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Build Engaging Applications with Salesforce Heroku and AWS PPT


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Building and releasing cutting-edge applications quickly can be difficult when you lack proper tooling and integrated customer data. Salesforce Heroku delivers a cloud-native, developer-friendly platform that streamlines application development by integrating formerly siloed customer data and removing the burden of infrastructure management, allowing developers to focus their attention solely on creating customer-centric applications. Join the upcoming webinar to hear how the Financial Times builds customer-driven applications with faster cycle times with Heroku and AWS.

Build Engaging Applications with Salesforce Heroku and AWS PPT

  1. 1. Build Engaging Applications with Salesforce Heroku and AWS  Kevin Cochran, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS  Rahul Awasthy, Director of Product Marketing, Salesforce  Dawn Budge, Technical Lead for myFT, The Financial Times © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Amazon Web Services  Kevin Cochran – Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
  3. 3.  Rapid app development and iteration  Context-driven applications  Developer-friendly solutions Trends in Application Development
  4. 4. Application Development can be Challenging A good app dev platform removes these roadblocks, allowing dev teams to focus their full attention on creating great apps. Overwhelming infrastructure management Siloed customer data Lack of security, scalability, and collaboration
  5. 5. Optimizing App Dev Efforts with AWS  Amazon CloudFront – a content delivery network (CDN) service design to deliver websites, video content, and we assets with low latency and high data transfer speeds  AWS Shield – provides managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection for applications  AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) – protects apps with customizable web security rules to block common attack methods like cross-site scripting and Structured Query Language (SQL) injection  Amazon Redshift – a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse on the cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a set of flexible services designed to allow you to more rapidly, securely, and reliably build and deliver products.
  6. 6. Why Leverage AWS? Built for scale Secure Depth and breadth of services
  7. 7. Salesforce Heroku  Rahul Awasthy – Director of Product Marketing, Salesforce
  8. 8. Salesforce Heroku Build rich customer experiences ▪ Engage your customer ▪ Empower your developers ▪ Deliver apps at enterprise scale Salesforce Heroku delivers an end-to-end development platform that enables you to focus on building engaging applications.
  9. 9. Build transformative apps, fast Build experiences that are intuitive and responsive on a PaaS designed for cloud native apps Extend your CRM Bi-directional real-time sync with Salesforce means you can extend your Client Relationship Management (CRM) data into contextual customer insights Innovate faster with AWS Rapidly deploy AWS services on a curated platform that abstracts away the complexity and reduces risk Engage Your Customer
  10. 10. Empower Your Developers Built by developers, for developers Deploy, Configure, Scale and Manage apps from a unified dashboard unified across every stage of development Great apps come from great teams Build together with Enterprise Teams and embrace continuous delivery with Salesforce Heroku Pipelines Collaborate with a network of experts Plug in best of breed components for your app, all in one place from Heroku Elements Heroku DX
  11. 11. Deliver Apps at Enterprise Scale Simplify Operational Experience Sit back and let the platform monitor application health, so you can proactively find and fix issues before users do Enterprise Trust & Control Build high compliance apps for regulated industries and extend your trust boundaries from on-premise systems to AWS and Salesforce Fully Managed Data Services Heroku Postgres, Heroku Redis and Heroku Kafka offer fully managed data services as part of the platform Heroku Shield Heroku OpEx Heroku Connect Auto Scaling
  12. 12. AWS + Salesforce Heroku  Kevin Cochran – Partner Solutions Architect, AWS  Rahul Awasthy – Director of Product Marketing, Salesforce
  13. 13. Salesforce + AWS Developer friendly, easily scalable, container based app development and management; running on powerful AWS infrastructure Secure cloud services platform to build flexible, scalable, and reliable applications +
  14. 14. Salesforce Heroku is 100% Built on AWS Salesforce Heroku serves as a managed service provider, implementing AWS best practices in architecting, deploying, and scaling enterprise services on the AWS Cloud. Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 Amazon VPC Amazon Route 53 Elastic Load Balancing Amazon CloudFront Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Kinesis
  15. 15. How do AWS and Salesforce Heroku Work Together? Developer writes code in Node, Ruby, PHP, Java, Go, Python, etc. Uses the CLI, Github, or continuous integration to push code to a build system, which produces an app that's ready for execution Apps run in dynos smart containers with curated, automatically patched language stacks 130+ Add-ons: 3rd party cloud services extend apps with a range of functionality such as data stores, logging, monitoring and more Salesforce Heroku data services Heroku Postgres and Heroku Redis are fully managed data services operated by Salesforce Heroku Users access your app from any device, over HTTP (including WebSocket) and Application Programing Interface (API) Router routes HTTP requests sent to your app’s hostname(s) to your app's dynos AWS Services Use AWS Services like S3, Redshift, CloudFront, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, Lambda, etc
  16. 16. The Financial Times  Dawn Budge – Technical Lead for myFT, The Financial Times
  17. 17. The Financial Times Story ▪ A leading international business newspaper ▪ Circulation 850k, digital subscriptions 650k ▪ 765k unique devices and 2 to 2.5m page views per day ▪ Paywalled, standard and premium subscriptions
  18. 18. Current State / Tools Being Used ▪ New is entirely on Salesforce Heroku and AWS ▪ Microservice architecture ▪ Several live deployments per day ▪ myFT is the result of the collaboration between Salesforce Heroku and AWS
  19. 19. Next Initial Architecture for The Financial Times
  20. 20. What Needed to be Solved ▪ Old site had a 3 week change process, pre-dated responsive, slow ▪ Operational overheads were costing us more than cash ▪ Opportunity - new tech but also new culture
  21. 21. The Solution ▪ Tech culture, process, people: – Born in the cloud – Bias for action – Innovate at speed – Empowered full-stack engineers – Reduce operational overhead
  22. 22. Example: myFT ▪ 1.2 million users, 51k followed concepts, 4.6m saves of 403k articles ▪ Scale challenge: make 300k+ daily digest emails in 2 hours ▪ 75k instant alerts per day ▪ myFT web page 15.5k page views per day
  23. 23. The Results ▪ Engagement up 20%, ROI of 50% ▪ Usable homepage in 1.3s, ads viewability up 72% ▪ Press Awards Website of the Year, Digiday Publishing Awards Best Use of Technology ▪ Survived Brexit, US election, UK election
  24. 24. Future State: Growing with Salesforce and Amazon Solutions ▪ Scale up or out fast as membership grows ▪ Shallower learning curve with tools leveraging AWS and Salesforce, such as: – Serverless ( – Konstructor (by the Financial Times) ▪ Internal products on CRM in team creation and investigation stage
  25. 25. Q&A  Kevin Cochran, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS  Rahul Awasthy, Director of Product Marketing, Salesforce  Dawn Budge, Technical Lead for myFT, The Financial Times
  26. 26. Get started  Learn More on Salesforce + AWS –  AWS –  Salesforce Heroku –  Visit us at Dreamforce 2017: Salesforce + AWS, AWS Booth #1725 – Meet our team and find out more at Dreamforce in San Francisco, Nov. 6-9 –
  27. 27. Contact us  Kevin Cochran -  Rahul Awasthy -
  28. 28. Thank you © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved.