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In our last update we introduced Amazon CloudSearch. In this talk we're take it to the next level with a deep-dive on the service from the Amazon A9 team themselves. Hear the background on CloudSearch, as well as new features, new use cases, and new ways to access CloudSearch, and get to meet and question the team behind the service.

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AWS Update | London - Amazon CloudSearch

  1. 1. Amazon Web Services Update | LondonNovember 2012
  2. 2. Amazon CloudSearchPuneet GuptaSr. Director, CloudSearch
  3. 3. AgendaCloudSearch OverviewFeatures and BenefitsCreate a Search DomainNew Features and UpdatesProduct RoadmapResources
  4. 4. Amazon CloudSearchLaunched – April, 2012Fully-managed, full-featured search serviceSupport for both structured and unstructured dataNear real-time indexingAutomatically scales for data & traffic
  5. 5. Full featured Search Engine Relevance & Ranking Free Text & Boolean Search FieldedFacets
  6. 6. Amazon CloudSearch Architecture SEARCH CLIENT SEARCH DEVELOPER Send Search Requests Use the Search Send Create and Search Tester Documents Manage Domains Results SEARCH ENDPOINT DOCUMENT SERVICE ENDPOINT CONFIGURATION SERVICE ENDPOINT Document Command Configuration Command Console Search API Console Console Service API Line Tools API Line Tools ACCESS CONTROL ACCESS CONTROL ACCESS CONTROLSEARCH SERVICE DOCUMENT SERVICE CONFIGURATION SERVICE Search Documents Add Documents Create Domains Update Documents Configure Domains Delete Documents Delete Domains
  7. 7. Getting Started3 easy steps• Create and Configure Search Domain• Upload documents• Send queries
  8. 8. Configure Search DomainConfiguration Field types: text, literal, uint Options: search, facet, result
  9. 9. Upload DocumentsConsole (good for small data sets)Command Line• cs-post-sdf --source <file> [other options]• curl -d @<file> [other options]Direct-to-API• http://<endpoint>/2011-02-01/documents/batch
  10. 10. Search IntegrationConsole Full text search Text relevance Facets
  11. 11. CloudSearch background…
  12. 12. +Innovations in Innovations in Search Cloud Computing
  13. 13. Automatic Scaling: Data & Traffic DATA Document Quantity and Size SEARCH INSTANCE Index Partition 1 Copy 1 SEARCH INSTANCE SEARCH INSTANCE SEARCH INSTANCE Index Partition 1 Index Partition 2 Index Partition n Copy 1 Copy 1 Copy 1TRAFFICSearchRequestVolume and SEARCH INSTANCE SEARCH INSTANCE SEARCH INSTANCEComplexity Index Partition 1 Index Partition 2 Index Partition n Copy 2 Copy 2 Copy 2 SEARCH INSTANCE SEARCH INSTANCE SEARCH INSTANCE Index Partition 1 Index Partition 2 Index Partition n Copy n Copy n Copy n
  14. 14. New Features and Updates
  15. 15. New FeaturesField Weighting• Field weighting prioritizes results from certain fields to improve document rankingQuery Time Rank Expressions• Query time rank expressions enable you to personalize search results by customizing ranking for each search request
  16. 16. Price Drop17% - 19% price drop Instance Type Old Price New Price Small $0.12 $0.10 Large $0.48 $0.39 Extra Large $0.68 $0.55 price per instance hour
  17. 17. 30 Day Free Trial750 free instance hours of CloudSearch10,000 document batch uploads (each batch with max. size of 5 MB)10 IndexDocuments requests
  18. 18. What’s next…
  19. 19. Roadmap Feature RequestsMulti-AZ SupportAdditional AWS RegionsSupport large (10B+ documents)AnalyticsUI WidgetsCrawlerTighter Integration with AWS Storage Services
  20. 20. ResourcesDetail Page – VideosDocumentationFAQsCommunity ForumAmazon CloudSearch Solution Architects 20
  21. 21. Thank youPuneet GuptaSr. Director, 21