AWS Enterprise Summit London | British Gas Hive Scaling for the Connected Home


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Customer Story: Scaling for the Connected Home - Seb Chakraborty, Technology Director of Connected Homes, British Gas Connected Homes

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AWS Enterprise Summit London | British Gas Hive Scaling for the Connected Home

  1. 1. Scaling for the Connected Home Hive by British Gas Seb Chakraborty
  2. 2. Hive by BG… Why? •  Our customers want this… Play video…
  3. 3. …connecting customers to their energy consumption •  Transforming ordinary experiences into extraordinary experiences •  High levels of customer engagement with our products •  Understand more about energy use and how to control and save
  4. 4. Why we chose to partner with AWS •  Innovation needs flexibility •  Don’t pin the business on a technology •  AWS has the most capabilities and APIs •  Rapid growth needs flexible growth •  Energy usage can be seasonal
  5. 5. Building & Delivering •  Continuous Delivery & AWS awesomeness –  Emerged as best practices as we minimize ‘work in progress’ –  Reducing spend on the wrong IT assets •  Operational Robustness –  Enable scaling to millions of customers and growing partners –  Deploy Multitude of living patterns and energy needs –  Scale of data is enormous •  Cost-effective –  Connected Homes demands massive scale and low cost at every point
  6. 6. Logical Architecture - EC2 Internet H U B Rabbit/AMQP LoadBalancer B o il e r s AWS EC2 Environment AMQPAMQP API Server Listeners SMS / Email Triggers Sensor Log Database Tier Persistent Database Tier API ServerAPI Server SMS & SMTP Gateways AWS EC2 Environment Contact Centres Authorized 3rdParties b VarnishProxy WebServers b App Server CustomersEngineers AMQP
  7. 7. Logical Capability Hive Cloud Platform Web & Mobile Applications Presentation Layer Hive Hub Connectivity Connected Devices •  Building separation of device capabilities so that customers can build ‘experience mash-ups’ between device types and physical location •  Building an Operations and Analytic cloud Architecture TheSchoolroom TheGreatHouse
  8. 8. Summary •  Hive products & brand are very important for BG. Building products that customers want always wins fans! •  Hive is using AWS to build differentiation, both in delivery, API tooling and scale •  Hive is building it’s platform and ecosystem in AWS and is also building a range of cloud platform tools, such as the ‘The Great House’ and ‘Schoolroom’ •  Thank you AWS! Twitter: sebchakraborty
  9. 9. AWS Enterprise Summit 2014 #AWSSummit