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BMC Software Presentation at the LA & NY AWS Cloud for the Enterprise Events.

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  • Definition: Creation: VM creation is typically done by “cloning” a VM template (this is what’s represented by the diagram). This cloning can be performed in literally 60 seconds, leading to rapid and uncontrolled proliferation of VMs Operation: Standard management tasks for a server. VMs have some special things about them – for example they can move from one host to another (for VMware, this is called “VMotion”). BMC uniquely has the ability to detect these Vmotion events, and automatically (in near-real-time) update the CMDB. Retirement – IT needs a structured process to ensure that VMs are retired and their resources reclaimed. Messaging for this value path: Situation — One of the most common challenges that organizations see as they begin using virtualization is a lack of control over how virtual machines are created and deployed.   Complication — This lack of control — coupled with the business need for IT agility — often leads to a rapid proliferation of deployed virtual machines with a very poor level of visibility into the inventory of what’s out there.   Implication — Without controlling the process of deploying, changing, and retiring virtual machines, IT organizations will be unable to manage an exponentially increasing number of virtual machines.  
  • Reiterate these points : BMC provides a comprehensive solution that unifies the management of physical and virtual environments to help organizations gain control of their IT infrastructure. With BMC, you can rapidly, reliably, and cost-effectively tame the complexity of virtualization. With BMC’s comprehensive virtualization management solution, you will: Detect, correct, and prevent VM sprawl with 100% visibility across virtualization infrastructures, and with automated request and provisioning processes Meet quality of service and SLA targets by reducing downtime more than 60%, and dynamically responding to changes in the virtualization infrastructure Achieve and maintain higher than 98% compliance through policy-based operations, reducing the cost of compliance reporting Leverage a consistent, unified solution across physical and virtual environments
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  • AWS Partner Presentation - BMC Software

    1. 1. Cloud Computing – A Pragmatic Perspective
    2. 2. Realizing Benefits of Clouds $ What You Expected from Cloud Computing BUT Complexity is Pushing Up Management Costs GET WHAT YOU EXPECTED BMC Drives Down Costs of Management a large European software/services company is using BMC Business Service Management to deliver services on Amazon EC2 – complex, elastic, fast and controlled.
    3. 3. Public Cloud Services With & Without Process Governance No change management No configuration management No compliance No process control No governance Amazon Amazon Automation Service Request Management Change Management Configuration Management & Compliance Integrated ITIL processes Managed configuration Fully compliant Full control Single Interface
    4. 4. Service Delivery Workflow Requester Service Request Portal Application Parameterization User role and policies determine services available for requesting Provisioning & Configuration Lifecycle Management Activation Performance Management Compliance & Configuration Management Service Catalog Cloud Physical Virtual Service Templates Development QA
    5. 5. Virtual Lifecycle Management <ul><li>Full visibility and control over service lifetime </li></ul><ul><li>Avoid sprawl and underutilization </li></ul><ul><li>Enforce decommissioning and reuse </li></ul>Creation Operation Retirement X
    6. 6. BMC Cloud Management <ul><li>Complete Lifecycle Solution </li></ul><ul><li>Comprehensive and Modular </li></ul><ul><li>Unifies Physical, Virtual and Cloud </li></ul><ul><li>Rapid Time to Value </li></ul>