AWS Summit 2013 | Singapore - Supporting and Optimizing your AWS Experience


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In this session you'll learn how to take advantage of unique properties of the cloud and how to ensure you have expert engineering help along the way. We'll tell you about the AWS global support operations and how they can assist you 24x7, show you the fantastic set of checks available in our automated Trusted Advisor tool and give you tips and tricks on how to realize cost-aware architectures. And don't just take it from us, hear from customers too on how they have used AWS support services to get the best out of the platform.

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AWS Summit 2013 | Singapore - Supporting and Optimizing your AWS Experience

  1. 1. Steven Day AWS Support Leader 18 July, 2013 Supporting and Optimizing your AWS Experience
  2. 2. Built on top of Legacy of Customer Obsession
  3. 3. AWS Support is a Global 24/7 Organization Our team consists of professional, highly skilled engineers with locations in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. Current Sites Remote TAMs
  4. 4. Basic Developer Business Enterprise YESCustomer Service 24/7/365 YES YES YES YESSupport Forums YES YES YES YESDocumentation, Guides YES YES YES Health ChecksAccess to Technical Support E P/C/E/W P/C/E/W/TAM -Named Contacts 1 5 Unlimited -Response Time 12 hours 1 hour 15 minutes -Architecture Support Building Blocks Guidance App / Architecture -Best Practice Guidance YES YES YES -Client Side Diagnostic Tools YES YES YES
  5. 5. More Than Just Break-Fix • AWS Support is much more than traditional, reactive troubleshooting. • In addition to 24/7/365 reactive break-fix with highly skilled engineers, support subscriptions include an unlimited number of cases to: 1. Help you get started with AWS 2. Get recommendations to be more secure, lower cost, and more available 3. Discuss your architecture and best practices 4. Ask questions on how to successfully integrate the 200+ annual AWS feature releases 5. Configuration help for a growing list of 3rd Party Software
  6. 6. Infrastructure Event Management • Designed for short-term, tactical engagements • Assigns a TAM or high-level Support Engineer to help a customer prepare for a known event that will scale or challenge their infrastructure beyond normal limits, i.e. a public campaign/event, seasonal usage spikes, viral/DDoS, etc. • Engagements will start with discovery, proceed with planning and execution, and end with a review • IEM is included with Enterprise-level, but can be purchased for one-time events along with Business support
  7. 7. Shazam AWS Enterprise Support team provided around the clock monitoring and assistance from the US and Europe during the event, and had AWS engineering resources on standby. Jason Titus, CTO NASA JPL The assistance provided by an on-site AWS Support Technical Account Manager and Solution Architects who were familiar with JPL's environment allowed AWS to rapidly engage additional resources as needed. Customer Stories
  8. 8. Solutions Architect Technical Account Manager Account Manager Helps ensure you are receiving the best value from your AWS services Enterprise Account Team
  9. 9. Common Customer TAM Activities • Orchestrate resources within AWS to help Enterprise customers get the most from their AWS services • Oversea support cases and provide customer context to ensure fast restoration • Resource optimization review – prepare recommendations to help increase availability and performance, reduce costs, and improve security • New product introduction review – highlight where new products benefit the customer’s use case and architecture • Keep the customer aware of AWS roadmap and advocate for their development interests with the right AWS teams • Event Management – coordinate AWS, partner and customer teams to ensure important customer launches and implementation events receive total focus • Regular service reviews and reports covering support case performance
  10. 10. Trusted Advisor Cost Optimisation Security Fault Tolerance Performance
  11. 11. Customer Feedback Amit Vora, CTO, Hungama AWS Trusted Advisor helped Hungama save over 12% on our monthly bill with AWS. We will continue leveraging features and checks such as "Underutilized Instances" and "Reserved Instance Recommendations" to keep optimizing our infrastructure and costs on AWS. Cyrus Durgin, Director of Engineering & Infrastructure, Meteor Entertainment Trusted Advisor is awesome! Just poked around at the Trusted Advisor dashboard and I'm really impressed. Another terrific customer-facing service to help us understand where our costs are and get a holistic overview of where we can improve cost, security and performance. Very cool!
  12. 12. Trusted Advisor in Action
  13. 13. Business Transformation Track