting up nighttime service center to admonish and avoid drivers driving in fatigue condition.