AWS Summit 2013 | Singapore - NetApp Private Storage for AWS with Equinix, Presented by NetApp and Equinix


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Cloud computing is going prime time. Organizations can no longer ignore the benefits of cloud, but rather, architect their network models to combine new cloud offerings with existing on-premise infrastructure.

Join Clement and Scott to learn how NetApp® Private Storage for AWS with Equinix allows enterprise and mid-market customers to build an agile cloud infrastructure that balances private and cloud resources to best meet their business needs.

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AWS Summit 2013 | Singapore - NetApp Private Storage for AWS with Equinix, Presented by NetApp and Equinix

  1. 1. Clement Goh Managing Director, Equinix South Asia Scott Morris VP & GM, ASEAN NetApp July 18, 2013 NetApp Private Storage for AWS with Equinix
  2. 2. • Equinix introduction • NetApp introduction • Cloud Trends and Why Hybrid Architecture • The Partnership • Use case & Singapore’s First Trial Customer Sharing • How to order • Summary Agenda
  3. 3. Equinix At A Glance • World’s largest provider of carrier neutral data center services provider, most densely interconnected sites • 95+ data centers in 31 global markets with 900+ Networks • Industry-leading power densities • Redundant infrastructure • Ample capacity for growth COLOCATION INTERCONNECTION • 99.999% global uptime record • Smart hands • High customer satisfaction • Most densely interconnected sites • Specialized exchanges SUPPORT
  4. 4. Asia Pacific 6 metros 250+ networks Americas 15 metros 450+ networks EMEA 10 Metros 375+ networks Broadest and Deepest Industry Coverage AWS Direct Connect Equinix AWS Direct Connect Nodes: • Washington D.C • Silicon Valley • Seattle • Tokyo • Singapore • Sydney World’s largest provider of carrier neutral data center services
  5. 5. NetApp At A Glance • 85% of the 100 most innovative companies in the world run on NetApp* • Creator of Data ONTAP: the industry's #1 storage OS • Leading Storage & Data Management provider • 12,000+ employees, 150+ offices worldwide • World-class partner ecosystem, professional services and global support • Helps Enterprise & Mid-Market companies manage their most valuable asset – Data! 20 Years of Innovation First unified SAN and NAS appliance SnapShot ® First network-attached storage applianceBirth of an industry and storage efficiency Affordable data protection Unified storage systems Compound ing storage efficiencie s Shared virtualized systems Clustered storage 2000 2007 SnapMirror ® replication First unified dedupe for primary/secondary storage Thin provisioning and FlexClone® 1992 1993 2002 2004 2012 First scale out of unified storage *Fortune 1000 + Global 500 High Tech Companies with $4B+ revenues and 20%+ five-year organic CAGR
  6. 6. Cloud Computing - Why Hybrid Architecture? Massive Scale On Demand Pay-as-you-go Cloud On-premise Hybrid Control Security Manage & Control Tailor application portfolio Meet required SLAs 1. Utilize your Private Infrastructure for sensitive / core applications 2. Push certain VM or app workloads to public cloud Enhanced Data Protection at Lower Cost Ability to Mix Cloud Resources Maintain the Control, Compliance, & Mobility of Your Data Improve Efficiency for Performance Workloads Hybrid Cloud Benefits:
  7. 7. Source: Global Enterprise Cloud Computing Market Survey – An End-User Perspective, Frost & Sullivan, 2013 10% 6% 17% 15% 19% 33% Singapore 9% 9% 11% 20% 22% 28% Australia 19% 9% 13% 23% 11% 25% Germany 4% 10% 12% 14% 32% 28% UK 6% 18% 10% 10% 18% 39% France 6% 20% 20% 22% 32% US Cloud Computing Market: Per Cent of Regional Perspectives of the Cloud Concept, Global, 2012 We are sceptical of cloud and will not embark on a cloud transition any time soon We will introduce specific services in the cloud, but we would not call that an adoption We are grapping with cloud. We know it will eventually redefine our IT landscape, but we do not know where to start Our IT vision is cloud. Cloud is strategic to us, and we are accelerating our cloud adoption We use cloud to complement our existing IT strategy Our cloud adoption is a journey that we shall make slowly, step- by-step Positive Perceptions to Embrace Cloud Solutions
  8. 8. • IT services in Cloud expected to double by 2016 • Cloud adoption continues to accelerate • Enterprises now focusing on how to deploy • A smart cloud transition strategy includes build & buy • Hybrid architecture is getting CIO attention *Source: Research commissioned by NetApp 35% 10% 14% 3% 38% Cloud Model Majority of IT Application Workload by 2016 Mostly hybrid clouds that span from private to public Mostly private clouds Not sure Mostly public clouds Evenly mixed between all cloud types Percent of IT Services in the Cloud by 2016 IT Services in the Cloud Expected to More than Double from 2011 to 2016* 23% 57% Percent of total IT services delivered via cloud 2011 Percent of total IT services expected to be delivered via cloud by 2016 Cloud Trends
  9. 9. NetApp, Equinix & AWS Partnering for Success The leading cloud services provider Biggest Storage Operating System Broadest Coverage of World Class Data Centers Direct Connect to Cloud Environments
  10. 10. Equinix, Netapp Private Storage for AWS • Dedicated private storage leveraging capacity on-demand cloud computing • Netapp – leading Data Replication technology between on-premise and Hybrid Architecture • Equinix – AWS direct connect ; branch office connectivity via hundreds of network provider choices • AWS – EC2 compute services Hybrid Solution to address Data Governance
  11. 11. NetApp Private Storage for AWS Use Cases Solution Application - Several use cases appeal to a wide variety of organizations • Disaster Recovery • Development & Test • Multi-tier backup to Cloud • Multi-Region Application Continuity • Data center migration & consolidation • Foundation for more: • High Performance / Database • Big Data Analytics Compliance & Regulatory Requirements
  12. 12. FAS DR NetApp Flexclone Equinix Data Center US East 1 AWS Cloud Amazon EC2 10 Gbps AWS Direct Connect Deployed Use Case : Midsize Manufacturing Company Disaster Recovery for SAP On-premises Data Center Server Network NetApp SnapMirror FAS
  13. 13. FAS DR NetApp Flexclone Equinix Data Center US East 1US West 1 FAS Prod AWS Direct Connect Location FAS Dev Amazon EC2 AWS Cloud Amazon EC2 AWS Cloud 10 Gbps AWS Direct Connect 10 Gbps AWS Direct Connect Large SaaS Company Prod, DevTest and DR for Payroll Application NetApp SnapMirror
  14. 14. IN CONVERSATION With First Trial Customer in Singapore! Nanyang Technology University
  15. 15. How to Engage Please contact Avnet Hotline: +65 6603 3888 Email:
  16. 16. 1. Hybrid Architectures combine the best breed of cloud environments 2. Collaboration of leading partners resulting in Best Of Class Hybrid solution 3. Interesting actions are happening in data centers – come connect with us! Summary Visit Us at Booth G1!
  17. 17. Business Transformation Track