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Beintoo on Amazon Web Services


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Beintoo on Amazon Web Services

  1. 1. WHAT IS BEINTOO? Beintoo is a monetization and engagement platform that offers website and mobile application developers the opportunity to create their own loyalty program in partnership with real-world retailers. Developers monetize on their user engagement, which is rewarded in Bedollars, a cross-brand virtual currency. The user can then redeem Bedollars for real-world offers. Join the revolution in mobile monetization
  2. 2. BEDOLLAR EARN BEDOLLAR SPEND BEDOLLAR EARN App Publishers issue Bedollars for in-game achievements, missions or behaviors, e.g. reaching a new highest score Beintoo members spend their Bedollars on real world rewards with their favorite brands! Brands issue Bedollars to reward off- or online behaviors, e.g. store visits or purchases THE BEINTOO MOBILE ECOSYSTEM
  3. 3. IN APP ACHIEVEMENTS Members are rewarded every time they reach a good result in the apps. Retailers can sponsor the Bedollars users earn to reward their achievements in the apps, which users will be able to use towards numerous valuable perks. Monetization: Retailers pay for the Bedollars issued
  4. 4. Monetization: Retailers pay for the Bedollars issued for challenges and for in-store purchases IN GAME CHALLENGE Sponsored challenges gamify brand experiences by setting goals for members using your apps. To reward their achievements within the challenge, players are presented with exclusive brand offers and also with Bedollars redeemable for real-world benefits.
  5. 5. THE BESTORE Present your virtual goods in the Bestore and allow members to redeem them for bedollars. Members will be encouraged to increase their Bedollar balance to gain access to better offers. As our members increasingly engage brands available in the Bestore, they will receive even more exclusive deals.
  6. 6. 600 registered developers including games, TV and market research apps BEINTOO IN NUMBERS
  8. 8. HOW IT WORKS Amazon S3 Elastic load balancer Elastic load balancer Amazon EC2 Amazon EC2 Auto scaling group Auto scaling group Instances use at least 2 availability Zones. Up to 150 million API calls per day during Chinese New Year. Average latency: 0,04 sec
  9. 9. We use MySQL for transaction and accounts, while (big) data is stored in DynamoDB due to its guaranteed response time. DynamoDB RDS DB Instance RDS DB Instance Standby (Multi-AZ) RDS DB Instance Read Replica Amazon SQS EC2 Instances HOW IT WORKS
  10. 10. DynamoDB RDS DB Instance RDS DB Instance Standby (Multi-AZ) RDS DB Instance Read Replica Amazon SQS Crons EC2 Instances ElasticCache speeds up the service and helps us in reducing reads in DynamoDB. SQS is needed to lower final-user latency (some API calls trigger asynchronous processing). Amazon ElastiCache HOW IT WORKS
  11. 11. MONITORING Amazon Cloudwatch is used as an alternative of Nagios/Cacti for monitoring and triggering alarms. Pro: no need to set up any software Cons: only 2 weeks history Amazon CloudWatch
  13. 13. Apply at: WE ARE HIRING!