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Build Your Mobile App Faster with AWS Mobile Services (Part 2 - Twitter)


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In this session, we will discuss how you can leverage the new cross-platform AWS Mobile Services to build a highly scalable and reliable mobile app, powered by the AWS cloud. We will explore core functionality like authentication and authorization of users, data synchronization, and back-end infrastructure without the need to manage servers. We'll also talk about understanding your user behavior, engaging your users, and bringing your users back to your app. No matter if you are building the next great social app, or a front-office enterprise mobile app, this session will discuss best practices for building reliable and scalable mobile apps.

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Build Your Mobile App Faster with AWS Mobile Services (Part 2 - Twitter)

  2. 2. +
  3. 3. // Create a digits button and callback DigitsAuthButton digitsButton = (DigitsAuthButton) findViewById(; digitsButton.setCallback(new AuthCallback() { @Override public void success(DigitsSession session, String phoneNumber) { println(phoneNumber) } @Override public void failure(DigitsException exception) { // Do something on failure } }); DIGITS CODE EXAMPLE Digits code that performs full SMS auth and provides simple callback() on success
  4. 4. AWS LambdaCognito DynamoDB
  5. 5. DEMO
  6. 6. WHY WE LOVE AWS • Cognito integrates seamlessly with great identity tools like Twitter/Digits • Lambda helps mobile developers build infinitely scable, simple back-end services • Storage options are easily configurable and swappable (DynamoDB vs. Postgres vs. S3)
  7. 7. USE CASES • Deliver notifications or offers to user via Amazon SMS • Connect with existing CRM solution to pre-populate user experience (Frequent Flyer status, Rewards member, etc.) • Track in-app activity for personalization or A/B testing • Protect against bot/spam abuse through phone verification
  8. 8. DIGITS.COM