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More and more customers are running mission-critical SAP applications on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. SAP HANA is an analytical and database application platform in memory that can now be deployed in full production on AWS. AWS offers a variety of options to trial and deploy SAP HANA on the low cost, secure, and highly elastic AWS cloud without having to make long-term commitments or costly capital expenditures for their underlying infrastructure. AWS is one of the first virtual platforms certified by SAP to run HANA.

Review this material to learn how AWS SAP HANA customers achieve increased performance, business agility, and cost saving benefits to their HANA deployments. In the webinar, we will provide an overview on the technical capabilities and benefits and show you in-depth how to implement and deploy SAP HANA on the AWS cloud environment. We will introduce you to available tools, documentation, and support notes to help you design, deploy, and implement HANA on AWS. You will also learn about customer success stories, where to find available test drives or trials, and how to engage with AWS to get help on your own particular use case or find the right AWS partner to help.

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AWS Webcast - Running SAP HANA on the AWS Cloud

  1. 1. © 2011, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc. Running SAP HANA on the Amazon Web Services Cloud Steven Jones, Principal SAP Solutions Architect, AWS Peter Mauel, SAP Global Alliance Leader, AWS
  2. 2. Agenda AWS Overview SAP HANA on AWS Architecture Patterns Deployment of HANA on AWS SAP Solutions on AWS Amazon EC2 for SAP HANA Next Steps & Questions SAP Support
  3. 3. AWS Overview
  4. 4. What is Amazon Web Services? Amazon Web Services is a complete set of infrastructure and application services that enable customers to run virtually any application in the cloud: from enterprise applications and big data projects to social games and mobile apps Hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world and across all industries are taking advantage of the many benefits provided by Amazon Web Services AWS Global Infrastructure Compute Storage Database Network Application Services Deployment & Administration
  5. 5. Lower Overall Cost Benefit from AWS’s economies of scale and efficiencies. Only pay for what you use. Running SAP ERP Systems on AWS can save up to 71% on Infrastructure costs! AWS Drives Agility and Innovation Benefits for SAP Customers Shift Focus to Differentiation Free internal resources from the undifferentiating tasks of managing infrastructure and focus resources on innovation Replace CapEx with OpEx Start using AWS with no up-front cost or commitment and only pay for what you use Agility & Speed Provision new infrastructure and SAP systems in minutes vs. days, weeks or months Self-service Procure, provision and manage AWS resources completely via self-service End Hardware Refresh Cycles Stop having to plan and manage hardware refreshes every 3-5 years Elasticity and Flexible Capacity Scale resources automatically up or down as needed. On- demand access to virtually unlimited compute, storage and network capacity to meet your SAP Sizing needs. Secure & Durable Secure and durable technology platform with industry- recognized certifications and audits
  6. 6. Trusted by Enterprises Around the World
  7. 7. Used by Government Agencies & Educational Institutions Worldwide
  8. 8. Architected for Enterprise Security Requirements “The Amazon Virtual Private Cloud [Amazon VPC] was a unique option that offered an additional level of security and an ability to integrate with other aspects of our infrastructure.” Dr. Michael Miller, Head of HPC for R&D
  9. 9. Gartner Magic Quadrants 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant - IaaS Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service,” Lydia Leong, Douglas Toombs, Bob Gill, Gregor Petri, Tiny Haynes, August 19, 2013. This Magic Quadrant graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research note and should be evaluated in the context of the entire report.. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  10. 10. SAP Solutions on AWS
  11. 11. How SAP Customers and Partners Use AWS Extend Existing IT Infrastructure to the AWS Cloud Host Complete SAP Environments on the AWS Cloud  Run SAP Test, Training, Demo, POC and Sandbox systems on AWS  Temporary infrastructure for SAP upgrades and OS/DB migrations  Migrate Project Landscapes or SAP legacy systems to AWS  Dev/QAS/PRD Landscapes on AWS  SAP Document and Data Archiving to AWS Cloud Storage  Disaster Recovery (DR) site for on-premises SAP production environments  Data warehouse and business intelligence simulations
  12. 12. SAP Solutions Certified for Production on AWS  SAP Business Suite (NetWeaver ABAP & Java 7.0 or higher)  SAP Business All-in-One (A1)  SAP HANA  SAP HANA One  SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)  SAP Business Objects BI Solutions  SAP Afaria (Mobile Device Management)  SAP Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP)  SAP Business One SAP Note #165609 contains the latest information regarding SAP product, landscape and platform support on AWS Operating Systems  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 or higher  Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 or higher  Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 Databases  SAP HANA DB rev 68 or higher [New]  Sybase ASE or higher  SAP MaxDB Version 7.8 or higher  Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012  IBM DB2 Version 9.7 or higher
  13. 13. SAP Software and Licensing on AWS  Primary license model for most SAP applications on AWS  Existing SAP licenses can be used on AWS  SAP Business Suite, SAP Business All-in-One, SAP HANA, etc.  AWS Marketplace  SAP Trial Images & Developer Editions  AWS / SAP Test Drive Program 1. Bring-Your-Own Software and License 2. Software and License Included Two Models:
  14. 14. Infrastructure Subscription SAP HANA One Developer Edition Overview Quickly deploy and manage your pre- licensed SAP HANA instances Fully featured SAP HANA virtual appliance on AWS Fully featured SAP HANA virtual appliance on AWS for individual developers Use Cases  Production and non-production  All SAP HANA use cases supported including SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse on HANA  Production and non-production  Analytics acceleration  Data merging  Temporary event-based analytics  Self-service BI  Prototypes and proofs-of-concept  Non-production only  Develop, test and demo applications on top of the HANA platform  Learning environment Key Benefits  Real-time provisioning on the AWS Cloud for your existing HANA licenses.  Replace Capital expense for Hardware with Operational expense. No Capital outlay required.  Support for production use cases.  Develop and deploy HANA faster.  Instant, self-serve access – up and running in 10 minutes  Start and stop when needed – reduce license and infrastructure cost  Community support  Free developer license  Easily accessible and rapidly deployable  Pay-per-use infrastructure HANA License Bring-your-own-License On-demand - $0.99 per hour Free Developer License¹ Memory 244 GB | 732 GB | 976 GB | 1.22 TB 60.5 GB Up to 68.5 GB Available from SAP HANA Marketplace AWS Marketplace: one SAP SCN: SAP HANA Offerings on AWS ¹ License available directly from SAP:
  15. 15. SAP HANA Infrastructure Subscription on AWS  Real-time provisioning on the AWS Cloud for your existing HANA licenses.  Production Support for Business Suite, BW, & OLAP use cases.  Deploy HANA faster – eliminate hardware procurement cycles.  Scale resources up or down as needed. Pay only for what you need.  Replace capital expense (CapEx) for IT infrastructure with operational expense (OpEx). No Capital outlay required. Visit to learn more! Overview
  16. 16. SAP Business Warehouse (BW) on HANA Trial Offer 30-Day Free Trial License* Includes:  SAP Netweaver BW 7.4 on SAP HANA SP07  SAP Business Objects BI 4.1 Instance  SAP HANA DB deployed on a 244GiB AWS instance  Provisioned directly into a customers own AWS account (required)  Preconfigured image for fast deployment  Prebuilt exercises / Tutorials for immediate evaluation *AWS Infrastructure charges apply
  17. 17. AWS Marketplace An online store where customers can find, buy, and quickly deploy software that runs on AWS SAP solutions available today:  SAP HANA One  SAP Business Objects BI SAP partners can sell their solutions on the AWS Marketplace, including HANA- based solutions Software and license included
  18. 18. Amazon EC2 for SAP HANA
  19. 19. 10 Regions  Northern VA  Northern CA  Oregon  GovCloud US  Ireland  Singapore  Tokyo  Sydney  São Paulo  China AWS Global Infrastructure
  20. 20.  Distinct locations engineered to be insulated from failures in other Availability Zones  Connected via an inexpensive, low latency network  An independent collection of AWS services in a defined geographical location  Foundation for meeting location dependent privacy and compliance requirements  Customer has full control - AWS does not move customer’s resources  Contains two or more Availability Zones AWS Regions and Availability Zones Region Availability Zone A Availability Zone B Availability Zone C Region Availability Zone
  21. 21. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Amazon EC2  Windows and Linux  34 different VM sizes available optimized for various workloads  Self-service provisioning and management  Monitoring, scaling and load balancing services  Rapid provisioning from pre-built OS and SAP images  Pay by the hour - No up-front cost or long-term commitments On-demand virtual computing, storage and networking infrastructure
  22. 22. Multiple EC2 Pricing Options On-Demand Pay for compute capacity by the hour with no up-front cost or long-tem commitment Pay for only the hours an instance is online SAP system types: Test, Demo, Training, POC Reserved Make a low one-time payment and receive a significant discount on the hourly charge 1-year or 3-year term Three types – Light, Medium and Heavy Utilization SAP system types: DEV/QAS/PRD Two options most relevant for SAP…
  23. 23. Instance Type Cores Mem SAPS High Memory 2-Xlarge (m2.2xlarge) 4 34.2 3,700 High Memory 4-Xlarge (m2.4xlarge) 8 68.4 7,400 Cluster Compute 8-Xlarge (cc2.8xlarge) 16 60.5 ~20,000 High Mem Cluster 8-Xlarge (cr1.8xlarge) [New] 16 244 30,430 SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Benchmarks Instance Type # of Instances SAPS High Memory 4-Xlarge (m2.4xlarge) [New] 1 DB / 9 App 62,750 Cluster Compute 8-Xlarge (cc2.8xlarge) 1 DB / 6 App 90,330 SAP SD 2-Tier Benchmark SAP SD 3-Tier Benchmark All benchmarks validated and published by SAP at
  24. 24. Amazon EC2 Cluster Compute Instances for SAP HANA 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2670 processors (Sandy Bridge) 32 vCPUs with hyperthreading 64-bit 60.5 GB RAM 10 Gigabit Network 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2670 processors (Sandy Bridge) 32 vCPUs with hyperthreading 64-bit 244 GB RAM 10 Gigabit Network NUMA and Turbo Support cc2.8xlarge cr1.8xlarge All c* instances support high-performance (10 gigabit) networking to Elastic Block Storage volumes (EBS) 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 processors (Ivy Bridge) 32 vCPUs with hyperthreading 64-bit 244 GB RAM 10 Gigabit Network NUMA and Turbo Support Enhanced Networking r3.8xlarge HANA One SAP HANA Infrastructure Subscription
  25. 25. SAP BW Enhanced Mixed Load (BW-EML) Standard Application Benchmarking on AWS Instance Type Adhoc Navigation Steps/hr Gain High Mem Cluster 8-Xlarge (cr1.8xlarge) 113,390 Cluster Compute 8-Xlarge (r3.8xlarge) 137,510 21% Single Node – 5 Million Records Scale-out (5 Nodes) – 2 Billion Records RDBMS: SAP HANA 1.0 Technology platform release: SAP NetWeaver 7.31 All benchmarks validated and published by SAP except for * Instance Type Adhoc Navigation Steps/hr Gain High Mem Cluster 8-Xlarge (cr1.8xlarge) 116,908* Cluster Compute 8-Xlarge (r3.8xlarge) 177,590 52%
  26. 26. Elastic Block Store (EBS) Persistent block level storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instances 1GB to 1TB per volume - multiple volumes can be attached to the same instance Standard EBS Cost effective storage that delivers approximately 100 IOPS p/volume on average with a best effort ability to burst to hundreds of IOPS p/volume Provisioned IOPS EBS Designed to deliver predictable, high performance for I/O intensive workloads such as databases. Customer specifies an IOPS rate when creating a volume. Currently supports up to 4000 IOPS per volume EC2 EC2 EBS
  27. 27. Data Area Log Area Name Server Index Server Statistic Server SAP HANA (Master) Name Server Index Server SAP HANA (Worker) Data Area Log Area … Name Server Index Server SAP HANA (Worker) Data Area Log Area Backup Area HANA Shared EBS Persistence Layer Memory Layer Common Backup and HANA Shared storage accross all nodes via NFS EBS Storage Architecture (Infrastructure Subscription)  Bring Your Own License (BYOL) scenario  Production configuration leverages EBS Provisioned IOPS (P-IOPS) for SAP HANA Data, Log, and Backup areas - Backed by solid-state drives (SSD) - Single-digit millisecond latency  Each Amazon EBS volume data is replicated across multiple servers in an Availability Zone  Each SAP HANA node carries the same Amazon EBS configuration regardless of whether it is configured as master or worker node  Shared nothing storage concept for the SAP HANA data and log areas  Backup area is shared amongst all members of a cluster
  28. 28. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Scalable file/object data storage service Highly available and durable Designed to provide…  99.99% availability  99.99999999% durability Highly Secure  Four different access control mechanisms  Server side encryption available Amazon S3 SAP Use Cases  Backup Storage  SAP Archiving Storage
  29. 29. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) A private, isolated section of the AWS cloud where you can launch resources in a virtual network that you define VPC Enables connectivity between your network and VPC via a VPN or dedicated connection. Simplifies end user access and system integration
  30. 30. VPC VPC Connectivity Options VPN Connection AWS Direct Connect VPN Connection  Encrypted IPsec hardware VPN connection between your network and VPC  Can create multiple VPN connections to one VPC  Fast and simple to setup Internet AWS Direct Connect  Dedicated network connection between your network and VPC  Can reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience  1 Gbps or 10 Gbps ports
  31. 31. SAP HANA on AWS Architecture Patterns
  32. 32. Customer Data Centers VPN or Direct Connect Virtual Private Cloud SAP HANA Disaster Recovery (DR) on AWS DR ECC BWBW ECC PRD SAP production (PRD) landscape runs in customer’s own datacentre SAP development & quality assurance landscape runs on AWS SAP HANA Appliance(s) HANA DB SAP HANA System Replication (Async)
  33. 33. Customer Data Centers VPN or Direct Connect Secure connectivity between datacentre & AWS Virtual Private Cloud Hybrid HANA Deployment – Customer Data Centre & AWS DEV QAS ECC BW ECC BW BW ECC SRM PRD SAP production landscape runs in customer’s own datacentre SAP development & quality assurance landscape runs on AWS SAP HANA Appliance(s) HANA DB HANA DB
  34. 34. Virtual Private Cloud Full SAP HANA Deployment on AWS DEV QAS Customer runs DEV, QAS, & PRD on AWS PRD VPN or Direct Connect Secure connectivity between LAN & AWS network Customer LAN ECC BW ECC BW HANA DB HANA DB ECC BW HANA DB
  35. 35. Virtual Private Cloud SAP HANA for Big Data Analytics VPN or Direct Connect Secure connectivity between LAN & AWS network Customer LAN ECC BW BW HANA DB SAP BI Amazon EMR +
  36. 36. SAP HANA Scalability Test for SAP BW Using In-Memory Data Fabric  111 SAP HANA Instances  1,776 CPU Cores  8 Million Rows loaded per second (60 Billion Total)  Local query executed on a single HANA instance took 220 milliseconds to analyze 600 million rows  330ms to analyze 60 Billion rows via federated query execution  3 million queries per hour Additional Details:
  37. 37. Deployment of SAP HANA on AWS
  38. 38. Pre-Requisites: Sizing  When sizing the HANA appliance, main memory is the most important resource. Sizing methods vary depending on the implementation scenario. In general the following methods apply: - New Implementation: Use the SAP QuickSizer ( - Migrating an Existing SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse System: Use the new ABAP sizing report for SAP NetWeaver BW described in SAP note 1736976* ( - Migrating an Existing SAP Business Suite System to HANA: See SAP note 1872170* ( to estimate the main memory requirements of the HANA virtual appliance.  If memory requirements for the SAP HANA solution exceed the available memory of a single AWS instance, you can deploy a scale-out solution consisting of multiple instances as long as the SAP solution you are deploying supports a scale-out configuration. * SAP ID Required
  39. 39. Pre-Requisites: Review Deployment Process -> Getting Started -> SAP HANA on AWS Implementation and Operations Guide
  40. 40. Pre-Requisites: Open an AWS Account  If needed, create an AWS account at ->sign up, and make a note of your Account Number ####-####-####.  Decide on the EC2 region where you want to provision the SAP HANA on AWS solution. Currently available in the following AWS regions* • US East, N. Virginia (us-east-1) • US West, Oregon (us-west-2) • EU, Ireland (eu-west-1) • Asia Pacific, Tokyo (ap-northeast-1) *Soon to be released in all regions where the r3.8xlarge instance type is available
  41. 41. Pre-Requisites: Create or Import a Key-Pair Action: Create or import a key-pair in your previously selected region*. Amazon EC2 uses public-key cryptography to encrypt and decrypt login information. To be able to log into your instances, you must create a key pair. Uses:  Linux: SSH access to virtual machine where SAP HANA is installed  Windows: Key used to decrypt Windows Administrator Password via the EC2 console. User can then log in using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) * For more information go to EC2 User Guide:
  42. 42. Optional Pre-Requisite: EBS Limit Increases Action: Request a limit increase for Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Provisioned IOPS  Production Deployments Leverage EBS Provisioned IOPS (P-IOPS) Volumes  The default provisioned IOPS limit for an AWS Account is 10,000  If you plan on deploying more than a single node, you need to request a limit increase from the AWS Support Center  Request 24,000 times the number of nodes you plan on deploying -> Service Limit Increase -> Limit Type = EBS
  43. 43. Optional Pre-Requisite: EC2 Limit Increases Action: Request a limit increase for Amazon EC2 instances  Production SAP HANA Deployments leverage cr1.8xlarge or r3.8xlarge EC2 Cluster Compute instances  The default limit for cr1.8xlarge instances is 2  The default limit for r3.8xlarge instances is 5  If your deployment needs will exceed the default limits please request a limit increase for the instance type in the region of your choice -> Service Limit Increase -> Limit Type = EC2
  44. 44. Ready to Deploy: Next Steps SAP HANA Marketplace: -> Deploy Now
  45. 45. Virtual Private Cloud / 16 10.0.1.x / 24 (Private Subnet) SAP HANA (Master) Availability Zone Amazon S3 S3 Backup Bucket Root Volume SAP Volume LVM Group SAP HANA (Workers) Root Volume SAP Volume LVM Group HANA Data HANA Log & Backup Area HANA Data HANA Log Push/Pull Backup to/from S3 Elastic IP Address Private IP Address(es) Shares From Master Mount Global Shares: /hana/shared /backup Internet NAT Outbound Internet Traffic Studio (50013/14) HLM (1128/9) JDBC (30015/17) XS App (8000/4300) RDP SSH SSH (22) Fully Automated VPC & HANA Deployment in Minutes 10.0.2.x / 24 (Public) HANA Studio Inbound SSH Internet Gateway Corporate Data Center CorporateNetwork Virtual Private Gateway Customer Gateway VPN Tunnel or AWS Direct Connect Internal (30000-10) NFS (Various) Easily connect to your own network post deployment
  46. 46. SAP Support
  47. 47. Support Channel Setup with SAProuter on AWS When setting up a support to connection to SAP from AWS directly, consider the following steps:  Deploy a new AWS instance only for SAProuter into the public subnet of the VPC  Assign an Elastic IP Address (EIP)  Separate Security group should be configured for this instance. Limit to SAP’s SAPRouter IP Address and port 3299/tcp  Install the SAProuter software and create a saprouttab file allowing access from SAP to your SAP HANA systems on AWS  Set up the connection with SAP. For your Internet connection, use Secure Network Communication (SNC). For more information, see the Internet Connection page at SAP  Modify the existing SAP HANA security groups to trust the SAProuter security group  (optional) Shutdown the SAPRouter instance when not in use for additional security mechanism.
  48. 48. Support Channel Setup with SAProuter On-Premises Extending on-premise connectivity:  Ensure the proper saprouttab entries exist to allow access from SAP to resources in the AWS VPC  Modify the SAP HANA security groups to allow access from the on- premises SAProuter IP address  Ensure the proper firewall ports are open on the customer gateway to allow traffic to pass over TCP port 3299
  49. 49. SAP Notes and Support Queues SAP OSS Support Queues  BC-OP-LNX-AWS (Linux)  BC-OP-NT-AWS (Windows)  XX-PART-AWS (AWS General) SAP Note Description 1964437 SAP HANA on AWS: Supported AWS EC2 Products 1656099 SAP Applications on AWS: Supported DB/OS and EC2 Products 1588667 SAP on AWS: Overview of related SAP Notes and Web-Links 1656250 SAP on AWS: Support Prerequisites 1798212 Support for SAP HANA One 1758890 SAP HANA: Information needed by Product/Development Support
  50. 50. Next Steps
  51. 51. z AWS Partner Network: SAP Partners  SAP Implementation  AWS Onboarding  SAP OS/DB Migrations  SAP POCs  SAP Sizing  Architecture Planning  SAP Evaluations  Performance Tuning  SAP High Availability  SAP Hosting  Backup & Recovery  Account Management  Disaster Recovery  DB Administration  SAP BASIS  24/7 Help Desk  OS Admin & Patching  SAP Upgrades APN SAP partners provide a variety of SAP specific services on top of the AWS platform Consulting Services: Managed Services:
  52. 52. Where to Find SAP HANA on AWS Resources  Latest updates  How to Get Started  Deployment Information  Support Information  SAP HANA On AWS Implementation and Operations Guide Contact us:
  53. 53. SAP on AWS Operations Guide The SAP on AWS Operations Guide discusses the special considerations for operating SAP environments on AWS. SAP on AWS High Availability Guide The SAP on AWS High Availability Guide explains how to configure SAP systems on Amazon EC2 to protect the application from various single points of failure. SAP on AWS Backup and Recovery Guide The SAP on AWS Backup and Recovery Guide explains how to backup SAP systems running on AWS. The guide contrasts backing up SAP systems on AWS with traditional infrastructure. Additional SAP on AWS Documentation
  54. 54. Questions
  55. 55. Getting Started with AWS: SAP on AWS Operations Guide : SAP on AWS High Availability Guide: SAP on AWS Backup and Recovery Guide: SAP on AWS Implementation Guide: Download the SAP HANA on AWS Implementation and Operations Guide: SAP HANA Infrastructure Subscription on the SAP HANA Marketplace: SAP QuickSizer: SAP’s benchmark statements are published at SAP HANA on AWS Note 1964437 (SAP ID Required): Amazon EC2 Key Pairs: SAP HANA Administration Guide Resources and Links